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The Oolanari (ooh-luh-nar'-ee, singl. Oolanar) are one of the five conquered races who became members within the C'hakilian Empire


The Oolanari were a people content to stay within their own home system. At the same time, they greatly expanded their knowledge of warp field mechanics. A slow, but steady, C’hakilian military expansion caused the first contact between the Oolanari and C’hakilians. Threatened by the overwhelming C’hakilian forces, the Oolanari bowed to the C’hakilians as servants. Integration of Oolanar warp engines into the C’hakilian armada caused a rapid period of expansion for the C’hakilian Empire.

Physical, Mental, and Social Attributes

The Oolanari are a race of short, hairless individuals. Oolanari have a dark pigmentation to their skin. Skin pigmentation and hairlessness are an evolutionary effect caused by their homeworld’s blazing suns.

Like Vulcans, Oolanari are logical and stoic almost to a fault. However, they do not shun all emotion as Vulcans do. Oddly enough, Oolanari have strange speech patterns: an Oolanar will always speak to a superior using passive voice. In fact, the only time an Oolanar may speak in active voice is when he/she is a recognized individual of high regard and is the most prominent figure in the room/area. Oolanari never use active voice in from of their C’hakilian masters.

Intriguing Anatomy

The most interesting and perplexing attributes of the Oolanari are the third lung and seven-chambered heart. These likely evolved as a way to release heat from the body more effectively. It is believed that the third lung and three of the heart chambers supply only the head and all organs therein with blood. This added head dispersion efficiently eventually resulted in the quick intellectual development of the species.


The original Oolanar name for their homeworld is not known. However, it is known that the C’hakilians call the world Le’khanjĕ, meaning “Enlightened.” This likely refers to the superb warp technology the species had invented by the time the C’hakilians came. The technology is far superior to Federation warp technology.


Another possible reason the Oolanari homeworld was called Le’khanjĕ may be due to the peacefulness of the Oolanar culture. The Oolanari are staunch pacifists, and military strategy is nearly nonexistent. While their scientific expertise may be of great use in war campaigns, Oolanari scientists and engineers focus on improving a ship’s defence capabilities as their contribution to the C’hakilian war effort.