Outpost 93

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Outpost 93
Star System:

Tarod System


Tarod IX


Sector 30


Beta Quadrant

Technical Details



Intelligence Installation


Regula I




June 18, 2387


Major Noah Specter


Outpost 93 is a Regula class station in the orbit of the ninth planet in the Tarod System. Located in a strategically significant position along the Neutral Zone, the Outpost functions as a minor base of Starfleet operations in Sector 30. In 2387 the Outpost was internally requisitioned by Starfleet Intelligence to serve as the operational headquarters for Operation Janus, Starfleet Intelligence’s response to the emerging threats from the Romulan Star Empire in the wake of the ma:Hobus Incident.

Ostensibly a scientific facility the Regula class station is well suited to supporting clandestine operations owing not merely to its political obscurity and tactical insignificance. It's highly adaptable space frame, extensive sensors, and advanced computer systems allowed her to enter service immediately upon reactivation. The outpost is supported by the Defiant class USS Orpheus NCC-87312, the designated utility vessel for Operation Janus.

Prior to its requisition by Starfleet Intelligence, the outpost had been unoccupied, abandoned by Starfleet Command in early 2386 having sustained extensive internal and external damage as a result of sabotage and a pirate attack. As of early 2387 the outpost is functional but remains in a state of disrepair, limited repair efforts are underway. The present station is the second Starfleet facility to be located in the Tarod System, its predecessor was destroyed during a Borg incursion in 2364.

Auxiliary Vessels

  • USS Orpheus NCC-87312, Defiant class starship (Destroyed in 2387)
  • USS Lauter NCC-88476, Danube class runabout
  • USS Vologne NCC-88477, Arrow class runabout

Command History

  • Captain Brianna Avery (2386)
  • Lieutenant Commander Holden Pierce (Acting, 2386)
  • Commander Ryan Rose (2387 - 2387)
  • Major Noah Specter (2387 - present)