Power Transfer Conduits

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The plasma generated by the Warp Core is transferred to the Warp Nacelles via the Power Transfer Conduits (PTC). The PTCs magnetically constrain the plasma to the center of each conduit and peristaltically force the plasma toward the Warp Nacelles. A portion of the plasma is diverted by the EPS Taps.

The PTCs are fabricated from six alternating layers of machined tritanium and transparent aluminum borosilicate, which are phase transition welded to produce a single pressure resistant structure. The interior of the PTCs are coated with ferric quonium. The ferric quonium generates a magnetic field when energized by power from the EPS system. During startup of the warp core power for the PTC magnetic field is drawn from the impulse engines.

The PTCs are connected to the warp core via explosive shear plain joints allowing for the quick disconnect of the PTCs from the core in the event of Warp Core ejection. The same shear plain is used to connect the PTC to the Plasma Injection System to facility quick disconnect should it be required to eject one of the Warp Nacelles. These joints are set during manufacturing and cannot be reused. Most often the joint will be replaced during a star base layover for repairs and or replacement of the damaged Warp Core or one of the Warp Nacelles. In the event that a core or nacelle has been ejected from the ship but can be later reintegrated into the ship the shear plane joints can be reset in the field as long as there is power to operate the on board industrial replications to fabricate the required replacement parts.