Phase Pistol

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The Phase Pistol was introduced in 2151 as a replacement for older particle and plasma based weapons such as the M33 Pistol. Like the weapons it replaced the Phase Pistol was designed as a personal side arm.

There were two versions of the Phase Pistol used. One was the standard Pistol used on board ships and a second ruggedized version used by Military Assault Command (MACO) units while in the field. The MACO version was designed to handle the conditions found on the battle field and had a longer cell life allowing for the MACO version to operate for longer periods of time before required the power cell to be swapped out or recharged.

The Phase Pistols had two setting, stun and kill. The pistols could also be set to overload and act as an improvised explosive device. The pistols setting can be selected via a thumb switch on either side of the pistol.

Phase Pistol Components

Outer Casing:

The outer casing is composed of pressure molded titanium with a rubberized coating applied to the hand grip for user comfort.

Power Cell:

The Power Cell has a Sarium core with micro-foamed polymer insulator encased in an aluminum outer casing. The power cell can be accessed by depressing the lock points on each side of the pistol and swinging the forward section of the outer casing upward. The Cell is held within dual mounting brackets on the interior of the casing and can be easily removed by hand.

To increase the amount of time the cell in the MACO version of the pistol can last before needing to be swapped out the power cell drains into a pulse capacitor. When the trigger is depressed the capacitor discharges and once the trigger is released the capacitor recharges. This use of a pulse capacitor results in the MACO version firing a energy pulse rather than a solid beam.

Beam Generator:

The first stage of the Beam Generator is the Phase modulator where the ionized particles of the plasma are shifted to a higher phase state before feeding the resulting beam into a linear particle accelerator that pushes the speed of each particle within the beam to higher velocities prior to the beam entering the firing chamber.

In the MACO version of the Phase Pistol the linear accelerator is slightly longer than in the standard version allowing the particles in that make up the beam to be accelerated to a greater velocity resulting in the MACO version having a slightly greater power output.

Firing Chamber:

Once introduced into the firing chamber the particle beam is passed through a set of focusing coils were the beam is compressed into its final diameter prior to be emitting from the emitter lens toward the target. The lens is a LiCu 221.