Phase Cannons

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Close up of a Phase Cannon being fired

Introduced in 2151 with the launch of first of the NX Class ships the Phase Cannon is a directed energy weapon using phase modulated energy. The Phase Cannon was designed as a replacement for the plasma cannons that had been in use previously and are a precursor to the phaser weapons that would be used in the twenty-third and twenty-fourth Centuries.

By 2154 a new design of the Phase Cannons had been developed and installed on the Columbia (NX-02) These new design Phase Cannons were known as Pulsed Phase Cannons. The Pulsed Phase Cannons were able to achieve higher power outputs than the standard phase cannon due to modifications of the Phase Cannon Systems first implemented on the NX-01. In these modifications, the canons were fired in an overloaded stated resulting in a plasma recoil within the cannons power system. This recoil was directed into the hull integrity field of the ship. The standard and pulsed cannons would both be collectively called Phase Cannons.

Phase Cannon Components.

The Enterprise NX-01 firing their forward dorsal phase cannons

Outer Casing:

The outer casing of the Phase Cannon is titanium with a clear polymer coating to protect the cannon from micro-meteor damage while deployed.

Energy Systems:

The original design of the Phase Cannons called for the cannons to pull energy from the ships ElectroPlasma System. In 2151 while installing the Phase Cannons on the Enterprise NX-01 the design was modified to draw power directly from the ships Impulse Engines.

The power is routed to the Phase Cannon through a telescoping EPS conduit with in Cannon mounting arm. At the base of the arm the EPA conduit dead ends into a power manifold that feeds into a flexible secondary power conduit. These secondary power conduits feed the plasma directly into the secondary power control manifold. The secondary manifold manages power flow into the Beam generator via iris gates.

Beam Generator:

The first stage of the Beam Generator is the Phase modulator where the ionized particles of the plasma are shifted to a higher phase state before feeding the resulting beam into a linear particle accelerator that pushes the speed of each particle within the beam to higher velocities prior to the beam entering the firing chamber.

Firing Chamber:

Once introduced into the firing chamber the particle beam is passed through a set of focusing coils were the beam is compressed into its final diameter prior to be emitting from the emitter lens toward the target. The lens is a LiCu 221.

Phase Cannon Operation

A phase cannon in its stored postion

The Phase Cannons are mounted on the ship in retractable turrets. When not in use the Phase Cannons are stored within a storage bay within the internal volume of the ship. Prior to use the outer hatch of the bay is opened and the cannon is extended beyond the ship’s hull via a telescoping arm. Once beyond the ship’s hull the firing camber extends into the armed position and the phase cannon is charged up to active standby.

Target tracking is proved by electrohydraulic pistons that control the phase cannon’s movement under the direction of the ships targeting scanners. One the target has been locked on to by the individual phaser cannon the cannon will fire a one second burst of energy up to 500 gigajoules depending on the power setting of the cannon. Under the direction of the ships targeting scanners the Phase Cannon can track the targets motion to ensure that the full energy of the beam impacts the target.