Raeyan Guard

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This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

The Raeyan Guard is the overall armed forces for the Raeyans. The Guard includes all government sponsored forces: Protective Services, Military, Navy, and Police.

Overview of the Raeyan Guard

Officially formed in 2315 to unify the military and police forces into one cohesive armed unit. Later expanded to encompass the small and fledgling space forces. The guard includes all armed forces, and reports to the Raeyan Dytaal. All receive the same basic training programs, and when assigned to a division, get more training for their field. Total Guard members as of 2386 numbered at just around 15 million. While the Guard required conscription in the past, in the days of the Federation support, as turned into a volunteer-only service.

The Raeyan Guard is divided into specialized divisions: Military, Navy, Police, and Protective Services. Military, much like old militaries of Earth, is the primary offensive division, be it from alien invaders (such as the C'hakilian) or major civil unrest, the military division is the primary fighting force. The Navy is the space force. While the Raeyans never built many starships, they were always crewed by Guard members trained in the naval division. As the primary peacekeeping force, the Police division is responsible for orderly conduct and general law enforcement. Protective Services is the rarest and most prestigious division within the Guard. Responsible for keeping the lives of Raeya's most important figures safe, such as the entire Dytaal, Queen of the Randa Islands, and other officials, either elected or able to afford the protection. Protective Guards tend to have served in another division for some time before able to move over.

With Hawkeye Island and a rather large Starfleet presence, the guard's effectiveness has increased due to the Federation allowing the Raeyan Guard to train along side of Hawkeye's personnel, including the Marines. The Dytaal council passed a motion that would allow both Guard and Starfleet officers to swap positions, on a volunteer basis, to better understand training and cultural differences between the Raeyans and Federation.

Raeyan Guard Ranks

Similar to Starfleet ranks, a Guard member moves up in rank in accordance with their time and accommodations in service. Due to the lack of as many ranks as in Starfleet, seniority first goes in precedence of division. Protective Services is over Military, which is over Navy, which is over Police. Within the same division and rank of the Guard, leadership goes by date of entry into service, which every Guard member wears.


Recruit insignia

A Guard Recruit is the lowest rank of the Raeyan Guard. A recruit is someone who has yet to pick a division of service, and has only received the most basic training. While a recruit can still be assigned to serve within a specific division, without any division-specific training, Recruits are responsible for the most menial tasks. Every Guard member has to service a minimum time of at least one month as a recruit to qualify for division training.

Sergeant of the Guard

Sergeant insignia

As the first rank specialized in a division, a Guard Sergeant is the most plentiful rank of the Raeyan Guard population. Once having achieved this rank, Sergeants have the privilege of moving freely through certain places that are otherwise greatly restricted, or aat least requiring some secuirty screening, such as Hawkeye Island.

Lieutenant of the Guard

Lieutenant insignia

Lieutenants have privileges above Sergeants, and at this rank are able to apply for the Protective Services division. Rarely is a Lieutenant accepted until some time is spent as a captain, unless they show exemplary performance. They also include members that may not have wanted a promotion to that of captain, and the responsibility within.

Captain of the Guard

Captain insignia

Captains, as a rule, are leaders of groups of Guard members, such as chiefs of police in a given city, and military platoon commanders. The highest achievable rank without a recommendation of a Dytaal council member. Some may not want the responsibility of a Captain, and can choose to remain at a Lieutenant rank.

Elite Guard

Elite insignia

A specialization rank provided to all those in the Protective Services division. Going through the thorough application and approval process, and then they have to pass the harshest training program in the guard. Elites are entrusted with keeping the most important people, be it the Dytaal council or the richest Raeyans able to afford their services on the planet safe.

Commander of the Guard

Commander insignia

Commanders can be in any division, including Protective Services, and are the highest active ranks within the Guard. In the police, Commanders are the heads of entire areas, such as the Commander of Police for Randa Islands with the Captains being the chief's for the individual cities. Naval commanders get the privilege of commanding what starships the Raeyans have, while military commanders are much like the Starfleet Marine Corps rank of a General.

Secretary of the Guard

The Secretary of the Guard is a Dytaal member and is the head of all Raeyan Guard actives. Since all Dytaal members are elected, one way or another, the entire Guard votes on their Secretary, and requires a majority vote to pass.