Pelora Formation

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This article is official Task Force 38 canon.

The Pelora Formation is a region of space in the The Round Table area of the Delta Quadrant. The area has not been as heavily explored as other regions, but was notably charted by the USS Prometheus in 2384 but still contains vast reaches of unknown space. More recently interest in the region has picked up with sightings of the Vaadwaur nearby.

The Pelora Formation is bordered by the Solaria Nebula, Mordred Nebula, and Star Desert. The only planet of note discovered in the region is Morex.


The largely uncharted and unexplored Pelora Formation lies to the Galactic South of the Solaria Nebula, and the Star Desert. far removed and partially isolated from the species of the Jathlin Arm by the conditions of these areas of space, it is not believed to have been heavily visited by them, and thus far it also appears to have been outside the boundaries of the long since collapsed empire the Skareen built centuries ago. The Mordred Nebula is also located near the Formation, and is also located near the Solaria Nebula. This helps to form a boundary between it and other regions of nearby space bordering Solaria such as that which contains the Velorum System. The nearest edge of the Pelora Formation is fifteen warp-days from the Safe Passage of the Solaria Nebula at warp 8, though this can be longer depending on the level of activity in the nebula or the size of the ship passing through. From here the planet Morex (One of the few visited by Starfleet in the region) is at least one standard day away from this edge. All in all compared to the Jathlin Arm, and the Star Desert, the Pelora Formation, seems to be a more "average" area of space not teeming with species, or devoid of stellar objects, but exploration efforts have only scratched the surface and it remains to be seen what unique phenomenon the region has to offer.


The Morexians are the only species known in the region to a level of detail. Their homeworld, Morex has been visited by Starfleet and is a technological marvel. The planet's natural magnetic field has slowly eroded away leading the Morexians to build a massive shield grid to encompass the planet and keep it safe from solar winds. The massive towers of the grid serve as hubs for docking ships and the shield itself gives the planet a distinctive purple appearance. At the moment the area around the Mordred Nebula is of more interest with a sprawling battlefield containing the remnants of ships, mines, and even signs of a borg visit in the distant past. The species responsible for this battlefield are possible inhabitants (or former inhabitants) of the Formation. More recently the Vaadwaur were spotted in the area of the Nebula, and it is also possible they are encroaching on areas of the Formation currently unexplored by Starfleet.

Starfleet Exploration

The Pelora Formation has had a number of expeditions to the region, but still remains largely unexplored.

The first was by the USS Excelsior which took long range scans of the region during her initial exploration of the region, but did not explore the Pelora Formation in detail.

The USS Prometheus was the first to explore the region in earnest charting as far as Morex, and discovering the Morexian species and civilization.