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P.A.D.D. is acronym standing for Personal, Access, Display, Device. This handled device allows a member of the crew to access and control data away from a computer terminal. There are three different P.A.D.D. variants in the Star Fleet inventory at this time. The first one is 10.16 by 15.24 by 0.95 centimeters. The second one is 20.32 by 25.41 by 0.95 centimeters. The third one is 22.86 by 30.48 by 1.27 centimeters.

All padds consists of a micromilled duranium outer casing that incorporates a display screen that is manufactured in the same fashion as the control surfaces and display screens utilized on Star Fleet ships and other such instillation. The outer casing also incorporates electro sensitive controls that serve functions that can be determined by the use as needed or used to control data transmission to and from the padd which is the default settings for these controls.

The padds are powered by sarium-krellide power cells that allow for up to sixteen hours of continuous use before the power cells require recharge. Under normal operations the power cells can be charged by use an induction loop but they can also be changed out if the cells become damaged.

The isolinear circuit board used in the padds provides data storage up to 4.3 kiloquads along with control functions for the display screen, STA, and control surfaces. The circuit board is bonded to the inner surfaces of the outer casing and the overall design of the padd provides damage resistance to the point of allowing the padd to remain functional if dropped from a height up to thirty-five meters.

Each padd is equipped with a Subspace Transceiver Assembly that keeps the padd contacted to the main computer core and allows for data transmission speeds greater than the short-range RF up-links used by some Star Fleet equipment. The STA incorporates a low powered subspace field emitter that is the primary link to the computer systems.

while the padd is designed primarily for use on a star base or star ship they can be used away on away missions where they provide data connection to the ship in orbit and provides transporter lock on function similar to the comm badge. For security reasons the data is encrypted during transmission between the away team and orbiting ship.