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Patricia Morrison









USS Liberty


Former Task Force 99 Commanding Officer

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General Information

Name: Patricia Anne Morrison
Date of Birth: August 12, 2325
Place of Birth: Lunar Colony, Sol System
Gender: Female
Species: Human

Physical Description

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 143 lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown

General Description

Patricia Morrison is an experienced Starfleet Officer. Like a member of any military, Patti keeps herself physically fit.While it is not to the extent of her earlier years, she has maintained a high level of fitness. She has blamed her career progression for her increase in weight. She wears a moderate amount of make up and keeps her hair cut just above her shoulders.

Psychological Information

Personality Overview

Patti Morrison worked her way up the leadership ladder by being being confident, committed, and educated. This transcends her leadership style. In every decision she makes, Patti will analyze all the information available to her and make the decision she views as the most effective. While this has helped her climb the leadership ladder, she has alienated many under her command. She is known for being a cold leader who values rules and regulations over the human factor. Having worked her way up through the Security and Tactical Department, she is an apt tactician. In this sense, she always has a plan in place and is constantly updating it to best meet the end goal. At the same time that she is committed to her position and to the protection of the Federation, she is also an able trainer. In her time in leadership, she has trained a number of officers who have become commanding officers or valued members of Starfleet Command. Nothing satisfies her more than seeing a junior officers become senior officers by implementing her training.


With the onset of the Klingon-Federation War and the impending Dominion threat, Patti's ambitions have moved outside of the forefront. She has reached the highest rank possible, without leaving the Command Chair.


Early Life

Born on the Lunar Colony to her parents, Henry and Sarah Morrison Pattricia 'Patti' Morrison was born into a Starfleet Family. Both were assigned to the Lunar Colony, with Henry being the Commander of Starbase Lunar and Sarah being his Chief Medical Officer. Growing up under two Starfleet Officers meant Patti was exposed to Starfleet life. With a father who was serving as the Commander of one of the closest Starbases to the Federation Capital, there was almost a destiny that she would serve in Starfleet and be an accomplished leader. Her father's promotions were attributed to his mastery of the security and leadership fields, whereas her mother was a doctor. Some fellow officers joked that the great security man of Henry Morrison required the gentle hand of Doctor Sarah Morrison to make keep his strong heart beating. He was the bad cop, she was the good cop. They were a dynamic duo that taught their daughter everything they could.

After excelling in the public schools, Patti Morrison applied and accepted into Starfleet Academy. During the summer between graduation and her entrance into Starfleet Academy, she spent her time training her mind and body for the task ahead. Starfleet Academy had accepted her and upon her arrival, she would be tested. She spent her days in the gym and in the family study.

Arriving at Starfleet Academy was awing. With the massive buildings surrounding her, Patti knew that Starfleet Academy was where she belonged. Immediately, having the last name Morrison and a father named Henry meant her standards were that much higher than every other cadet whose father was not in the admiralty. After completing her general education requirements during her first year, she was immediately placed in the Security and Tactical Operations Department. With the outbreak of hostilities of hostilities between the Federation and the Cardassian Union during her final year at the academy. As an advanced student in the Security and Tactical Operations department, she was immediately assigned to the USS Defender, an Refitted Excelsior Class Starship, as one of their Security Officers. Early Starfleet Career

The USS Defender, much like her name, was immediately sent to the front lines of the Cardassian-Federation Conflict. The border was encompassed with dog fights between the two sides. As the Cardassian Union became more and more aggressive in their attacks. The Defender and her fellow Starfleet Vessels became started fighting both on the ground and in space. Patti Morrison became one of those leading officers to command troops on the ground. With countless battles between the Federation and the Cardassian Union, Patti Morrison became a hardened soldier. Having shown her leadership capabilities on Camor V, she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant JG and to the position of Lead Security Officer. This was the start of her long career in management and would lay the foundations for her leadership style.

The Cardassian War

As the war progressed, so did the casualties. The loss experienced by both sides of the conflict was known by the number of souls and ships lost. The Defender made it onto that list. As the ship engaged the enemy along the border, they were soon over powered. After summoning reenforcements, the Cardassians attacked the Defender with everything they had available. As the USS Berlin and the USS Venture attempted to draw their fire, the Cardassians continued their attack. The ships systems began to be destroyed one by one. Seeing no other course of action, Captain Albert Bennett ordered the crew to abandon ship.

Just as Patti reached the escape pod, nearest the phaser control room, the Starship began to break up. The pod was immediately ejected. It barely escaped the shock wave caused by the destruction of the Defender. As the escape pods began to retreat, Starfleet reinforcements arrived and pushed the Cardassians back into their territory. Patti, along with most of the Defender's crew, were beamed aboard the USS Monarch. Immediately, they went to work combating the enemy. Once again, expressing her abilities in Security and Tactical Operations, Captain Johnathan Lexington offered Patti Morrison a position aboard the Monarch as their Assistant Chief of Security.

Seeing the opportunity to advance in leadership, Patti Morrison accepted the Captain's offer. As the Assistant Chief of Security aboard a Miranda Class Starship meant she would be responsible for the safety of all members of the crew. It also meant that she would be going on more away missions, and attend many official functions. She was now apart of middle leadership and would need to prove herself to move any further.

Starship Leadership

After serving admirably during the Cardassian-Federation War, Patti applied to the Command School offered by Starfleet Academy. She was accepted into their accelerated six-month program and briefly left the front lines. While back at the academy, and holding the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade, she learned many things from her instructors. It was a grueling six months, but she completed the accelerated program at the top of her class. Her father was there to personally award the certificate of Advanced Leadership to her. By now, he had been promoted to Commodore and was an Assistant Deputy Director at Starfleet Security.

Upon returning to the Monarch, she was greeted by the Senior Staff. At a ceremony honoring her completion of Command School, Captain Johnathan Lexington promoted Patti to the rank of Lieutenant and to the position of Chief Security Officer. With Lieutenant Commander Audre Williams retiring from her position after thirty years of service.

In her new found role, Patti became even more committed to our position. The position of Chief Security Officer, aboard a Starfleet vessel during a time of war meant that she was constantly reviewing intelligence reports, troop movements, enemy attacks and counter attacks, all on top of her day to day duties. To say it was overwhelming was an understatement. Nevertheless, Patti was able to handle the position and show her Commanding Officer that she had what it took to make it Starship leadership.

As time continued, the warefare that was the Cardassian-Federation War began to bring down the morale of both sides. In the case of the USS Monarch, they were replaced on the front lines by the USS Agamemnon. Falling back to a supportive role, the USS Monarch mended the wounds it had received at the hands of the Cardassians. At the same time, personnel changes started to take place. Patti Morrison was one of the first officers affected by these changes. She was transferred to the USS Pacific with the rank of Lt. Commander with the positions of Second Officer and Chief of Security.

While serving aboard the USS Pacific, Patti Morrison's responsibilities shifted from the Security Department to an entire Starfleet Vessel. The USS Pacific was an Ambassador Class Starship, a state of the art design that included advanced engines, weaponry and sensors. As the Second Officer, Patti Morrison would become central to the operations of the Starship. She would take the evening bridge shift. During this time she also accompanied the First Officer on various away missions outside of the Cardassian Conflict. This time, it was to various worlds within the Alpha Quadrant where the Pacific was providing support to various Federation worlds.

With the end of hostilities between the two interstellar forces, a number of officers turned in their retirement requests. This lead to open positions aboard various vessels, including many Captain's Chairs. These retirements affected the USS Pacific; Commander Alexis Martinez, their First Officer, was offered command of the USS Continental. The Continental was a Cheyenne Class Starship. In her last days aboard the Pacific, Captain Martinez met with Captain Alexander Valdez to offer her recommendation for replacement. In meeting with Captain Valdez, they both recommended Lt. Commander Morrison to the position.

In accepting the position of First Officer under Captain Valdez, the training and development of her subordinates became a high priority. The USS Pacific was staffed with experienced who had dreams of moving up in rank and position. Instead of focusing on the Security Department, Patti began familiarizing herself the operations of every department. As the First Officer aboard an Ambassador Class Starship meant she was responsible for all of the staff and operations aboard the ship. Everyone reported to her and she reported to the Captain. On many occasions, she would be seen in the Holodeck training junior officers. The USS Pacific was known for promoting from within their ranks to open positions. Numerous officers were promoted to the highest ranks possible before being promoted aboard the Pacific or transferred to other vessels. In some cases, officers would transfer departments to expand their experience. She would train and develop at the same pace as the officers she would be training.

As the Pacific traveled around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants, they were ordered by Starfleet Admiral Hanson to Wolf 359 to battle the Borg Cube. Upon their arrival, the Pacific immediately opened fire. As the cube came into sensor range, they began opening fire. The Pacific fired all of their weapons at will. At the same time, the Borg unleashed their arsenal. Volley after volley, the Pacific was brutally wounded. Officers were killed instantly, as various EPS conduits overloaded but even more were assimilated as the Borg began assimilating members of the crew. As Patti watched, the battle unfold, the Pacific's Security Officer was killed during the firefight. The Tactical Panel exploded right in front of him. Patti immediately rerouted all tactical functions to a back up station located at the rear of the bridge. Taking over the tactical operations of the ship, Patti followed the Captain's Orders, targeting weapons and shields. But it was not enough. The Pacific was taking hit after hit from the Borg. During the last volley, the ceiling circuitry above Captain Valdez exploded, knocking him unconscious. Seeing no other option, and with their warp core shut down out to avoid a potential warp core breach, the Pacific had seen its last battle. Commander Morison ordered the crew to abandon ship. She along with the Chief Science Officer carried Captain Valdez to the nearest escape pod. As she entered, the computer confirmed all hands had abandoned ship and that the ship was moments away from breaking up. She entered the pod and immediately ordered the Science Officer to depart. They watched as the Borg launched one more torpedo, which was so precisely targeted that the Saucer Section ripped away from the stardrive as a series of explosions took place on either end.

Seeing the Pacific destroyed was difficult for all of its crew. As they powered up their thrusters and attempted to get away as quickly as possible, they had no idea what the future would hold. All of their belongings were destroyed. Their duty station was in two pieces. And it appeared as if the Borg Cube would defeat the Fleet and make its way to Earth. All they could do was wait.

After the USS Enterprise-D passed through the battle scene, and disabled the Borg Cube, Starfleet was able to rescue the survivors. Without a Starship to serve, and Starfleet entering a reconstruction era, there was a need for Commanding Officers. Patti Morrison was selected to Command the USS Avenger, a Saber Class Starship. This small, newly constructed vessel was highly maneuverable with powerful weaponry. As a result, the Avenger was assigned to the upper Romulan Border.

Starship Command

As a Commanding Officer, Captain Patti Morrison navigated the ship around the border. The patrols were often uneventful as the Romulan Star Empire and the Federation had hostile but ordinary. The Neutral Zone remained intact throughout their first mission, and afterwards, was assigned to the Breen Border. As part of Tactical Group 100, Starfleet Command assigned the Group to the border as a precautionary measure. The Federation has had limited contact with the Breen. If they decided to make a move into Starfleet territory, they would be there to stop them. The Admiral in-charge of the Tactical Group assigned ten ships to the border, and strategically placed the remaining twenty vessels within a half hour radius of the border. The USS Avenger was assigned to Altair to serve as their protector. Being on duty as the protector of a planet meant the crew could engage in shore leave whenever they desired. Altair was a strategically important system. As a federation protectorate, it was Starfleets responsibility to ensure its safety. As a result, the Avenger participated in upgrading the defenses of the Colony, monitoring civilian trade and enforcing Federation Law.

During one such situation, the Avenger received a distress call from a Federation Groumall Class cargo hauler. Upon arriving at the scene, the SS Highlander was under attack from Pirates. Immediately the Avenger engaged the enemy. Using a B'rel Klingon Bird of Prey as there flagship, which was retro fitted with more advanced defensive system. With their advancements, the Avenger was of equal power as the the Bird of Prey. They engaged in a fire fight, which resulted in the Bird of Prey withdrawing. After transporting over repair teams, Captain Patti Morrison ordered a pursuit course. They followed them to an old K-7 Starbase that had long been abandoned by Starfleet and the Federation. Coming into sensor range, the Captain Morrison ordered a full sensor sweep of the station. In combination with the B'rel class Bird of Prey, they also had a Raven Class vessel, and a Groumell Class vessel of their own. Scanning the Starbase revealed strong shields but limited weaponry. As they moved in closer, each ship disembarked in an attack formation. Their shields were powered up and their weapons charged.

Using her Tactical background, Captain Patti Morrison ordered a targeted attack on the Groummell Class vessel SS North Star. Targeting their propulsion and weapons system, the Freighter was quickly disabled. At the same time, the Bird of Prey and Raven Class opened fire on the Avenger. After re-focusing their attack on the Raven Class vessel, the Avenger was taking heavy damage. With their shields down to 50%, Captain Morrison ordered their retreat.

In regrouping with the USS Revenge (Nebula Class), USS Cassiopeia (Excelsior Refit Class) and a squadron of fighters, the USS Avenger returned to the K-7 station. This time, reinfrormentes arrived for the Pirates as well. In addition to the three vessels first encountered by the Avenger, there were four additional Orion vessels (three frigates and one battleship).

As the ranking officer in the conflict, Patricia Morrison coordinated the attack. The Fighters targeted the Orion vessels in combination with the USS Revenge. The USS Cassiopeia and the Avenger targeted the Pirates. Unlike the Orions, who fought to the death, the Pirates were disabled and arrested for their actions against the North Star. In the following tribunals, they would be linked to a number of thefts and attacks on Federation interests.

The USS Avenger was tasked with bringing the Pirates to their Tribunal at Starbase 101, located on Betazed. Their journey took five days, and during that time period, the Orion Syndicate was hot on their tail. They had participated in the attack of four Orion Vessels and the Syndicate was attempting to avenge their deaths. Halfway through their trip to Betazed, two Orion ships were tailing the Avenger. At warp 9.2, their highest cruising speed, the Avenger was maintaining their distance between the Orions. At this point, her Tactical training took over. She ordered the helm to drop out of work, and powered up their weapons. Patricia would never allow the Orion Syndicate to push her or Starfleet around. Once they dropped out of warp, she attempted hailing them; there was no response except phaser fire. They returned fire for about ten minutes before the Orions were disabled. In assessing the damage, the Avenger had been in two battles over the course of one week. This time, the damage was minimal and they continued on their course to Betazed.

While in orbit of Betazed, repairs were made to the USS Avenger. In delivering the Pirates to their tribunal, the Judge Advocate General assigned Captain Morrison to the case as the prosecutor. In using the evidence for the Avenger, and information from Starfleet Intelligence, Captain Morrison was able to achieve a conviction on all charges for all of the Pirates. At this point they were transitioned to a Penal Colony on Earth. Also coinciding with her successful tribunal case was the discovery of the Bajoran Wormhole. More and more vessels entered the Wormhole to explore the Gamma Quadrant, Starfleet identified the necessity to protect Federation interest.

At this time, the Chief of Starfleet Security summoned her to a holo conference. Heading into the Holodeck at 0700 hrs ship time, she was greeted by Captain Frederick Wright, the ranking officer in the Gamma Quadrant, the Deputy Chief of Starfleet Security, Rear Admiral Steve Toddman, Tactical Group 100 Commanding Officer, Commodore Albert Nottingham, and the Chief of Starfleet Security Vice Admiral Kestra Rolana. At the meeting, they went over the current situation in the Gamma Quadrant. This was somewhat puzzling to Patti Morrison as she was no expert on the Gamma Quadrant. All became clear at the conclusion of the meeting.

The Chief of Starfleet Security announced the creation of Tactical Group 192 in the Gamma Quadrant. To start, it would be made up of ten starships, but within the next year that number would triple. At this point, he announced that the USS Avenger would be transferred from Tactical Group 100 to Tactical Group 192. He also announced that with this transfer, Starfleet Command had assigned Captain Wright would be Tactical Group 192 Commanding Officer and Captain Morrison would be his Assistant Deputy Director of Starfleet Security, specializing in the Gamma Quadrant. He then promoted both of them to the rank of Commodore. For the purposes of Starfleet, Commodore Morrison would be the ranking officer, whereas Captain Wright would command all vessels in the Tactical Group.


Upon the request of Vice Admiral Kestra Rolana, Commodore Patricia Morrison maintained her flag aboard the USS Avenger. She was a great ship, small but great. In the Gamma Quadrant, there were various unknowns that lurked around every corner. With the creation of the Bajoran Colony on New Bajor, Tactical Group 192 would be required to keep it safe. There were countless vessels from various intergalactic nations. This area of space would be lawless and anywhere that the Federation had an interest would require Starfleet to enforce their rules and principles.

The USS Avenger was assigned to patrol the area around the Wormhole, their first mission was to create and deploy a series of relay stations so that the Colony on New Bajor and other Starfleet interests could communicate with the Alpha Quadrant. Starting at the Warmhole and working their out in a series of ten relay stations so that they could have the highest efficiency in communication and space covered.

Even with a number of potential blueprints given to them by Starfleet Command before entering the Wormhole, they were unable to successfully create a relay station that could penetrate the wormhole. As a result, Commodore Morrison ordered the crew to create an interconnected network of relay stations so that when Starfleet was able to create one at the mouth of the wormhole, they would be able to communicate with the general vicinity. Using their replicators they were able to create the required ten, and deployed in the appropriate order. Once the Relay Stations were in place, Commodore Morrison ordered them brought online. In doing so, the relay stations connected all of the ships in the Quadrant. Just as the system came online, Commodore Frederick Wright raised the Avenger. Brought on screen immediately. Commodore Wright looked frightened and the bridge around him seemed to be exploding. “Commodore Morrison ….. enemy fire ….. the ship is breaking up ….. ship.” The screen went blank. Commodore Morrison ordered the Avenger, and the two other remaining Starfleet vessels in the area to rendezvous at the last known coordinate of the USS Archer. Arriving at the scene two hours later, a cloud of debre was all that was left of the Miranda Class vessel. No survivors could be found. Immediately they scanned for warp and weapons signatures, but nothing could be found. The anger inside of Commodore Morrison grew. The loss of 220 crew members, including close friends, was not something she was used to. The Cardassian War was long behind her, and she did not want to relive it. She ordered the USS Commandment and the USS Lexington to begin searching for the perpetrators. The Avenger then transmitted orders to the remaining four ships to rendezvous at New Bajor to provide security for the planet. In taking command of the Tactical Group, Commodore Morrison needed to maintain the security of the area. The Commandmant and the Lexington were both Excelsior class vessels; they were well equipped to handle anything that came their way. But being in close proximity to the scene, Commodore Morrison ordered the Avenger to join in the search.

After four days of searching, their mission was a failure. The unknown warp and weapons signatures made their search difficult. In the end they came in to contact with Federaion Freighters. Nothing that could take on the USS Archer. It now became her duty to report these deaths to Starfleet Command. As the acting Commander of Tactical Group 192 and the Assistant Deputy Chief of Starfleet Security for the Quadrant, she needed to transfer command of Group to the ranking officer. That responsibility fell to Captain Elizabeth Markey, the Commanding Officer of the USS Commandment. As Commodore Morrison headed for the Wormhole, she transmitted an order for the Tactical Group to maintain their defensive position and continue to protect Federation interests.

The Wormhole was just one day away from the Avenger’s position. Cruising at Warp Speed, Commodore Morrison reflected on the events of the week. The Gamma Quadrant was a massive unknown, and there were threats behind every planet, nebula, special distortion, etc. If this was to be a successful area for Federation expansion, there would need to be a much larger Starfleet presence. On entering the Wormhole, the Avenger travelled the thousands of lights that split the Alpha and Gamma Quadrant. Upon exiting the Wormhole, Deep Space Nine came into view. Ordering the Avenger to dock at the Station, Commodore Morrison was greeted by Captain Benjamin Sisko and Major Kira Nerys.

Being on the station provided the crew of the Avenger with a new sense of protection. Their station was outfitted with weapons that the Avenger could never dream of possessing. In restocking aboard Deep Space Nine, Commodore Morrison was able to communicate with command. She submitted her report on the destruction of the USS Archer and requested orders on how to proceed. In response, Vice Admiral Kestra Rolana ordered two Starfleet vessels to the Gamma Quadrant. Rear Admiral Steve Toddman would be taking his flagship, the USS Shadow, to the Gamma Quadrant to take command of the Tactical Group and serve as the Quadrant’s ranking Starfleet Officer. Commodore Morrison and the Avenger were ordered to Sector 001.

Leaving the Frontier for the inner Federation presented a great new opportunity. Instead of discovering the unknown, they would now be responsible for the security of the inner Federation. Maybe Commodore Morrison would be able to continue her career advancement. Entering standard orbit around Earth, Commodore Morrison beamed down to Starfleet Headquarters. She was greeted by the Chief of Starfleet Security who walked with her through HQ, talking about the Gamma Quadrant and ultimately what happened to the USS Archer.

Upon reaching Starfleet Security, Vice Admiral Kestra Rolana led Commodore Morrison to her office. Upon her arrival, they continued their discussion of the Gamma Quadrant. They went over various fleet deployments. Then the topic of Rear Admiral Toddman came up. The Chief of Starfleet Security had one Deputy for each Quadrant with Federation Interests. As it turns out, the Federation viewed the Gamma Quadrant as a high priority. Deputy Chief Toddman was the most experienced officer at Starfleet Security and having him in the Gamma Quadrant would provide the area with stability. The topic then turned to Commodore Morrison’s career. She’d shown great leadership in the Gamma Quadrant which showed Starfleet Command that she had what it took to join them. Admiral Rolana promoted Commodore Morrison to the rank of Rear Admiral and to the position of Deputy Chief of Starfleet Security.

As the new Deputy Chief of Starfleet Security, Rear Admiral Morrison was forced to relinquish command of the USS Avenger. She was succeeded by her First Officer, now Captain Belle Sandberg. For the past three years, the two women had become part of a dynamic duo. Now that she was in a desk job, whenever she needed passage on a vessel, the Avenger would be there to serve as her escort. Using her position as the Deputy Chief of Starfleet Security, she was able to attach the Avenger to the Sol System. After discussions with the Academy Commandant, the Avenger was assigned to Starfleet Academy where it would serve as a training vessel. This continues to reinforce the principles set forward by the Morrison/Sandberg team: developing junior officers to become great senior officers.

As fate would write, the Federation would make First Contact with the Dominion in 2370. As part of Starfleet Security, the Dominion threat presented an almost insurmountable foe that could completely destroy the Federation. The shear magnitude of their strength was chilling. Furthermore, the discovery of the Dominion would account for the destruction of the USS Archer. Their weapons signature was a perfect match to those in the Archer's debre field. And whats more, they had an unsatisfiable thirst for expansion. That meant the Alpha Quadrant. Their destruction of the USS Odyssey, which was one of the strongest vessels in the fleet.

The discovery of the Dominion sent shockwaves through the Quadrant. Close allies become bitter enemies. The Dominion made a swift offensive to rid the Gamma Quadrant of all things that could possible come from the Alpha Quadrant. Starfleet withdrew all of its interests from the Gamma Quadrant, including Tactical Group 192. They were no match for the Dominion. As the Alpha Quadrant prepared for an incursion from the Dominion, every intergalactic nation became isolationist.

In 2371, with the overthrow of Central Command on Cardassia Prime in favor of the Detapa Council, the Klingon Empire was certain the Dominion had intervened on their behalf. Shapeshifters must have helped them accomplish such a feat, and the Klingon Empire made it their mission to stop them. As word of their invasion spread through the quadrant, the Federation Council made clear that it could not support such an incursion, ending the long peace that the Federation and Klingon Empire enjoyed.

With their attack on Deep Space Nine, the Federation and the Klingon Empire would be enemies of the foreseeable future. Being in a State of War, Starfleet Command required experienced Commanders to lead their Starships into battle. After five years with Starfleet Security, the Chief of Starfleet Operations, with the approval of the Commander in Chief, transferred Rear Admiral Patricia Morrison to Tactical Group 192 as their Commanding Officer and promoted her to the rank of Vice Admiral.