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Romulan Faction

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Grid E4, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Romulan system


Sector Z-6


Beta Quadrant


Class Q

Discovery Date:

c. 400 AD

Discovered By:

Vulcan exiles

Political Information

Romulan Star Empire

Native Inhabitants:



230 Million


Remus is the tidally-locked, Q-class sister world of Romulus, and the homeworld of the Reman species with both being located in the Romii system. It is also known as ch'Havran (in Rihannsu) and 128 Trianguli III-B (in Earth's astronomical notation); the planet is a major source of dilithium, and it is often used by the Romulan Star Empire as a place of punishment to which political prisioners are sent for slave labor.

Reman surface

The dark side of the world is a cold wasteland with pockets of ice made of frozen gases. The ores that were present on Remus include; Duranium, Pergium, Uridium and Zenite. The varying degrees of radiation also suggested the possibility of thalaron radiation being generated within certain regions of the surface making such locations dangerous.

The planet is said to be defended by at least three warbirds of unknown class which were crewed completely by Remans. In order to ensure that the Remans did not rebel with such powerful 'assets'; the ships only had a maximum warp factor of three. In addition to this, each ship was linked to a Reman commune on the planet itself. Should any of these ships rebel against their Romulan masters, the commune would suffer.

When the Hobus event occured, Remus was destroyed along with Romulus.

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