Raydeen Republic

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Raydeen Republic
Basic information
Major Species:
  • Raydeen
  • Mohlan

1412 CE

Warp Capable:

2222 CE

Official Language:


Official Currency:


Political Information

Federal Republic

  • Raydeen House of Lords
  • Raydeen General Senate
  • Raydeen High Command
Military Branches:

Raydeen High Command


The Raydeen Republic is a gathering of worlds and peoples under the banner of the Raydeen people. They are a socially driven society, basing a person's status in the social networks upon the land they own, and the men they hire to do their work. It is generally noted that the Raydeen have many similarities in appearance to Elizabethan England.


Physical Profile

The Raydeen are the central species of the Republic, claiming that they are a multicultural and diverse Nation. However it can be noted that the few other species protected under the Raydeen Treaty of Maldaraan are generally small in numbers and rarely hold any sort of financial stability.

The Raydeen are very Terran in appearance. Generally taller in stature, and bulkier, the Raydeen show almost no prominent difference from Humans.

At birth, a Raydeen child is given a birth tattoo, or a "mark of honour" as they are called. No single one is alike the other.

History of the Republic

Altor II is not the Raydeen Homeworld, but it's nonetheless one of the more important world for the Raydeen Republic. It serves as a portal to the galaxy for the Raydeen Republic with regards to trade, diplomacy etc. The Raydeen splinter group of the Pa'lorain, whose members are not uncommonly found living on Altor II, rejects the Federation/Raydeen Affiliation Treaty, and they have tried numerous times to disrupt Federation/Raydeen relations from their bases of operation on the planet. The capital city, commonly called Minos, is located in the Northern Province. It is a major spot for economic, political and cultural activities on the planet. Minos is home to a large Flight Control Center which is in control of most of routing of starships in the Altor system and it's therefore humorously referred to as Airport by the visiting personnel and the locals.

Task Force 9

Crisis At The Gate

In 2385, a terrorist organization, acting against the Federation's new alliance with the Raydeen Republic, sabotaged the Bajoran Wormhole, prompting it to collapse. The same group attempted to take the Altor system, but failed. During this plight, the Dominion took advantage of the opportunity to pick away at the weakened Federation numbers, destroying several starships and crippling supply lines.

The plight stretched into 2386. Though the Dominion ceased its aggression on all Starfleet vessels, it did not hesitate to cement and defend its borders. Starfleet, meanwhile, continues its efforts to reopen the wormhole. In April 2386, the wormhole is reopened thanks to a science experiment gone wrong. The Dominion withdraws to their borders and fall silent, though they still maintain their guard on their borders.