Raeyan Transit Corridor

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This article is official Bravo Fleet canon.This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

The Raeyan Transit Corridor is a 5 light year wide region of space formerly belonging to the Romulan Star Empire that was ceded to the United Federation of Planets on September 20, 2387 as part of the Treaty of Nelvana. It is currently part of Task Force 93's area of operations.


On April 13, 2387, the Hobus star went hypernova. While the chief concern in its aftermath was the stability of the Romulan Star Empire, the damage it did to subspace also had the unanticipated side-effect of destabilizing the portal that linked the Alpha Quadrant to the Raeyan Sector.

In the months following the hypernova, while the borders of the Romulan Empire were open to the United Federation of Planets, transit to the sector was achieved through Romulan territories. However, after the events of the Algorab Summit, isolationist sentiments overtook the Romulan government, creating great concern about the Raeyan Sector. While major Raeyan sector operations had ceased in early 2386 when Task Force 58 was shut down, the Federation still retained a few bases and colonies in the region, and, if the Romulan borders were sealed, these bases and colonies would be cut off.

The terms of closing the Romulan borders were defined in the Treaty of Nelvana, signed September 20, 2387. Transit to the Raeyan Sector was one of the key issues stressed by Federation negotiators, and the Romulan Empire was willing to offer a compromise. Given tensions with pirates from the Triangle Region and incursions from the Klingon Empire, the Romulan Star Empire ceded a five light year wide region along their border with the Triangle and the Klingon Empire to the Federation, with the exception that, for five years time, the Romulan Empire would be allowed easement into the area for the purpose of relocating its civilians from the region.

Regional Disposition

As former Romulan territory, a number of Romulan protectorates exist within the corridor, including:

  • Bosva
  • Ge’tura
  • Iccobar
  • Rowehl

The Romulan Star Empire retains an easement to relocate its colonies within the quarter. Consequently, vessels from the Romulan Star Navy are a frequent presence within the region, one that creates a degree of tension, especially as both sides attempt to feel out how exactly mechanics in the Corridor work.

Besides Romulan colonies in the process of relocating, the rest of the Corridor is open to Federation settlement. Task Force 93 is responsible for administering the region, and the Starfleet Corps of Engineers has been tasked with a massive undertaking to construct communication relays, listening posts and bases in the region. Their efforts are intended both to safeguard passage to the Raeyan Sector and to ensure a buffer is maintained between the Klingon Empire and the Romulan Star Empire to avoid the two powers again slipping into war.

Besides Starfleet transit through the Corridor, civilian shipping lines have also been opened in the region to deliver supplies to colonies in the Raeyan Sector. With the increase in civilian traffic, so too has pirate activity spiked in the region, as it borders the notoriously lawless Triangle Region.

Since the Federation assumed control of this space, Klingon incursions have slowed. Task Force 93 nonetheless remains on high alert regarding the possibility of Klingon aggression geared at the Romulans through their space, especially given that maintaining the buffer was one of the terms stipulated explicitly by the Treaty of Nelvana.