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CARDicon.pngThis article is official Task Force 72 canon.

The Order of 12 (or Oo12 for short) is a faction of Cardassian militant’s hell bent on destabilizing the Gavarian Corridor and ending the Federation presence in the region. Neither the Federation, the Romulans nor the Cardassians themselves are safe from this dangerous clandestine unit that does not discriminate in its targets. Though the Order of 12 was curbed by the Gavarian Armistice Agreement, its influence lead to both the Cardassian-Romulan War and the Cardassian Advance of 2388. The Order did inspire a surge of patriotism throughout the Union; however, it was forcibly dissolved as the Union returned to full strength.

First Strike

Attack on Starfleet’s Patriots

The first and most high profile action these rebels are thought to be responsible for came in early 2386 when a civilian freighter, part of a convoy destined for Deep Space 10, was hijacked and callously piloted on a collision course with the USS Patriot. The attack was designed to prevent Starfleet from taking ownership of Empok Nor and to make the Federation think twice about their presence in the region.

The attack resulted in the deaths of nearly a hundred Starfleet crewmen, among them Admiral Garen Tal, the man who had been installed as commander of Task Force 47 only days earlier.

All Starfleet forces in the Corridor were informed of the threat to Federation interests by the new commanding officer of Task Force 47, Rear Admiral Thalek th'Zorati.

Destruction of Kepler

Throughout 2386, the Starfleet presence in the Gavarian region continued to grow despite the threat posed by the Order of 12 and by the Cardassian and Romulan militaries themselves. Kepler Station was a key location for Starfleet forces in the area at this time, or it was up until its destruction towards the end of the year. Starfleet Intelligence discovered evidence that suggested the station had been destroyed by an explosive device and evidence pointed towards the Order of 12. This evidence has yet to be corroborated, but Starfleet Intelligence believes it to be true.

Strategic Isolation

Since the destruction of Kepler Station, the Order of 12 have largely disappeared, but the recent sharing of intelligence between Starfleet and the Cardassian's suggests they have been regrouping and they have claimed responsibility for recent attacks on Cardassian worlds. They have used the upcoming Armistice talks as justification for their attacks and have claimed that they will renew their attacks on the Gavarian Corridor should the talks go ahead.


Though their intentions were clear, at the signing of the Armistice, the Order fulfill its threats. Instead, the Oo12 focused its intentions inward. Rather than conduct terrorism, they inspired patriotism within the Union. This patriotism spread like wildfire. Months after the Armistice had been signed, a new Union emerged, one bent on dominiation and expansion. This Union declared war on the Romulans and reclaimed territory from the Breen.


Based on the limited intelligence received from operations in the Gavarian Frontier, the Order of 12 is believed to be made up of Cardassians from across twelve of the Cardassian Military Orders, making them a very real threat to the peace process. The number of people who have pledged allegiance to the Oo12 is unknown and such information is so scarce, Starfleet Intelligence cannot even provide an estimate. Their presence is still being felt in the Corridor as Cardassia continues to put pressure on the Romulan Empire. Starfleet Intelligence is reported to have even considered sending out several different operatives to try and infiltrate the unit.

Current Status

Unofficially, the Order has not been heard from in nearly a year. Some intelligence suggests that the Order was forcibly dissolved for its failures in the Gavarian Corridor. Others believe that the Order has gone dark, waiting for the right opportunity to reveal themselves again.