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Ralcif Quilles









Raeya 3


President of Raeya 3


President in the Raeyan Dytaal

President Ralcif Quilles is the head of the governmental body, the Raeyan Dytaal and therein the planet of Raeya 3. A Raeyan, Quilles is one of the most popular presidents the planet has ever had. Taking over the office of the President in 2384, his choices have put the planet and it's inhabitants ahead of the Dytaal Council, which is chiefly why he's is so popular with the people, but not so much his political colleagues. He is also a well known proponent of Federation-Raeyan relations, realizing the benefit the UFP has to offer his people, even after most Starfleet forces have seemingly abandoned the sector.


Ralcif Quilles has been described as a fun, happy individual who knows how to have a good time, but also rather selfless and kindhearted. He enjoys talking and mingling with the people, which has helped is extreme popularity with the citizens of Raeya 3. He keeps himself more casually dressed as well, often seen in public in standard clothes that an average citizen of Raeya would wear, rather than a posh suit of the famous. Known for his personal visits to people, be it to discuss a law or to thank soldiers for their sacrifice, he prefers to speak not on a pedestal in an auditorium, but moving within the audience. Ralcif usually has a smile on his face, and insists on his personal Raeyan Guard attachés to follow him from a distance while he personally shakes hands, signs autographs, and meets with a gathered crowd.


Quilles in 2332.

Ralcif was born in 2302, the only child to Makason and Sophla Quilles on Raeya 3 in the city of Ayrenis. He spent much of his young life exploring the large, dense forests that surround the city, living a fairly carefree middle class life. One of his common activities would be to hide in the forest and observe the actions of others in the forest. Ralcif developed an impeccable sense of detail and an ability to observe people and their actions. Mostly an average student, Quilles was by no means a popular child, and only had a small number of friends throughout his childhood. He attempted to attend a Raeyan university, but his mediocre grades and his family's average wealth didn't get him accepted. However, he did grow up with Raeyan warp drive, and like most Raeyan children of the time, he became fascinated with the possibility of space travel.

Raeyan Guard

Since the few Raeyan spacecraft that were built were being crewed by members of the Raeyan Guard, Ralcif saw the logical choice of joining up. Despite his parent's reservations about him joining the military, they reluctantly accepted his decision. However, his experience within the Guard didn't quite go as expected. As Ralcif didn't get the specialized training for space flight, and his impeccable ability to read people, even without using his telepathic ability, earned him a spot as a member of the Dytaal Guard, responsible for the protection of the Raeyan Dytaal Mayors in the city of Martonye. It was a spot he held for nearly a two decades. Never really seeing much action, he started to get an understanding of politics, and starting to wonder why politicians didn't make the common sense decisions regarding the people. His political analysis earned him admiration from his friends, and they encouraged him to try and get a political office, something Ralcif reluctantly tried for after years of frustration, watching the Dytaal bicker about small things and give little thought to the big.


Still a member of the Guard, Ralcif became a personal bodyguard of the Mayor of Ayrenis in 2341. His political insight was seen by the Mayor, and Quilles became a critical source of information for the Mayor. In 2345, a survey of the planet saw that that Ayrenis had the happiest citizens on the planet. Because Ralcif's philosophy was to put the people truly ahead of any traditional political thinking, the Mayor of Ayrenis colleagues began to despise him, and when the Mayor retired and a new Mayor was elected, Ralcif was let go from the staff. Retiring from the Guard shortly after leaving Ayrenis, he became a well known public speaker and a co-host for a political broadcast program, as his actions helping the previous Mayor were well known. In 2363, when the Mayor for Ayrenis was up for election, Ralcif cast his name in, and just barely won.

Dytaal Council

Now a Mayor in Dytaal Council, the election was rather close, Ralcif brought Ayrenis back to, and beyond, what it was when he was just a simple bodyguard with an ear for politics. Public projects were pushed forward, new schools were built and the education system was reformed, and the standard of living was the highest as it had ever been in history of the city. Population grew over one million in a time of 10 years, making it the fastest growing city on both Raeya 3 and Raeya 2. When the Raeyans people found they were not alone with first contact with the Federation, Qullies was entranced by these new people. He spent many years learning about the Federation and the multiple cultural and species there. Ralcif, with the help of telepathic education, actually learned to speak Federation Standard. He even put Ayrenis forward as a potential place to build a Federation planetary base there, but the choice was made to build it in the Randa Islands. However, when the planet was conquered in 2378 by the C'hakilian Empire, Ralcif was a crucial member of the Ayrenis resistance.