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Hendrixian Brotherhood


Leader of the Hendrixian Brotherhood

Po'Real was a criminal mastermind from Sinela IV. He was influential and incredibly smart, able to rise to the top of a planet-wide criminal organization. His main nemesis was Christopher Johnson of the USS Devestator, and was killed in 2383 when Johnson was forced to ram and destroy the Devastator-C into Po'Real's super ship in the Ventrillius system in the Raeyan Sector.


Described as incredibly ruthless, very cunning, and unwavering, Po'Real would do anything to achieve his goals. If it including enslaving an entire species, destroying a planet, or risking waging conflict with the Federation, nothing would get in Po'Real's way. While he claimed to be doing these things for the betterment of the Sinelans, he also had benefactors in another galaxy, giving him the ships and technology to be able to complete his goals. Po'Real was also one to hold a grudge and vow for revenge, seen in several Sinelans that met unfortunate fates, even former school mates that made fun of him when he was young, and more recently, Christopher Johnson, for sealing him in the other galaxy. His goals seemed to vary, from helping the Sinelans out with the impending population crisis, to possibly wanting to conquer the Raeyan Sector.


Sinela IV, Po'Real's homeworld.

Born into a modest Sinelan family in 2318, Po'Real was an average, unassuming child. He achieved better than average marks in school, but did not excel. When he finished primary schooling at age 16, he applied for Sinela's most prestigious business and political school. He was barely accepted, but seemed to have a mind for politics. He was recommended for the Council of Elders enrollment program. This would give him the knowledge to be one of the planet's 5 governing members of the Council of Elders. He passed through the program with flying colors, and was one of the select few in contention to become a next Elder if there ever needed to be one. There is no official record of when Po'Real started his life as a crime boss, but it is estimated that he used his business and political knowledge to help a fledgling crime syndicate rise around this time.

Council of Elders

When the senior most member of the Council died of old age (Council members serve for the rest of their lifetime), Po'Real was second in line to be appointed a position. The Sinelan who was set to receive the spot was killed in a watercraft accident the day before he was going to sworn in. Po'Real received the spot in 2261, the youngest Sinelan to ever have a seat on the Council. The four other members of the Council taught Po'Real to help lead the planet. Serving for several decades, while the Council of Elders' power over the people dropped even more than when Po'Real first joined. People who criticized Po'Real for not wanting to take a harder line against the rampant crime that had taken over the planet mysteriously ended up dead. The other Council members grew suspicious of Po'Real, and launched an investigation into him. It was found that Po'Real was secretly leading one of the most powerful crime syndicates on the planet, called the Hendrixian Brotherhood. Using his knowledge and power had allowed the Brotherhood to circumvent any attempts to disband the group. When the Council found out about Po'Real's second job, they unanimously elected to disband him from the Council of Elders in 2339. They also tried to exile him from the planet, but Po'Real knew that it was just an empty threat as the Council had no force to back up the exile order.

Hendrixian Brotherhood

With Po'Real exposed, he took up the position as leader of the Hendrixian Brotherhood shortly before the Sinelans invented warp drive technology. He demonstrated compassion toward his people by allowing the Council of Elders to live. No longer working in the shadows, Po'Real led the Brotherhood on a ruthless assault on the planet, squashing out most other syndicates, and taking over every facet he could. Sinela's subspace communication, space transport, even the terraforming project on one of the system's moons, were all under the Brotherhood's control. Even the planet's official first contact, with the Krazzle, was handled by the Brotherhood, only allowing the Council of Elders to participate when Po'Real pleased. Po'Real's contact with the inter-galactic species happened around 2350, as well. The species is unknown, but they supposedly promised Po'Real great power and technology if he helped them to get into the Milky Way. Po'Real secretly began to work of a subspace emitter that would create a tear in subspace, allowing the species to send their ships from their galaxy to establish a foothold in the Raeyan Sector.

USS Devestator

Christopher Johnson, a sort of arch rival to Po'Real.

The emitter was finished and activated in the early 2380's. When the tear opened, the Council of Elders sent out a planetary wide distress call, as the gravitational forces on the tear were causing erratic and dangerous tides on Sinela IV, threatening to swallow up what little land mass Sinela had. The USS Devastator-C, under the command of Christopher Johnson responded. Po'Real revealed himself behind the tear when alien ships came through the subspace rift and attacked the Devastator. Managing to get through the tear himself to meet with his benefactors, Po'Real underestimated the Devastator, as the Nebula Class refit was able to fend off the attack and close the tear, thereby sealing Po'Real millions of lightyears away. The vicious crime lord vowed to destroy Commander Johnson and his ship. Spending years helping his benefactors spread throughout their galaxy, Po'Real became a feared named by the inhabitants of that galaxy.

In 2383, Po'Real had the technology to return back to our galaxy, and had a powerful "supership" to match his ruthlessness. Upon his return, his first act was for revenge of being sealed off for years, and found Captain Christopher Johnson and his crew on shoreleave on Risa. Blowing up an important government building on the planet, Po'Real managed to kill many people other than Johnson. The USS Devestator tracked Po'Real's ship to the Ventrillius system back in the Raeyan Sector, the location of the new subspace rift. Po'Real had returned to the distant galaxy, but this time, the Devestator followed along with James Shadowfast of The League. The Starfleet crew enlisted the help of locals that had been under the persecution of Po'Real and his benefactors. They drove Po'Real and his supership back through the rift into the Ventrillius system. A battle between the Devestator with Shadowfast against Po'Real and his supership broke out. The supership ended up being disabled, but the USS Devestator-C suffered major damage. Captain Johnson made the decision to sacrifice his ship in an attempt to stop Po'Real. Ramming the Devestator into the supership, the warp core explosion seemed to destroy the supership. Shadowfast, who had beamed aboard the supership to try and capture Po'Real confirmed that Po'Real was aboard when his ship was destroyed. Po'Real was stopped and presumed dead.

After Death

After Po'Real's death, the Brotherhood continued it's grasp on Sinela IV. When Christopher Johnson and the crew of the USS Devestator became the crew of Hawkeye Island, an incredibly powerful hurricane named E'tal pounded Hawkeye Island on Raeya 3. Scientific analysis reported that the hurricane was engineered by Po'Real. It seemed he had somehow survived. Two powerful Sinelan ships, acting in the name of the Hendrixian Brotherhood, attacked the USS Devestator, USS Kilo, and USS John Glenn in the Ventrillius system. The ships were more powerful than anything the Sinleans had, but no where near as powerful as Po'Real's supership. It was later discovered by the Sinelan people that this Po'Real was actually the mirror universe Po'Real, who choose to become a brilliant scientist. He was forced to work for the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance to try and removed the remaining Federation forces from the prime universe Raeyan Sector in preparation for an invasion. To do so, this Po'Real funded and secretly led the Eternal Light. Since he was reluctant to work for the Alliance, when most Starfleet forces left in 2386, he wanted some forces to remain to stop an invasion attempt, and so ordered the Eternal Light to kill Queen Jadia Nalla Sharan and Prime Minister Jarod Fllacti. Since then, the invasion was thwarted from the other side, and Po'Real was trapped. he returned to Sinela to try and turn the corrupt, crime-ridden planet of the prime universe into the peaceful utopia of the mirror version.