Persephone Colony

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Persephone Colony
Grid B2, Delta Quadrant
Colony Information
Star System:

Hyperion System


Hyperion III / Class M



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Persephone Colony is the oldest Federation colony in the Delta Quadrant. More than two hundred years ago, a group of Federation colonists set off for the Delta Quadrant with the aim of founding an independent colony. When Task Force 38 arrived in the Round Table, they were surprised to discover the colonists, long thought dead, were very much alive and thriving. While retaining its independence, Persephone Colony has taken on new purpose since the Battle of the Round Table, providing a home and care for Federation civilian refugees stranded in the Delta Quadrant.


Departing the Federation

While most heralded the founding of the Federation as a great achievement, some remained skeptical. A group of several thousand humans, Vulcans, Tellarites and Andorians, concerned by the Federation's suppression of economic freedom and Starfleet's increased focus on military technology, set out on their own searching for a home they could make their own. Aboard an aging cryoship, the SS Persephone, they departed Federation space heading for deep space. Never hearing from them again, Starfleet presumed them lost or dead, and they were consigned to the annals of history.

Landing in the Delta Quadrant

As it turned out, the colonists lay in slumber for over a hundred years as the Persephone travelled quietly through the Delta Quadrant. However, in 2290, the crew were awaken from cryogenic slumber when the ship suffered a critical failure in its warp manifold. Finding themselves in what would later be called the Round Table and unable to repair the damage, the colonists decided to find the nearest livable planet and finally start creating a new home for themselves. After surveying a number of systems, they came across the Demeter system, whose third planet was a small uninhabited class M planet that appeared perfect for them to settle.

A Growing Independent Colony

From 2290 to 2383, Persephone Colony grew from a population of several thousand to over forty thousand, writing their own constitution, setting up a three-branch government with a governor, a legislature and a court system, and generally building a small agrarian society. From time to time, they thought of their forefathers, but on the whole, they enjoyed their independent, self-sufficient lifestyle.

Reconnecting with the Federation

In 2383, after nearly a century of isolation from the Federation, Task Force 38 stumbled upon an Iconian Gateway that connected the Beta Quadrant with the Round Table. In the Round Table, among other discoveries, they were amazed to find the survivors of the SS Persephone alive and thriving in an independent and self-sufficient colony. The Persephone descendants viewed Starfleet skeptically, on behalf of their roots. Nonetheless, relations with Persephone were mostly friendly, and across five years, more than fifty thousand Federation citizens emigrated to Persephone. This infusion of Federation ideas and an over-doubling of the population put some pressures on the colony, but ultimately, it kept with its principles of freedom and openness to all who wished to join.

Current Standing

A Home for Refugees

The Battle of the Round Table in mid-2388 fundamentally changed Persephone Colony's relationship with the Federation. Before the transwarp gate was destroyed, it was a trading partner and a curiosity for the officers and civilians of the Delta Exploration Initiative. Following the Initiative's forced isolation in the Delta Quadrant, it became the largest colony accessible to Federation civilians. It took on tens of thousands of refugees stranded in the Delta Quadrant and survivors of Starbase 900, again nearly doubling in size.

Relationship with Starfleet

While Persephone Colony contains to retain its independence, it is now a closely intertwined ally of Task Force 38 and the Delta Exploration Initiative. In the initial days following the battle, Starfleet tried to call all the shots, leading to a great deal of tension, but following the creation of the Delta Advisory Council, on which Persephone has a seat, these issues have been mostly assuage and it operates will with the Federation's interests in the Delta Quadrant.