Olbari system

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Federation Faction

Olbari System
Grid D2, Alpha Quadrant

Alcor Sector


Alpha Quadrant


United Federation of Planets

Survey Data

Seven Planets

Notable Points of Interest:

Olbari II

Discovery Date:

United Federation of Planets, 2342


The Olbari system is a star system located in the Alcor Sector, in the Alpha Quadrant. It’s a seven planet system with the second planet being M class and the third being L class, the only two natural hospitable planets.


A Bajoran colony was set up on Olbari II in 2373 and has developed with a population of roughly a hundred thousand people. A high amount of dilithium was found on the third planet, as such the Starfleet Corps of Engineers setup a mining facility there. Prior to 2386, Starfleet had considered moving Starbase 378 to the system to increase protection for the dilithium deposits as well as giving the base a system to be protected from. However plans for the move had been abandoned. In 2386, the destruction of the Amorgia sun caused Olbari II to be knocked slightly off its original orbit, causing it to become closer to the sun by a few thousand kilometres. This resulted in a massive change in the planet's climate. Eventually Starfleet had to evacuate and abandon the colony before a harsh frozen age covered the world. The USS Triton led the evacuation procedures and attempted to move the planet back to original orbit with some success. The colonists were all relocated however, with some deciding to live on Olbari III in new homes built by Starfleet while others decided to return to Bajor.