Olbari II

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Olbari II
Grid D2, Alpha Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Olbari system


Alcor Sector


Alpha Quadrant


Class M



Discovery Date:


Discovered By:

United Federation of Planets

Political Information

United Federation of Planets



Capital City:



Olbai II is a Federation colony in the Olbari system. It is one of many Federation colonies in the Alcor Sector and sits on border of this sector and the Bajoran Sector. The planet is as big as Earth and boasts a rich terrain covered by considerable eco-systems, Olbari II is inhabited by a wide array of animal life too. The Bajoran colonists have developed the world in becoming a thriving colony and it became an official Federation colony when Bajor joined the Federation in 2376. The colony (and the rest of the system) is led by Governor Marstar Petrisha.

General Overview

Olbari II is a small but thriving colony with settlements of all sizes across the planet. The capital city, which is also the largest settlement, is called Ha’Kejal which roughly translates from Bajoran to home of freedom.


The planet had been chartered by the Federation in the early 2340s and was deemed appropriate for colonising. However a large group of Bajoran refugees had fled from Bajor and had requested protection and an asylum within the Federation. The Federation had agreed to the Bajorans and granted them permission to settle on Olbari II. The refugee camps setup there were monitored regularly by Starfleet and soon the Bajorans sought Starfleet’s help in developing their world. The first proper settlement was established with various buildings being built from homes, to a hospital to a school to shops. This settlement would later be the foundations of the colony’s capital city. During this time Starfleet had discovered the large deposits on the planet’s sister planet (Olbari III) and soon a small task group was assigned to the system in developing the colony as well as installing a mining system to get to the dilithium. By 2373 the colony was formally established, and with permission from the Federation, the Bajoran government began to send more construction efforts in developing the planet.

By 2386 the planet was inhabited by over one hundred thousand Bajorans. Unfortunately the colony had to be abandon after the planet itself was affected by the collapse of the Amorgia star. The destruction of the star had caused gravitational shockwaves and had pushed Olbari II several thousand kilometres closer to the Olbari sun. This caused a massive climate change to the planet and the colony was forced to evacuate. The USS Triton arrived in time with help. Triton was responsible in construction emergency shelters on Olbari III to help in the evacuation of its sister planet on Olbari II. At the beginning of this mission the crew and ship were pushed to their limits to help the Olbari II colonists survive the climate changes that they were experiencing and to deal with leaving their homes behind them. As the crew continued with their efforts to save the population they soon discovered a virus was spreading through the colonists. Racing against the clock, the medical staff worked hard to find the cure to save the population. With the colonists saved and setup in their new temporary homes, Triton remained in the system for several more weeks to ensure the colony’s new homes were safe and secure.



By 2386 Ha’Kejal was a thriving capital city. The city sat on either side of a large river that ran through the main continent. There were buildings of all types built up around the city including the main temple of worship. The capital was also home to the Governor's mansion which sat in a big park which had lush green grass and tall trees standing around it.

Political System

The Olbari political system works on common Federation laws of a colonial democracy. The executive branch of the government is led by a Governor and their Lieutenant Governor with a cabinet of secretaries of states for various areas of running the system. The Governor is also deemed the Commander-in-Chief of the colonial militia, however Olbari's militia is limited in size. The legislature branch of the government is managed by the colony's congress which is presided over by the Speaker of Congress. Representatives are elected to congress from the various settlements by their constituents. Congress Representatives are elected for two year terms while the Governor is elected for a four year term. The judicial branch of the government is led by the Chief Justice who presides over the colonial supreme court.

Senior Government Leaders

  • Governor: Marstar Petrisha (Bajoran female)
  • Lieutenant Governor: Lin Robar (Bajoran male)
  • Governor's Chief of Staff: Crana Tej (Bajoran male)
  • Olbari Militia Chief of Defence: General Mecell Conmor (Bajoran male)

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