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Robert Blakeney





February 23rd 2344


United Federation of Planets

  • USS Chimera
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Physical Description

Of average height and slim, he has long dark hair and dark green eyes. His hair is typically tidy and he often appears tanned although is not dark by any means. Aesthetically handsome and - when not in uniform - often elegantly dressed in smart suits or other outfits.

Personality & Traits

General Overview

An intelligent man who's background is in the scientific and medical fields. Blakeney enjoys challenges to his intellect, but dislikes having it questioned. He has an appreciation for art, fine beverages and women, which can manifest themselves in several ways.

Strengths & Weaknesses

His major strengths are his intelligence, wit and quick thinking as well as his newfound dedication to self-actualization and fulfillment of his potential. His weaknesses include a tendency to womanize, but he has reigned this in significantly over the years. He also posses little in the way of personal combat skills, and is not versed in any forms of martial art. To counter this, his starship battle tactics and strategy to date have been superb.


He has achieved the degree of fame and proceeding reputation that he once strived for, but looks back on this desire with the slightest of regret, finding it hard to believe that at one tine he had been so consumed with such flighty notions as what others thought of him.

Hobbies & Interests

His hobbies can often be his work: The research of computer science, biology and various other scientific fields, although with the move to command, this has tuned far more to tactics and diplomacy. He's been known on occasion to play in games of poker (doing exceptionally well) and even to play darts, a game in which he performs moderately to well. He enjoys social gatherings of any kind as they give him the opportunity to network and meet women, another passion of his. He tries to maintain and improve upon a variety of rare collections built up over the years, including computing hardware, alcoholic beverages and more, having obtained some rare pieces over the years, he even has a moderate art collection. His exceptional talents are balanced by some flaws in his personality, namely being a tad self absorbed and occasionally vain about both his appearance and abilities at times, thankfully this is partially countered by his utter dedication to the things and people he truly loves.


Federation Standard, Vulcan.


Unsurprisingly, he has always excelled in his studies and has also done well socially thanks to his guile, wit and intelligent networking. Although not an official member of Starfleet at first, he worked on a large variety of scientific research projects for the Federation, serving as a mission adviser on several scientific missions. As such, in the past he has been granted the provisional rank of lieutenant and then, later, lieutenant commander to ease issues such as clearance and to ensure he receives at least a certain level of respect necessary to conduct his work among his fellow officers. For example, the rank would allow him access to the bridge whereas regularly, a civilian presence might be questioned. This rank is 'temporary' pending the completion of certain requirements he has as yet been too busy to fill having not attended the academy when young.

While serving on the USS Dreadnought, Dr Blakeney was contacted by Starfleet and informed that he was to be taken into the Stafleet Advanced Medical training course. It is a rare honour which he accepted, however, there was only one difficulty - he'd not spent enough active service time on board a starship to qualify. The solution had been simple - study on the ship using the holodeck to conduct practical examinations and send them back to Stafleet. After weeks of work, he passed with flying colours, was promoted to full Lieutenant Commander and assigned as the Dreadnought's Chief Medical Officer.

After spending a fairly extensive amount of time on the Dreadnought serving as the Chief Medical officer and successfully saving various members of the crew repeatedly, he was promoted to Commander with the completion of the bridge command course. His connections as well as his long and successful service on a ship that saw repeated action earned him attention and special notice, particularly when, on occasion, he had to take command of the ship or an away mission. As a result, Blakeney was soon offered the USS Lakota, an Excelsior Refit class vessel, having proved himself repeatedly and his various connections to the high ups in Starfleet paying off. It is a rare and dignified ship that still packs a punch as it proved upon its encounter with the USS Defiant.

Despite being the appropriate age for a Captain and having served for years in Starfleet, it should be noted that comparatively, he has been promoted very quickly. He is one of those 'fast tracked' officers who moves upwards quite rapidly. Some people would criticize him for this, saying that his friendship with the 'high-ups' in Command has rewarded him disproportionately to his supposed lack of skill. However, anyone serving with him will soon realize that he is extremely intelligent and a capable commanding officer.

It is his history as an orphan that drives him to succeed and excel in his chosen profession. Once, when he first joined Starfleet as an adult with a provisional rank, he could be somewhat arrogant and had a pettiness about him that on occasion revealed itself. However, with time served under Captain, and then Commodore Bawden, he developed the more mature aspects of his personality and can now be described and a successful and magnanimous leader.

Service Record

2344: Born at an unknown location to unknown parents.
2344: Adopted by foster agency on Earth.
2349: Attended Federation Standard Junior Schooling system on Earth.
2356: Attended Federation Standard Secondary Schooling System.
2359: Completed Standard Secondary School System Syllabus with honours. Continued with education at university.
2363: Finished university undergraduate education with honours and pursued post graduate studies in medicine, computer science and physics.
2368: Having completed a host of qualifications and having conducted numerous projects for the defence branch of Starfleet, met his first serious partner, the daughter of a senior admiral, and discovered life beyond study.
2368-2372: Served as a mission advisor aboard the USS Gallant, USS Soberest, USS Gemini and others for varying periods of time. This gained Blakeney a high level security clearance and access to the provisional rank of lieutenant. Fiancée killed in experiment.
Early 2373/Late 2372: Abandoned mission advisor post and began study with the Vulcan science institute, failed abysmally to integrate into their culture of control and emotionlessness and resumed life on Earth for a short time.
2373-2376: War with the Dominion started and Blakeney was tasked with various defence projects, particularly in areas of computer system infiltration and biological weaponry. Promoted to provisional lieutenant commander.
2377: Was finally able to express grief over loss of Fiancée but retailed womanisation from that time of denial. Spent some time using expertise to perform complex procedures on disabled troops from the war.
Inspired by late fiancée to join Starfleet. Waltzed through theoretical Starfleet entrance and exit exams, failed combat training.
2378: Pulling strings attaching himself to the USS Dreadnought as a biologist where he began the advanced Starfleet medical course which would allow him to gain a full commission without standard training.
2380: Passed Stafleet Advanced Medical Training (SAMT) and assigned to take over as Dreadnought Chief Medical Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander.
2381: Performed miracle operation on spine of disabled marine with Dr. Rhian Kenyon using a genitronic replicator.
2382: Took Bridge/Command Course and passed with exceptional full scoring. PROMOTED to Commander. Assigned Command of USS Lakota. Met Captain Barak Aubrey, one of his precious few true friends.
Early 2383: Removed from Command of USS Lakota after mixed success mission warranting further work on the class and doubts cast upon the Captain.
Late 2383: Resumed Command of USS Lakota after taking a significant leave of absence. Assigned to Bravo Fleet, Task Force Eighty Six under the Command of his former USS Dreadnought Commanding Officer, Commodore Steve D. Bawden.
2386: Assigned as Commanding Officer of the USS Chimera in Task Force 47.

Awards Earned

  • Year Service Citation
  • Advertising Medal
  • Bronze Service Medal
  • Psychology Medal
  • Purple Heart
  • Writership Award 2nd Class

Billets Information

Preceded by:
Commanding Officer, USS Chimera
Succeeded by: