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Olympus Base

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"Do not go gentle into that good night..." ~Dylan Thomas

Olympus Base is a former Romulan installation on Aquorat IV in the Gavarian Corridor now under Federation control.


In April 2387, the Hobus star went hypernova, destroying Romulus and a core region within the Empire, sending the Romulan Star Empire into chaos. The destabilization of the Romulan government led to the Federation taking a stronger stand in Gavarian Corridor. Newly established bases along the Corridor serve as refuges for merchant traffic, provide security and support movement toward the frontier.

Olympus Base is a planetary Outpost on the watery Aquorat IV, deep within the treacherous Gavarian Corridor. Once a Romulan nature preserve, a joint operations colony was built in a small atoll atop an extinct volcanic caldera. As a part of territory ceded to the Federation by the Romulans, Olympus Base served as a new hub of transit, trade, and operations for the Federation on a pristine and beautiful world until 2388.

In 2388, at the outbreak of hostilities between the Cardassians and the Romulans, the Romulan government authorized a military blockade of Aquorat and ordered Starfleet to evacuate Olympus Base and hand control over to the Romulan vessels blockading the planet. The USS Venture arrived under orders from Rear Admiral James Ryan and proceeded to evacuate all Starfleet personnel from the base before handing over control of the facility back to the Romulans. A year later, following the creation of the Gavarian Exploration Agreement, the base was again returned to Federation control.

Current Status

Olympus Base serves as the primary hub for Federation diplomacy in the region, a research and training facility for marine scientists, and had been due to expand to be a major posting for almost 16,000 Starfleet personnel. The Base is also strategically placed near the Cardassian border and within reach of Klingon territory, offering a new chance at diffusing regional tensions through diplomacy. The Federation had high hopes that Olympus Base would help expand the Federation’s reach in the Gavarian Corridor, expand scientific knowledge, and lessen regional tension, all while becoming one of the most desired new postings in Starfleet.

The base serves many other functions for the Federation above those publicly disclosed. As a major regional facility intended to host a substantial number of personnel, Olympus Base provides a unique capability for the logistics, command, and running of Starfleet Intelligence clandestine assets, and covert operations projects in support of the security of the Federation. The resources available on the Base can support missions of varying size and complexity under the useful cover of a busy and bustling Base. Specific details of any additional missions for Olympus Base other than peaceful diplomacy and regional security would be held within the strictest controls available. Given the political sensitivity of the region, the presence of any Starfleet Intelligence personnel or special operators at Olympus Base will be repeatedly denied by station personnel. The exposure of any mission in the region would greatly jeopardize the Federation’s hold in the sector.

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