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Omega Antares IV
Grid C8, Alpha Quadrant
Colony Information
Star System:

Omega Antares System


Omega Antares IV / Class M



Political Information

United Federation of Planets



Capital City:

New Janir

Other Information

Discovered by USS Impala


Omega Antares Colony (Omega Antares IV), a small class M world roughly the size of Sol IV (Mars), was the first Federation colony established in the sector by the same name, and the only one for over a hundred light years distance in all directions. Located several dozen light years ‘southwest’ of the Beta Antares Fleet Yards the colony was supposed to be a stepping stone for Starfleet development of the area. Originally established in 2370 the colony was mostly populated by a mix of Federation cultures, although it was obvious that the majority was held by the human colonists like many other Federation colonies.

Omega Antares Sector

Starfleet's expansion in to the Omega Antares Sector is the first major attempt to expand the Federation's influence in many years, with the memories of the Dominion War begining to fade in to the background of the Federation's collective psyche the fleet has once again returned to its scientific roots. What began with a few short range stellar mapping expeditions has grown over the past few years was launched rapidly in to a push for Starfleet to assist in the colonisation of an area of space 150 lightyears south east of Gamma Tauri where Omega Antares Colony was established.

Thus the proposal for Deep Space 13 was born, spear headed by Vice Admiral Viran the proposal called for the creation of a station a few light years away from the colony to provide defense and support of Federation interests in the Omega Antares sector. It took less than 6 months for Viran to secure the proposals acceptance; a mere blink of an eye compared to the hoops some proposals are forced to go through before Starfleet Command signs off on them. Almost imediately Viran, his flagship USS Saratoga and the USS Minsk were dispatched to begin construction of Deep Space 13 whilst the USS Hathaway. The biggest proponant of Viran's proposal turned out to be Starfleet Science who were interested in the platform Deep Space 13 would provide for thier plans for research and exploration in the area, thier support was shown during construction as they routinely filled the gap for Viran's project when it ran low on resources a Starfleet Science vessel was always dispatched to bring the project whatever it needed.

During construction the Federation encountered the Ratarian Republic for the first time when an Oberth Class science vessel sent out distress call in what became to be known as Ratarian space. A Ratarian cruiser informed the ship it should leave Ratarian space or be destroyed. At the time Starfleet Intelligence categorised the Ratarian's as a low priority threat.

Deep Space 13 was declared operational a touch under 2 years after construction began, with the completion of the station Starfleet assigned 3 more vessels to the area each dedicated science vessels leaving USS Hathaway the only capital ship in the area. It didn't take long for Deep Space 13's tasking to change, the station itsself brough several undesirable factions in to the area all seeing Deep Space 13 as a platform to push thier own agendas. Like aboard Deep Space 9 Starfleet couldn't turn these people away without proof of wrong doing firstly for moral reasons and secondly because the station desperately needed thier trade. Information became the most important comodity in the Omega Antares Sector and Starfleet quickly found itself unable to get all of the information it required.

Over the next two years Starfleet's efforts to map and expand within the Omega Antares Sector grew until the Federation encountered the Ratarian Republic once again, this time there was a standoff between USS Hathaway and 3 Ratarian cruisers who had laid claim to an area of space the Hathaway was mapping. Both parties left the incident with bloodied noses, Captain Pierce's report caused Starfleet Command to re-assess the views on the Ratarians and the Omega Antares Sector.

As Starfleet Command worked on making its decision about what to do with that area tensions between the Ratarians and Starfleet in the area grew, finally three months later Starfleet cut orders for the newly promoted Bravo Fleet Executive Officer Admiral Taylor to take overall command of the Omega Antares Sector. Taylor's flagship USS Ronald Reagan along with 5 other ships including USS Cerberus made their way down to Deep Space 13 to take up thier assigned stations. Despite Starfleet's orders Taylor chose to leave Vice Admiral Viran in charge of the sector, prefering instead to simply act as the figure head for Starfleet's benefit.

Omega Antares IV

The Omega Antares colony quickly grew in size was soon able to sustain itself without outside supply lines. The shipments soon came to a dwindling halt when the Dominion War broke out and the colony was only able to really keep in contact with the Federation Council and Starfleet Command through long-range sub space communications via communications markers left on the path from Federation space to the planet. During this time, though, many of the Bajoran people were able to take refuge in this far-away home to escape Cardassian raids of the Bajoran Sector. So much so that by the conclusion of the war they ended up being the dominant species. When the call for a new deep space station was made by Starfleet Admiral Viran, he soon put his favoritism towards the Omega Antares Colony. However, the civilian government of the planet protested. He was, however, still determined to settle for somewhere in that area. Choosing a location 14 light-years from the colony, construction on Deep Space 13 soon begun after very little resistance from Starfleet Command for the proposal.

With a new Starfleet presence in the area they soon attracted the ‘wrong’ type of people to the area. Omega Antares already had two largely populated cities, and both soon found themselves quickly populated by pirates, entrepreneurs, hustlers and thugs. For much of the early life of Deep Space 13 the ships were supplied directly by the colony; an ironic twist on the usual flow of things. The colony has a moderately armed defense satellite network in place with a makeup of eight different defense platforms in elliptical orbit. The defense grid was installed by the crew of the USS Hathaway upon the order of Starfleet Command and the Federation Council under the direct oversight of the Hathaway’s captain, Captain Nathan Pierce.

Currently, Omega Antares is still the only colony in the area, and thus far no more are planned. It’s population, which is currently at a general stand still more or less with people coming and going, is made up of several different Alpha and Beta Quadrant species with Bajorans still dominating the population. An example of other species include Humans, Vulcans, and now with the coordinated effort in the area some Romulan's have settled on the colony. However, most of these Romulan's are military officers from their ships in the area.

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