Richard Wolf

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Federation Faction






January 14th, 2311




Task Force 99


Task Force Commanding Officer (Ret.)

Rear Admiral
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Richard Wolf held the rank of Rear Admiral as the Task Force Commanding Officer of Task Force 99. Richard also held the position of Assistant Director of Starfleet Intelligence, Commanding Officer of the USS Kyushu-C, and Commanding Officer of the Atlas Strike Group operating against the Dominion. He is currently retired.

Please note that this character is currently in the year 2373, the beginning of the Dominion War, and is **NOT** a mainstream Bravo Fleet character!

Physical Appearance

Despite being an aged man, Richard can still hold himself in any hand-to-hand combat or armed fight thanks to his field training with Starfleet Intelligence. He has let his weight slip slightly in his years as a flag officer, but he still keeps a respecting and commanding posture and outward appearance for his officers. He's hair line is continuously receding further up his scalp, but it is to be expected with his age.


Richard is an intelligent, manipulative, and deceitful person, thanks to his training with Starfleet Intelligence. He was taught to always work to collect information through any means possible, and switching to the world of fleet politics has proven to be no different than the field work he was doing before, except now he could be more open about it. With this training also comes a sense of loyalty to Starfleet and to the Federation, which means he will always do what he feels is right for his people. He is a strong judge of character and can tell when someone is being deceitful to him, and despite telling many fibs himself, he still holds it against others who lie to him.

He has an acute case of narcissistic personality disorder, which first seeded in him when he joined Starfleet Intelligence. The only person he had to look out for him was himself, and that carried on throughout his career. He's tried to put it behind him, but he constantly finds himself making decisions that better impact him than the greater good. Thankfully, this disorder is only rarely seen in his personal life with his children.

Rick has a taste for the finer things in life, which his lifestyle can maintain sufficiently. He will take his time and go out of his way to enjoy a fine meal, or a good bottle of wine. Ever since he was a child growing up in the city of Boston, his parents raised him to have good, expensive taste.

Service Chronology

  • 2329-2330 - Cadet, Starfleet Academy Security & Tactical
  • 2331-2332 - Trainee, Starfleet Intelligence Field Operations
  • 2333-2342 - Field Operative, Assignment Redacted, Starfleet Intelligence
  • 2342-2350 - Team Lead, Assignment Redacted, Starfleet Intelligence
  • 2356-2363 - Captain, Assistant Chief of Special Operations, Starfleet Intelligence
  • 2363-Present - Commodore, Chief of Special Operations, Starfleet Intelligence
  • 2373-Present - Rear Admiral, Task Force 99 Commanding Officer, Atlas Strike Group Commander, USS Kyushu-C Commanding Officer