Perenalthorias Union of Commonwealths

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Loosely structured governmental entity seated in the Jathlin Arm of The Round Table.

Perenalthorias Union of Commonwealths
Basic information
Major Species:



Perenalthorias Station


Unknown AD

Warp Capable:

Always warp-capable

Official Language:
  • Lingua Franca: Divitian
  • Various
Official Currency:


Political Information



Perenalthorias Council



The Perenalthorias Union is an organization of nation-states that cooperate for the purposes of establishing trade, rules of war, maintaining the peace, and responding to the concerns of member nations. The seat of the Union is at Perenalthorias Station, a modest space station near planet Judaat, the homeworld of one of the founding members. It is administered by the Perenalthorias Council, which is sometimes referred to by grammatically impatient or generally irreverent races as "P-Counts."

The Divitian Republic is widely recognized as the most powerful nation within the Union, thanks to its economic, military, and territorial power and its recent gain of a veto power on the Perenalthorias Council.

Structural Differences

The structure of the Union has been observed as being notably similar to that of the United Federation of Planets, but it differs in several important respects. First, the governmental structure of the Union is distinctly less centralized than that of the Federation. Second, the Union still uses currency--indeed, each planet uses its own currency, and many use several different forms. Most exchange rates in the Union are pegged to the powerful Divitian aureus.

Third and most importantly, the Union has no universal equivalent of the Prime Directive. Although a handful of races have adopted voluntary non-interference policies, most members of the Union have no qualms about entering a primitive culture and introducing it to interstellar society. Most civilizations thus introduced soon join the Union as associate members and trade extensively to obtain advanced technology and knowledge. The Divitan Republic is one of the foremost advocates of this, which they term "civilization welfare."

Contact History

  • The Perenalthorias Union was first encountered in June 2384 by the U.S.S. Excelsior, under the command of Lt. Cmdr. Neeva, when Divitia was struck by a devastating ion wavefront. The Excelsior successfully provided aid to a large section of the planet, uncovered evidence that the disaster may have been caused by an industrial accident on Divitia (claims that the government is now investigating), and stopped a major power reactor from melting down, saving potentially millions of lives.
  • A few weeks later, still in late June 2384, the Excelsior spent much of their well-earned good will when Captain Alcar Dovan harangued the Perenalthorias Permanent Security Group of P-Counts for their ineffectiveness in ending the Rheger Tuhg genocide on Thanatoksia and, in some cases, charged them with being complicit in the killing. Dovan would be court-martialed and expelled from Starfleet a few months later for his interference in the Rheger Tuhg situation, but the diplomatic damage has largely been done. The Union's attitude towards the Federation is currently receptive, but cautious and chilly towards its envoys.