Project Outreach

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Mandate and Objectives

To reconnect with the remnants of Task Force 38 and work towards establishing a new base of operations whilst overseeing efforts to find a way to return to the Alpha Quadrant.

The Projects main objectivesare:

  1. Explore the Delta Quadrant to catalog planets, nebulae, spatial anomalies and more.
  2. Protect Federation interests in the Quadrant and its citizens who explore and conduct trade.
  3. Establish peaceful relations with species native to the Quadrant wherever possible.
  4. Re-establish a fixed-link between the Delta Quadrant and home.

Project Assets


Established in 2388 by Starfleet Command, Project Outreach (officially known as Delta Resettlement Operations) was commanded by Vice Admiral Mitchell Hanson. A former commander of various Task Forces and also head of Starfleet Tactical, Hanson was the ideal candidate for the tactical orientated mission that the project's team would have to undertake.

This Project was created to reach out to the lost souls of the Delta Quadrant following the Borg attack at the Battle of the Round Table. At the behest of Starfleet Command, Hanson reassigned several vessels to his cause, most notably the starships Solaria and Poseidon. The USS Solaria, an Intrepid-class vessel commanded by a veteran of the fleet, Captain Thalek th’Zorati, lead Project Outreach as the flagship for the group. Using a new form of Quantum Slipstream Drive, the Solaria and the other vessels assigned to the project would make their way to the last known co-ordinates of Task Force 38 and not only reconnect with them, but begin work on establishing a way home.

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