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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.

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Flag and Officer

Navy Marine
Fleet Admiral R-A-5.png Unused in Bravo Fleet
Admiral R-A-4.png G-A-4.png General
Vice Admiral R-A-3.png G-A-3.png Lieutenant General
Rear Admiral R-A-2.png G-A-2.png Major General
Commodore R-A-1.png G-A-1.png Brigadier General
Captain R-O-6.png G-O-6.png Colonel
Commander R-O-5.png G-O-5.png Lieutenant Colonel
Lieutenant Commander R-O-4.png G-O-4.png Major
Lieutenant R-O-3.png G-O-3.png Captain
Lieutenant J.G. R-O-2.png G-O-2.png 1st Lieutenant
Ensign R-O-1.png G-O-1.png 2nd Lieutenant

Warrant Officer

Navy Marine
Chief Warrant Officer R-W-4.png G-W-4.png Chief Warrant Officer
Master Warrant Officer R-W-3.png G-W-3.png Master Warrant Officer
Staff Warrant Officer R-W-2.png G-W-2.png Staff Warrant Officer
Warrant Officer R-W-1.png G-W-1.png Warrant Officer


Navy Marine
Master Chief Petty Officer R-E-9.png G-E-9.png Sergeant Major
Senior Chief Petty Officer R-E-8.png G-E-8.png Master Sergeant
Chief Petty Officer R-E-7.png G-E-7.png Gunnery Sergeant
Petty Officer 1st Class R-E-6.png G-E-6.png Staff Sergeant
Petty Officer 2nd Class R-E-5.png G-E-5.png Sergeant
Petty Officer 3rd Class R-E-4.png G-E-4.png Corporal
Crewman R-E-3.png G-E-3.png Lance Corporal
Crewman Apprentice R-E-2.png G-E-2.png Private 1st Class
Crewman Recruit R-E-1.png G-E-1.png Private

Academy Cadets

Navy Marine
Senior Cadet R-C-4.png G-C-4.png Senior Cadet
Junior Cadet R-C-3.png G-C-3.png Junior Cadet
Sophomore Cadet R-C-2.png G-C-2.png Sophomore Cadet
Freshman Cadet R-C-1.png G-C-1.png Freshman Cadet