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Basic information

Raeyan Sector





First Contact:


Political Information
Extinction Date:



Federation Protectorate

Political System:

Raeyan Dytaal

Total Population:

400 million



Atmospheric Requirements


Development Stage:

Warp capable



The Raeyans are a humanoid species from Raeya III, and have been at the center of activity for the entire Raeyan Sector since 2372. An intelligent and technologically developed species, they have enjoyed a short era of peace followed by a extremely dark period of occupation, which resulted in hundreds of thousands dead, including the entire planet of Raeya 2. A Federation Protectorate people, they have enjoyed many advancement the Federation has offered, while they themselves have offered the Federation what they can. A religious people, the Raeyans hold considerable value to their culture, which can been seen in many ancient practices and immaculately preserved structures.

History and Politics

Raeya 3, the Raeyan homeworld

As far back as written records go, the Raeyans have always lived in separate cities. That philosophy was to have that city focus on the just a few goods that they could trade for other things that other cities had to offer. War was uncommon, and typically were short battles over resources that a city wanted control over. These cities each had a mayor, and perhaps a city council, depending on the circumstances of each city. Inventions were sometimes slow to spread across the planet, as the case of radio waves. When radio communication was invented, the city that invented it kept it mostly to themselves or asked for outrageous demands to share it, which only the richest and most populous cities could afford.

The first space capable craft were rockets, around 2230. Nuclear fusion, and therein impulse drive technology was invented soon after, which quickly saw manned missions into space. The cities with strong scientific areas sent probes into space, some to study the possibility of living on Raeya 2, some to explore the space beyond the system. Probes that were sent out were never heard from again. With the trips to and from space taking months, sometimes even longer, quicker ways to travel were being researched. Antimatter, and the massive amounts of energy it can produced, was discovered in 2298. It didn't take long for Raeyans to use this to power their ships. A joint committee of several scientific-centric cities was formed to explore possible uses of the new antimatter technology. Being applied to some groundbreaking research on subspace, the Raeyans invented warp travel in 2305. This led to a realistic possibility of exploring space, and terraforming of Raeya 2.

Unfortunately, Raeyan sensor technology didn't develop to the point were navigating at faster-than-light was possible. This made the prospect of trying to explore unknown space very dangerous. One ship was built to leave the system and see what was beyond. This ship's course was meticulously laid out, but shortly after it left the system, contact was lost. This led to Raeyans believing that their deities simply did not think the Raeyans were ready for them to leave their star system yet.

Dytaal Council

With Raeya 3 seemingly much smaller, yet more or less confined to their star system, it was clear that a overarching government body was needed. The Mayors of each city, the highest form of government at the time, met to discuss ideas. No single idea was agreed upon, but the amount of things discussed and the efficency at which the meetings were conducted led to the Mayors themsleves making up the new planetary government, called the Raeyan Dytaal in 2310, five years after the invention of warp drive. This united the terraforming efforts for Raeya 2 along with the creation of the Raeyan Guard, an armed force with no allegiance to any city, but to the Raeyans as a whole.

The planet saw a grand era of peace and prosperity. Science and technology progressed at a great pace, and Raeya 2 was becoming the most prized achievement in Raeyan history. Starships slowly started venturing out of the system to text if their deities were ready to allow them to explore. While exploration wasn't a serious concern, several starships slowly started to travel to nearby systems.

Federation Contact

In 2372, the Fourth Fleet was a year into its operations, and started exploring Sector 349. The Raeyans had first contact with an extraterrestrial power, the United Federation of Planets that year, and were also responsible for the unofficial name of the entire region. Enamored that they weren't alone in the galaxy and also interested at the Federation's level of scientific achievement, the Raeyan people welcome the Federation with open arms and applied for protectorate status shortly after contact.

Starbase Bravo was the first Starfleet base built in the Raeyan System, and other bases such as Avalon Fleet Yards, Hawkeye Island, and other outposts were built, making the Raeyans the center of activity for the sector. Older generations of Raeyans tended to stay away from all the technology and philosophy that the Federation brought, but the youth accepted these advancements with enthusiasm. Nonetheless, Raeyan culture did change over night. The most important base, as far as protection and placement for the Raeyans, was Hawkeye Island, the only planetary base Starfleet has on the planet. It was donated by the Randa Islands Monarchy with agreement from the Dytaal, and still stands as the only base left in the system.

Living in a renewed era of peace, protection, and technological advancement, many Raeyans referred to the time after Federation contact as the most important time in their history. However, the peace was short lived. Some Raeyans took umbrage to the Federation's presence on their planet, specifically Hawkeye Island. In 2377, Eternal Light conducted several low profile attacks against Starfleet facilities on Raeya 3. While Starfleet retaliated, Eternal Light was never completely removed, and as been responsible for several Starfleet and Raeyan deaths, including those of famed Raeyans Jarod Fllacti and Jadia Nalla Sharan.

With the outbreak of the C'hakilian War in 2378, Raeya 3 was completely conquered. Hundreds of thousands of Raeyans were killed during the C'hakilian Empire occupation of the planet. The C'hakilians tried to make the Raeyans serve them, attempting to take advantage of the natural telepathic abilities the Raeyans have. However, most Raeyans were forced into labor to work in the industrial facilities the C'hakilians quickly built across the planet. The Eternal Light, disgusted by most before, became a source of hope, as they became a main focal point of Raeyan resistance on the planet. Because of the attacks on their facilities, the C'hakilians completely destroyed Raeya 2 and all the people on the planet. As time went on, and the Raeyan resistance was on the verge of failure, Starfleet finally made its way back into the system and liberated the planet and people after over a year of occupation.

Post War

After the war's finish, and the Raeyans were free once again, public opinion toward the Federation shifting significantly. Raeya had always been at peace, and many people blamed the Federation for the war coming to their planet. Many people that once celebrated the Federation's presence looked upon it with discuss and some political resistance started. However, with the Raeyan economy destroyed, cities leveled, and Raeya 2 a debris cloud, Raeyans in power realized they needed the Federation's help more than ever.

Rebuilding efforts started, and life started to return to normal. In 2384, Hawkeye Island saw major reorganization into more than just a Starfleet Marine Corps base. Shortly after the change of command and function on Hawkeye, as massive hurricane named E'tal slammed into the Randa Islands, causing significant damage to Hawkeye and the surrounding islands, including several deaths. Queen Jadia Sharan called for Starfleet to leave their planet, citing that they couldn't even protect the Raeyans from a natural disaster, and Eternal Light took the opportunity to bomb a building on Hawkeye.

Diplomatic relations remained tense, but Hawkeye and the other starbases remained. However, in 2386, much of what some Raeyans had been hoping for happened on its own. Due to various reasons, Starfleet decided to leave the sector, leaving only the most critical forces in the region. Hawkeye Island was the last base in the Raeyan System and one of the last major bases in the entire sector. After a short incident that had a genetically engineered hallucination plant spread across the Randa Islands, Eternal Light attacked Queen Sharan's castle, killing the Queen, her family, and Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti and some of his staff. Ironically, the Queen and Prime Minister were convening to formally request that Starfleet leave their planet once as for all.


Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan, a wealthy and influential Raeyan.

Still very much a monetary society, but wealth isn't such the driving force as it is with the Ferengi. There is a class system based on wealth, but modernization and equal rights has regulated the class system to just be a title. With each city being it's own incorporated area, spread across a planet slightly smaller than Earth and a population that has never risen above one billion, most major cities had completely different cultures and languages. In the last century and a half, the Raeyans have moved toward a more singular culture and one language. Wars are uncommon in Raeyan history, and so, the Reayans tend to dislike conflict. Military forces, such as the Raeyan Guard and Starfleet aren't quite as respected as in Federation society. Most Raeyans enjoy the higher standards of living that the Federation has offered, but older Raeyans typically see the Federation as dumbing down their culture while younger generations embrace it.

Pomp and circumstance still holds a high place in Raeyan society, with the royals from around Raeya 3, most notably of the Randa Islands, being some of the most well known celebrities on the planet. These royals live extravagant lives, and have the power to help sway public opinion. Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan was an outspoken critic of the presence Starfleet has on the Randa Islands, and was somewhat successful in slowly turning public opinion against the Federation before her untimely death in 2386.


Widespread computer use has rendered most primary schooling installations obsolete, allowing youth to learn at their own pace and time. Times before, Raeyan city would have one or two schools with classes throughout the day, severing kids until maturity, around age 21, depending on the speed of which students learned. Typically, Reayans used to be steered toward a career early in their life, be it from wealth or talent shown in a particular skill at an young age. Modern times have had Raeyans receving a much more generalized and wider spread education akin to the Federation's education system.

The only higher education the planet has is the Raeyan University in the capital city, Maratoyne, although smaller campuses have opened up across the planet. The university used to only be attended by the select elite of Raeya 3, from royalty, the richest people, and the most talented citizens. Due to Federation influence, grant and scholoarship programs were set up. Everything from the Federation, to Raeyan buinesses, to even the Royal Family of the Randa Islands have contributed to seeing the university expand. From 2375-2378, the number of student doubled. By 2386, that number doubled yet again. With the world under a protectorate status, Raeyan citizens are free to apply to any of the United Federation's vast array of colleges and universities, including Starfleet Academy.


Traditionally Raeyans dressed in loose green, white or red garments, typically made from light, thin, silk-like material. Raeyan fashion is still very much alive, mostly fueled by the average citizen wanting to wear something close to the rich celebrities of the planet. The Federation's influence can also be seen here, with the Raeyans taking designs such as suits and work clothes from other species, and giving it their own cultural spin on things.


Former Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti, a Raeyan male.

The most noted trait is Raeyans are telepathic within their own species. Being almost visually indistinguishable from Humans, many scolars believe that the Raeyans have the same primordial "seed" from the little known ancient humanoids, combined with a planet very similar to Earth as allowed the Raeyans to evolve to look like many other humanoid species. The only visual difference is that Raeyans have slight ridges on their ears. Typically lean and tall, the average Raeyan male standing at 1.93 meters while the average female is 1.78 meters. Since Raeya 3 as a slightly higher gravitational pull, Raeyans tend to have a small muscular advantage compared to Humans.

Raeyans have an average lifespan of 180 years, and reach physical maturity at around age 21. Organ structure is similar, but placed different than Humans. Raeyans have the same number of organs to Humans, but they 2 livers. This doesn't seem to serve much noticeable purpose other than a Raeyan is able to process harsh chemicals such as alcohol faster and more efficiently. This makes Raeyans have a higher tolerance to things that would be more toxic to Humans along with being able to process several times more alcohol without any adverse affects. However, Raeyans have much smaller diaphragms and other voice-related muscles, making Raeyan singers lack the vocal range of other species. Intellectually, Raeyans have a very similar capacity to humans.

The telepathy that Raeyan have allows the species to communicate with each other. They lack the powerful mind and empathic reading of a Betazoid, and is just limited to simple communication. A Betazoid can, with some training, learn to transmit and receive Raeyan telepathy. Raeyan telepathy communicates via words, and is broadcast openly, making voice the more private type of communication. Range of a Raeyan's telepathic powers can vary between a 50-75 meter radius.

Tradition and Religion

Reayan religion is polytheistic, and very similar to that of ancient Greek or Roman polytheism. They have 12 major deities, each representing a separate area of life, be it environmental or skills. Practice of the religion is still alive, well into the days with a rather massive cultural change with the Federation. Raeyans believe strongly in reincarnation. When a Raeyan dies, it is believed that they will be passed onto another life. As a result, many Raeyans do not fear death at all. Some of the younger generation has questioned the validity of reincarnation, but the religion still holds strong as Raeyans see that religion isn't necessarily about explaining the things around them, but something bigger than their selves. There is no set structure on when and how to worship their deities, nor is there any set text that explains their purpose.