Pre-Warp Cradle

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Pre-Warp Cradle
Grid C2, Delta Quadrant
Astrometrics Data

Stellar Neighborhood


The Round Table (Delta Quadrant)


Solaria Nebula

Other Information
Discovery Date:

30 January 2384

Discovered By:

U.S.S. Ticonderoga

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Region of The Round Table first charted by the crew of the U.S.S. Ticonderoga in early 2384.


The Pre-Warp Cradle is a crescent-shaped area situated in a large, relatively open pocket within the Solaria Nebula. Accounting for the difficulties of navigating the Nebula's twisting corridors of plasma storms, the nearest edge of the Cradle close to the Solaria Gateway, at least in stellar terms. The Pre-Warp Cradle is a densely populated stellar neighborhood, notable for being the home to some thirty unique pre-warp civilizations at various stages of civic, scientific, and industrial development.


For nearly five centuries, the Pre-Warp Cradle had maintained a stable equilibrium of power. The largely disinterested but powerful Dendrian Order lived peacefully in a thin band all along the periphery, uninvolved in the day-to-day affairs of the other races of the Cradle but serving the important function of forming and maintaining relationships with races from outside the Cradle. The Dendrians administer the Cradle's trade and foreign policy from their nerve center at the ancient Iconian Ruined Station, where guests to the region are typically received.

The other great power of the Cradle has been the Tynusian Empire, which has effectively ruled the Cradle since before the rise of the modern-day Dendrian Order. The Tynusians, a reasonably powerful post-warp civilization, long ago made first contact with all the pre-warp cultures in the Cradle and guaranteed protection from outside attack in exchange for significant agricultural and industrial support. The Tynusians were widely known as a benevolent dictatorship, however, and did earnestly seek to fulfill their end of the bargain. However, after more than a century of peace, elements of many societies in the Cradle grew resentful of the power and rulership of their Tynusian masters.

The Tynusian Wars

In late January 2384, a catalyst tipped the increasingly delicate balance and brought the old order into serious question. Self-styled "Captain George Orwell," a known pirate and rebel who had barely escaped the Battle of Union with his life the week before, fled into the unexplored Solaria Nebula and stumbled into the Pre-Warp Cradle. An avowed and highly charistmatic communist, Mr. Orwell was able to quickly rally a large portion of the local pre-warp societies into rebellion against the Tynusian Empire, giving them weapons and propulsive technology comparable (and in some cases superior) to that of the Tynusians and turning each society's Tynusian-built industrial capacities against their longtime allies. When the Dendrians provided some military aid to the Tynusians, the revolutionaries turned on the Order as well, unsuccessfully attacking the Ruined Station and opposing the Order's interests throughout the sector.

Present Status

Captain Orwell was killed in a costly engagement with the U.S.S. Ticonderoga in mid-February 2384, a significant setback to his movement, but the Tynusian Wars he began continue to sputter along incoclusively. As of Summer 2384, Starfleet Command, which feels that it ispartly responsible for the violence due to its failure to contain Mr. Orwell within Federation borders, was reviewing options for a planned response to the ongoing conflict. Though the U.S.S. Ticonderoga fought on behalf of the Dendrian Order against Orwell, causing the revolutionaries to declare war on the Federation, Starfleet has not at this time taken any side in the war, merely exhorting all Starfleet vessels to avoid the conflict if at all possible and to take measures protect their own ships and crew wherever necessary.