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Robert M. Chadwick





June 1, 2331


United Federation of Planets


USS Farragut


Fleet Commanding Officer (Ret.)



Played By:

Darian Caplinger

Fleet Admiral Robert M Chadwick is a retired Fleet Commanding Officer of the Fourth Fleet. After the incident involving the supernova at Romulus, Robert was pulled back out of retirement and his commission as a Fleet Admiral was restored. Technically his commission was a reserve commission, but he still carried the full powers of a Fleet Admiral. After successfully completing the pact between the Federation and the Romulans in which the Romulans ceded the corridor connecting the main Federation territory to the Raeyan Sector, Chadwick was placed back in an inactive status and was assigned as an Ambassador-at-Large for the United Federation of Planets. He is played by Darian Caplinger.


Parents: Rear Admiral James L. & Katherine Chadwick
Marital Status: Married. Spouse: Dana Evonne Chadwick

  • Son: Chadwick, Alan Maxwell (Deceased)
  • Daughter: Chadwick, Mary Allison
  • Son: Chadwick, Dr Justin David (Deceased)
  • Grandson: Chadwick, Ryan Michael

Quote: "Ignorance can only be overcome by knowledge."


Robert is always meticulously groomed. He is of average height and weight, and his appearance demands respect. As he grew older, his hair began to thin out and to turn a deep grey, almost white appearance. His skin lost its tanned gold color, replaced by a wrinkled and pale tone. The look combines to make him appear more approachable and friendly. His confident demeanor expresses a positive nature that makes his duties as a diplomat that much easier. While he is retired, his recall to duty by Fleet Admiral Oliver Tidwell allows him to continue wearing the Starfleet uniform worn by all flag officers, along with his Fleet Admiral rank insignia.

Career Information

Pre-Academy History

Robert M. Chadwick was born the only son of an Admiral at Star Fleet Command. Being the son of an Admiral had its privileges, but also its downfalls. Robert was ignored by other kids in his classes because no one wanted to be near his dad. As he grew up, he started doing odd jobs for his dad, mainly running reports from one office to another, and quickly became well known by many of the Top Brass at SFHQ.

He still wasn't sure whether or not he would join Starfleet, until at the age of 16, he decided to enter Starfleet Academy. There he met and dated Dana Evonne Emerson. They got married during their 2nd year of the Academy. Dana became pregnant with their first child, Alan, shortly after. When Dana became pregnant, she decided to hang up the Starfleet uniform, finding a job as a Secretary at a botany research facility.

Academy History

During the Academy, he became infamous as a Diplomat, constantly trying to solve personal problems between the other cadets. Robert had some difficulty with bookwork, but did excellent on practical examinations. It became obvious to his instructors that he wouldn't quit until he had accomplished the task assigned.

Post-Graduation History

After the Academy, he received his first post as a Shuttle Pilot for Space Dock at Earth. His job was to transport Admiralty, Ship Captains, and other crew members back and forth from Star Fleet Command to different posts in the region.

During his time, Dana became pregnant with twins, a girl, Mary, and a son, Justin. Robert and Dana spent a lot of time together caring for their newborn children, and nurturing their oldest child Alan.

Robert was at his first post for 1 1/2 years, when at the personal request of Captain Morris VanShaw, a Captain he had shuttled on many occasions, Star Fleet transferred him to the USS Alexandretta. He was assigned as an Operations Officer aboard the Alexandretta. Dana left her job and went with him. He served for 2 years at that position before he was promoted to Chief Operations Officer.

The Alexandretta was attacked by a renegade Romulan ship near the Neutral Zone, several senior officers aboard the Alexandretta were killed, unfortunately, so was his oldest son. Robert was on duty at the time of the attack. His Captain and XO were killed trying to defend the ship against the invasion. Robert and the remaining bridge crew managed to ward off the Romulan ship.

Following the untimely death of his best friend and Commanding Officer, a depressed Chadwick requested a transfer to the USS Spacewalker, as the pain of his son's loss was too much for him and his wife. He had requested to serve as the Operation's Officer, aboard the Spacewalker, but the based on his service record, the CO gave him the position of Executive Officer. His duties aboard the Spacewalker, which was an Oberth Class Science Vessel responsible for studying severe weather patterns on planets inside the Neutral Zone, included scheduling the shift details, handling complaints from his subordinates, and issuing orders on behalf of his CO.

After long and deep thought and conversation between himself and his wife Dana, the successful Starfleet Officer asked his CO if he would be offended if he were to apply for a command of his own. On May 19, 2370, he applied to Rear Admiral Thomas of Task Force 58, requesting a command. His request was granted and he received his first commission as Commanding Officer of the USS Traveller, an old, underpowered, overworked Miranda Class Starship that he loved. After his ship was destroyed in a plasma explosion, Chadwick was granted Commanding Officer of the newest model of Miranda type ships, the USS Farragut, an advanced Nebula Class Starship that was designed with the same spec's of the Galaxy Class, with the shape and design of the Miranda Class.

Married over 25 years, they have made many friends in Starfleet, which helped to ease the pain, and relieve the depression that clouded Robert's mind for so many years. Time went by, the pain lingered and eventually eased. Delighted by the progress of his children, Robert was most proud of his son Justin. Not only had Justin become a doctor and Chief Medical Officer on a starship, he gave Robert and Dana their first grandchild, a son named Ryan.

In 2379, Robert's son and Chief Medical Officer, Dr Justin D Chadwick, was killed in the line of duty. This left Robert and Dana to raise their grandson. Robert also received orders to report to VAdm Tomas Wolfe in Task Force 86, to assume the duties of Task Force Executive Officer of Task Force 86. In 2380, Robert received new orders to report back to Task Force 72, this time to assume the role of Commanding Officer of the Task Force.

In 2381, Robert was promoted to the rank of full Admiral, and was assigned as the first Fleet Division Commander of Fourth Fleet's Division Beta. In that role, he was responsible for direct oversight of Task Forces 58, 63, 72, 86 and 93. After only half a year as Division CO, Robert was once again moved by Starfleet, this time, to serve as the Director of Fleet Operations for the Fourth Fleet. Shortly thereafter, he was reassigned as the Fleet Executive Officer of the Fourth Fleet under Fleet Commanding Officer, FAdm Wolfe.

Upon the retirement of FAdm Tomas Wolfe in 2382, Robert was promoted to Fleet Admiral as the Fleet Commanding Officer of Bravo Fleet. He served for 2 years as the BFCO before retiring and spending time with his grandson.

In 2387, Robert was reactivated temporarily by Starfleet Command for service in the Fourth Fleet. He went back into retirement a few months later, but was appointed Ambassador-at-Large for the Federation, and stationed in the Raeyan sector. As time went on, and Chadwick was given more and more duties to attend to, it became quite clear that his retirement would have to be put off for a few years. While his wife wasn't very happy about it, she did come to accept it.

Rumors began circulating that Starfleet was considering promoting Chadwick to Commander of Starfleet Command, but Robert made it clear that he wanted no part of that political arena, and would resign if they were to ever try to put him there.

Preceded by:
FAdm Tomas Wolfe
Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
Spring 2005 (2382) - May 1st, 2007 (2383)
Succeeded by:
Adm Valren Arelwynn

Preceded by:
FAdm Teylas Ramar
Bravo Fleet Commanding Officer
Jan 2nd, 2013 (2387) - 2389
Succeeded by:
Fleet Command Council