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|shields=[[Regenerative Shielding System]]
|shields=[[Regenerative Shielding System]]
}}= Class Description =
}}= Class Description =
[[Image:4695-08-581830.jpg|left|thumb|Olympic Class Aft View]]
[[Image:4695-08-581830.jpg|left|thumb|Olympic Class Aft View]]
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=Active Simulations=
* [ List of all Active {{PAGENAME}} Sims on the Bravo Fleet Website]
{{Federation specs}}{{Federation Shuttle Craft}}{{Federation Fighters and Runabouts}}
{{Federation specs}}{{Federation Shuttle Craft}}{{Federation Fighters and Runabouts}}
[[Category:Federation_starship_classes]] [[Category:Active Classes]]
[[Category:Federation_starship_classes]] [[Category:Active Classes]]

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Federation Faction


Class Information
Role: Medical Ship


Date Entered Service:


Fourth Fleet Ships in Service:

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Ship's Complement
Crew Complement:


Overall Dimensions


Warp Performance
Cruising Speed:

Warp 7

Energy Weapons:

2x Type-IX Phaser Arrays


Regenerative Shielding System

Auxiliary Craft

Class Description

Olympic Class Aft View

After the Galaxy Class and Nebula Class projects had successfully completed the test phases of their respective design programs, Starfleet Medical came to the conclusion that the fleet lacked more specialized craft to respond to the large scale medical emergencies. The missions of both the Galaxy and Nebula would leave them exploring the frontier regions and unavailable for these sort of emergency situations as well. A design brief was issued for a craft that would duplicate the medical facilities of the Galaxy class vessels in a smaller, more mission specific platform, but also expand those level of facilities across the entire spaceframe. Designated the Olympic class, the ship would be able to deploy large scale medical services to respond to medical emergencies on site.

The hospital ship was intended to be produced in limited quantities given it's specialized role, but even during it's initial design phase it was discovered that the engineers had vastly underestimated the possible capabilities of the craft. As such, it was decided to incorporate starbase-level medical facilities on board the ship. This change would eliminate the need to transfer more critical patients back to starbases, and allow the ship to adequately serve as a mobile medical facilities to treat large scale planetary disease outbreaks or other disasters. This expansion of capabilities added more utility and efficiency to the design then simply having better facilities as the lost transit time between the site of medical missions and starbases would compound the effectiveness of the platform.

The USS Olympic made her maiden voyage in 2364 and was officially commissioned in 2365. Over the next five years nearly thirty more of the Olympic class vessels were commissioned; most examples were deployed to strategic locations such as outposts and starbases all over the Federation. Most of these vessels were maintained "on call" at these outposts in order to respond to emergency situations, but several were assigned to general duty throughout the Federation included often being sent on humanitarian missions. Since the classes initial deployment there have been few losses, and those craft that have been lost are quickly replaced as needed. In any corner of the Federation where large scale natural disasters or pandemic disease outbreaks can be found, so too can an Olympic class vessel.

Ship Specifications

Basic Information
  • Role: Medical Ship
  • Dimensions: 266.5 meters (L) x 84.5 meters (W) x 103.1 meters (H)
  • Decks: 31
  • Expected Duration: 80 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 6 years
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 10 years
Crew Complement
  • Total Crew: 475
    • 50 regular crew + 120 Medical Officers
    • 125 regular crew + 280 Medical Enlisted

  • Emergency Capacity: 450 patients
  • Thrusters: RCS Thrusters
  • Sublight Speed: 0.25c
  • Warp Speed
    • Cruising Speed: Warp 7
    • Maximum Warp: Warp 9
    • Emergency Warp: Warp 9.6 (for 12 hours)
  • Slipstream Capable?: No
Offensive Systems

ENERGY WEAPONS 2x Type-IX Phaser Arrays

Defensive Systems
Primary Systems
  • Computer Systems:

Isolinear computer systems

  • Transporters:
  • Four six-person transporters
  • Three mass evacuation transporters
    • Transporter Range: 45,000 Kilometers
  • Sensor Range: 20 lightyears
  • Communications Range: 20 lightyears
Auxiliary Craft



  • Shuttles: 4
  • Runabouts: 4
Other Notes


Deck Listing

Deck Details/Specifications of Deck
Deck 1
  • Bridge
  • Captain’s ready room
  • Sub-space antenna
  • Dorsal sensor dome
Deck 2
  • Executive officer’s office
  • Main conference lounge
  • COB’s office
Deck 3
  • Senior officers quarters
Deck 4
  • Crew quarters
  • Dorsal phaser array
  • phaser maintenance
Deck 5
  • Officers quarters
  • VIP quarters
  • VIP offices
  • VIP conference lounge
Deck 6
  • Officers quarters
  • Senor enlisted quarters
  • Impulse engine high bay
  • Transporter rooms 1 and 2
Deck 7
  • Crew quarters,
  • Transporter rooms 3 and 4
  • Impulse engine main level
  • Emergency generators 1 and 2
  • Primary hull shield generators
Deck 8
  • Crew quarters
  • Cargo bay 1 high bay
  • Chief science officer’s office
  • Chief science officer’s lab
Deck 9
  • Crew quarters
  • Cargo bay 1 main level
  • Primary science labs
  • Holo-decks 1 and 2
  • Main computer core maintenance and monitoring room
  • Main computer core upper level
Deck 10
  • Crew quarters
  • Main sick bay
  • Main operating rooms
  • Chief medical officer’s office
  • Chief medical officer’s lab
  • Mess hall
  • Main computer core mid-level (upper section)
Deck 11
  • Crew quarters
  • Primary medical labs
  • Holo-decks 3 and 4
  • Main computer core mid-level (lower section)
  • Primary hull environmental systems
Deck 12
  • Crew quarters
  • Chief tactical/security officer’s office
  • Brig
  • Main armory
  • Phaser range
  • Main computer core lower level
  • Deuterium storage high bay
  • Matter injector
Deck 13
  • Crew quarters
  • Forward lounge
  • Shuttle bay control room
  • Deuterium storage main level
  • Shuttle bay tractor emitter
Deck 14
  • Crew quarters
  • Gym
  • Medical isolation wards 1 and 2
  • Cargo bays 1, 2, and 3 high bays
  • Shuttle bay high bay
Deck 15
  • Crew quarters,
  • Long term care wards 1 and 2
  • Transporter rooms 5 and 6 (mass evacuation transporters)
  • Cargo bays 2 and 3 high bays
  • Shuttle bay main level
  • cargo bays 1,2, and 3 main level
Deck 16
  • Crew quarters
  • Pediatric wards 1 and 2
  • School rooms 1,2,3, and 4
  • Medical storage bay 1
  • Shuttle craft storage
  • Docking ports 1 (port side) and 2 (starboard side)
Deck 17
  • Crew quarters
  • Medical research labs
  • Shuttle maintenance shops
  • Over flow operating rooms
  • Probe launcher
  • Probe storage and maintenance
Deck 18
  • Crew quarters
  • Primary triage center
  • Critical care wards 1 and 2
  • Primary hull shield generators
Deck 19
  • Crew quarters
  • Secondary science labs
  • Secondary medical labs
  • Primary hull environmental systems
Deck 20
  • Main engineering upper level
  • Transporter room 7 (mass evacuation transporter)
  • Arboretum high bay
  • Secondary computer core maintenance and monitoring room
  • Secondary computer core upper level
  • Ventral phaser maintenance
  • Ventral phaser array
Deck 21
  • Main engineering lower level
  • Chief engineer’s office
  • Primary engineering labs
  • Arboretum main level
  • Secondary computer core mid-level
Deck 22
  • Secondary triage center
  • Secondary computer core lower level
Deck 23
  • Secondary engineering labs
  • Secondary armory
  • Critical care wards 3 and 4
Deck 24
  • Engineering parts storage
  • Engineering machine shops
  • Engineering section environmental systems
Deck 25
  • Industrial replicator shop
  • Turbo lift repair shop
  • Engineering Shield generators
Deck 26
  • Medical isolation wards 3 and 4
  • Medical storage bay 2
Deck 27
  • Replicator systems inorganic materials storage
Deck 28
  • Replicator systems organic materials storage
  • Emergency generators 3 and 4
Deck 29
  • Morgue
  • Cold storage bays
Deck 30
  • Anti-matter pod storage
  • Anti-matter generator
  • Anti-matter injector
Deck 31
  • Anti-matter pod ejection hatch
  • Warp core ejection hatch
  • Main tractor beam emitter

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