Robert Dowd

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Robert Dowd





November 6th, 2330




Delta Quadrant


Bravo Fleet Communications Officer



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Robert Dowd is a former Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 38. He is known for his laissez-faire command style and somewhat larger size. Bob has never been one to turn down a meal. He currently serves as the Communications Officer for the 4th Fleet.

Physical Description

Robert is a stout, portly fellow who is often times shorter than many of his colleagues in Starfleet. He believes that one of the most important things about getting dressed in the morning is to always look like you're about to on a hot date. As such, he keeps his appearance prim and proper, wearing appropriately sized clothing for his larger build. At one point in his life, he considered growing a mustache, but later realized that it would be too much work to maintain. Since then, he keeps his facial hair to a minimum, shaving almost every chance he gets.

His age is beginning to show through.

Personality & Traits

Bob, as he likes to be called, was never one to raise his hand in the academy and never looked to be the first in his class. However, he did join Starfleet against the wishes of his family. He likes to take the initiative only when it is safe to do so, and often times he likes to think before speaking - something he believes has been lost on the younger generation. Those who have been under his command in the past have only had positive things to say about him, however, he tends to be not concerned about what people think about him. It is his belief that he has gotten this far in Starfleet by marching to the beat of his own drum.


Father: Kenneth Dowd

Mother: Morgan Feeney-Dowd

Brothers: None

Sister: Katie Dowd, Jenna Dowd-Theiss

Spouse: Rachael Livingston-Dowd