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Ricky Wegener







United Federation of Planets


Vice Admiral

Played By:

Scott B.


  • Father: Gunter Wegener, Freighter Captain, El-Aurian
  • Mother: Imandra Wegener, Xenobiologist, Human, Deceased

General Personality Overview

Ricky Wegener seems to be a strong-willed man and has shown excellent leadership ability throughout his service in Starfleet. He does have quite the temper though, when provoked. Wegener also has the unique ability to work better under stressful situations than normal ones and is an accomplished warrior during combat. He has worked well with all his past commanding officers and has obtained letters of commendation from a few of them.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strengths: Doesn’t seem to need much sleep to work at an optimum level. With just a few hours of rest he can function for a full shift with no adverse effects. He can be very friendly to anyone, given the chance.

Weaknesses: His perpetual scowl seems to scare most people away. He’s had it since primary school and it’s not gone away. People just don’t seem to understand that it’s his regular look and he’s not angry at anyone in particular. While he normally makes every attempt to be friendly, his temper can easily shine through.


Making Admiral was one of them, and that’s been accomplished. Now he just has to find the right woman in which to make a family with and he’ll be all set.

Hobbies & Interests

Enjoys playing the piano and the drums--has played with a few jazz bands. He prefers to cook many of his own meals and has become quite an accomplished chef. He enjoys riding horses back on Earth, but also keeps a holodeck program on hand to enjoy horses while away. He also likes to keep fit by running, swimming and weightlifting--with the addition of his 6' 5" frame this makes the Rear Admiral a very imposing figure.

Spoken Languages

Federation Standard, Terran-Deutsch, Klingon, Vulcan, Bolian


Ricky was born to Imandra Wegener in 2236 on the freighter Zarathustra, a freighter owned and operated by his father, Gunter. He spent many years aboard the freighter with his parents until the passing of his mother one day after her birthday. Gunter did everything he could to keep Ricky interested in the shipping business and showed him how to do everything from scrubbing the decks properly and repairing engines to piloting the large ship and taking command on occasion. He found that his son was a natural at being in charge, firm but fair, and had a knack for getting the ship out of trouble. Gunter knew that his now 33 year old son would soon come to be bored with the shipping business and would set out on his own. At the age of 35, he did just that.

In 2271 Ricky joined the Starfleet Marines. He excelled in his training but found that the Marines just wasn't something he wanted to do. After his service term of four years was up, he quit at the rank of Sergeant. In his exit interview he explained that he was proud of his time as a Marine and the skills that he learned, but he wanted to help run the starships that he rode on, not be just a passenger waiting to be deployed to help find the enemy and kill them. It was suggested that he take a chance with the Starfleet Academy, then, due to his natural leadership abilities and desire to drive ships.

With the recommendation of his current commanding Officer, Major Charles Lincoln, he was accepted into the academy in August of 2275 at the age of 40, much older than most of the cadets in his class, but not looking it due to the El-Aurian half of his family. His choice of majors was obvious--Command. His secondary was Operations. His cadet cruise was on the USS Merchinau where he finally felt as if he had made it to where he wanted to be. Upon his graduation from the academy he was assigned to the USS Keeneland as an operations officer.

Ricky was known as a difficult taskmaster to those subordinate to him but, as he was on the Zarathustra, he was always firm but fair. He also pulled no punches, so you always knew where you stood with him. After five years on the Keeneland, and a promotion to Lieutenant (j.g.), he was transferred to Starbase 19, an old Regula station where he took up the Assistant Chief of Operations position. It was a real bitch keeping the aging station at a premium level but Ricky was able to devise a plan, with the help of the Engineering staff, to keep focused attention on the most aged areas of the station while still keeping the rest of it from falling apart on them. After three years of keeping it all together, the station was finally decommissioned and an updated, and much larger, base was put in its place. The new Starbase 19 still required some major babysitting, since it was brand new, but the CO thought that Ricky was ready for the job and promoted him to Lieutenant as the Chief of Operations. Ten years and two new commanding officers later, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and named the second officer of the station. Two years later, and by pure luck of the draw, or so he thought, he was transferred to Starfleet Command as an attache to Vice Admiral Robert Chedgewick. He never found out that it was his father, Gunter, who helped him get assigned there, helped then Captain Chedgewick out of an engineering emergency, having happened by at the right time with the right spare parts on board. Gunter and his crew literally saved the lives of Chedgewick and his crew, putting one in the "I owe you bigtime!" column. Hearing of his son's success, Gunter decided to call in his favors and asked Chedgewick to look after his son, which he did.

Five years later, in 2305, Ricky was given his own command, an Oberth class vessel named the USS Orion. While it was a science vessel, it was a test of Ricky's mettle to be placed in a command position at the mere rank of Lieutenant Commander. Admiral Chedgewick, however, believed that his administrative skills, and ability to adapt easily, would make him the perfect man for this ship. It wasn't exactly a glamor position, charting nebulas or other spacial anomalies, but it was a good way for Ricky to cut his teeth as a CO.

In 2307 he was promoted to Commander and kept command of the Orion, continuing to excel in his position and continually churning out good officers for other positions throughout the fleet. He had been host to several cadets on the Orion during their academy cruise. After another two years, he was transferred to a bigger ship, the USS Aleksandroff, a Constitution class refit.

He very much enjoyed his time as a Commanding Officer and would have loved doing so for a long time, something that his El-Aurian blood could guarantee, barring any major accidents. However, Starfleet Command had other plans and transferred him to the Academy as an instructor. So, in 2319 he was transferred to San Diego and began instructing Command and Tactics. It wasn't something that he hated, by any means, since he had rather enjoyed being able to impart some knowledge to crew that transferred to other parts of the fleet, or to the cadets on their cruise with him on the Orion and the Aleksandroff. So he could manage just fine, but it was always in the back of his mind that he wanted to get back out into space. Seven years later, he got his wish.

For his efforts, he was assigned a brand new Ambassador class ship, the USS Franfort, and promoted to the rank of Captain. It was here that he really made a name for himself adding several successful first contacts to the notches in his belt, multiple diplomatic missions, search and rescues and some hairy moments where both he, his away teams or the entire ship were in grave danger. He spent fifteen years on the Frankfort, not wanting to leave her, but was finally forced to Starfleet Command as the Assistant to the Chief of Operations, Admiral Jacqueline Cody. She was in the position for ten years and kept him at her side the entire time, despite his wishes to get back out into space.

In 2351 he was finally one with the stars again, albeit not exactly where he wanted to be. He was placed in command of Earth Spacedock due to issues with their personnel and was touted to be a "fixer". Within three months he had gotten the base back on track and functioning at 100%. While many thought his command style was abrupt and borderline rude, it was only that way while getting things back to premium levels. In the following twelve years as the CO he became his much more relaxed self and his command style loosened, with his anger only showing at certain times.

Finally, in 2363, with the new Galaxy Class ship out, Ricky was once again one with the stars on the USS Independence. Just shy of ten years later Ricky and the Independence were right in the middle of the Federation-Klingon War. The Independence saw many battles during the brief war and had to put in for a major refit but was so badly beaten that it would require an extended stay in drydock. With Ricky's experience Starfleet couldn't just leave him on the sidelines waiting for his ship to be repaired. His entire crew was assigned to the USS Oppenheimer, a new Sovereign Class vessel.

He was assigned to 7th Fleet's Task Force 12 in the Beta Quadrant as its executive officer and promoted to the rank of Commodore. He and the Oppenheimer crew served with distinction for thirteen years before he was moved once again. This time, to the 4th Fleet's Task Force 38 as its commanding officer and a promotion to Rear Admiral. While he would have been happy to have taken the Oppenheimer with him as his flagship, he had to take command of Starbase 900 in the Delta Quadrant.

Service History

2271 - Starfleet Marine Corps Recruit Training, San Diego, California, Earth

2275 - Sergeant, Discharge from SFMC

R-C-1.png 2276 - Starfleet Academy

R-C-2.png 2277 - Starfleet Academy

R-C-3.png 2278 - Starfleet Academy

R-C-4.png 2279 - Starfleet Academy Cruise, USS Merchinau

R-O-1.png 2280 - Ensign, Operations Officer, USS Keeneland

R-O-2.png 2285 - Lieutenant (j.g.), Asst. Chief of Operations, Starbase 19

R-O-3.png 2288 - Lieutenant, Chief of Operations, Starbase 19

R-O-4.png 2298 - Lieutenant Commander, 2XO/Chief of Operations, Starbase 19

R-O-4.png 2300 - Lieutenant Commander, Admiral's Attache, Starfleet Command

R-O-4.png 2305 - Lieutenant Commander, Commanding Officer, USS Orion

R-O-5.png 2307 - Commander, Commanding Officer, USS Orion

R-O-5.png 2309 - Commander, Commanding Officer, USS Aleksandroff

R-O-5.png 2319 - Commander, Instructor, Starfleet Academy

R-O-6.png 2326 - Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Frankfort

R-O-6.png 2341 - Captain, Asst. to the Chief of Operations, Starfleet Command

R-O-6.png 2351 - Captain, Commanding Officer, Earth Spacedock

R-O-6.png 2363 - Captain, Commanding Officer, USS Independence

R-A-1.png 2373 - Commodore, 7th Fleet, TF12XO; Commanding Officer, USS Oppenheimer

R-A-2.png 2386 - Rear Admiral, 4th Fleet, TF38CO; Commanding Officer Starbase 900

R-A-3.png 2386 - Vice Admiral, 4th Fleet Executive Officer, TF38CO; Commanding Officer, Starbase 900