Qualor System

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This article is official Task Force 93 canon.

The Qualor system is located near the Romulan Neutral Zone, notable for the presence of Surplus Depot Z15 at Qualor II and Deep Space Six orbiting Qualor III. The latter planet is also one of the only joint Federation-Romulan colonies established in the late 22nd century.

Qualor itself is a relatively dim, K0V-type star, which produces barely enough heat and luminosity to sustain any habitable planets. Its age is approximately 9.6 billion years, and while it is likely the star produced considerable flare activity some billions of years ago, there is currently little surface agitation.


The Qualor system contains four primary satellites, as recognized by common cartographic agreement.

Qualor I

Qualor I is thought to have been a Class-Q planet with a diameter of approximately 8500 kilometers, which shared an erratic semi-elliptical orbit with Qualor II. However, the planet broke up some nine thousand years ago, and is now an asteroid field centered approximatly 0.12 AUs distant from the Qualor sun. The precise cause for the planet's breakup is believed to be some combination of seismic conditions related to its unstable orbit and a possible collision with another celestial body, a comet or rogue planet passing through the system; the matter holds some slight interest for local astronomers.

While still identified simply as Qualor I, there is no single stellar object remaining that can be regarded as a planet in its own right; rather, it consists of over two hundred seventy thousand asteroidal bodies. These contain no particularly valuable minerals, and this plus their proximity to the Qualor sun has left them virtually undisturbed.

Qualor II

Qualor II is a Class-H world with a slightly elliptical orbit averaging approximatly 0.27 AUs distance from the Qualor sun. The Zakdorn have operated a surplus depot for decommissioned spacecraft in orbit of Qualor II since 2294, and there are some small settlements on the surface, but these are primarily housing and administrative offices for the depot's employees, as there is no orbital facility. There is virtually no surface water or indiginous life, and the atmosphere is not breathable by most humanoid species, therefore further settlement seems unlikely.

Qualor III

Qualor III is the unlikliest member of the star system: a Class-L world with an oxygen-argon atmosphere and oceans covering approximatly 37 percent of its surface area. Also known as Qualor Prime, this planet has been colonized by both the Federation and Romulan Star Empire after virtually no terraforming.

It is approximately 0.74 AUs distant from the Qualor sun, completing one full orbit every 293 standard Earth days, though a day on Qualor III is only 22.3 hours long, so the local calendar counts a 315-day year. (To avoid disputes over whether to use the Federation or Romulan standard calendar on the Qualor III colonies, it was agreed that the colony would operate based on local realities with regard to day, month and year. Deep Space Six, however, operates on Federation Standard Time.) The planet has a diameter of 11,340 kilometers and a local gravity of 0.83 Earth standard; its atmosphere is slightly thinner than that of Earth, but still well within the average humanoid's tolerance.

Indigenous life is limited to plants and some sea creatures, but the lack of abundant light and heat from the Qualor sun has left the world largely undeveloped. Despite the presence of several Federation and Romulan communities on the surface – largely clustered on the equator where it is warmest – most traffic is centered on Deep Space Six in orbit; the planet's actual population is slightly over two million.

Qualor IV

Qualor IV is a Class-J gas giant located approximately 2.06 AUs from the Qualor sun and measuring approximately 50,000 kilometers in diameter. It has seven moons, three of which are relatively large and possess fairly significant quantities of elemental metals; the alpha moon has a thin atmosphere composed primarily of methane. The Ferengi Alliance has shown some interest in prospecting the moons and perhaps Qualor IV itself, yet any such endeavors await a new agreement with the Federation.

Outer bodies

The outer Qualor system contains a Kuiper belt consisting of 114 planetoidal objects of sufficient size to merit notation on system charts; these follow irregular orbits with periods beginning at well over 150 standard years. For purposes of notation, these are referred to as Qualor 5 through 118; they are composed largely of ice and possess no significant atmosphere or any seismic activity. Automated early-warning sensor platforms are located on certain of these objects, but others have never been explored except by long-range scan.


Numerous agreements, most recently the Treaty of Algeron, place the Qualor system within Federation space and thus within its jurisdiction, though there are no formal colonies (Qualor II is unincorporated, while Qualor III is a protectorate under Federation administrative authority) The system's seat of governance is located on DS6.