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The OOC awards are awarded to players of the fleet (past and present) in recognition of their contributions to the fleet's simulations and the wider fleet community.

We appreciate the efforts and endeavours of all our players and this is our way of giving something back to the community.

TIER 1: Awards for Nomination by a Player

Any player may nominate another member of the fleet, regardless if that person is a player, commanding officer, or member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty for these awards.

Recruitaward.png Achievement.png Comrecognition.png Writeprof.png
Recruitment Award Medal of Achievement Community Recognition Ribbon Writing Proficiency Ribbon

TIER 2: Awards for Nomination by a CO

The Commanding Officer of any Bravo Fleet simulation may nominate any player, fellow commanding officer, or member of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty for these awards.

Roddenberry.png Collaboration.png Potm38.png Sotm93.png
Gene Roddenberry Commendation of Excellence Medal of Collaboration Player of the Month Citation
(per Task Force)
Simulation of the Month Citation
(per Task Force)
Sotmbf.png Sotmbfa.png
Simulation of the Month Citation
(Fleet Level)
Simulation of the Month Citation
(Admiralty Sim)

TIER 3: Awards for nomination by the Admiralty

Only members of the Bravo Fleet Admiralty and Senior Staff may nominate players and/or simulations for these awards.

Potm.png Potmflgld.png Sotm.png Sotmflgld.png
Player of the Quarter Citation Player of the Year Citation Simulation of the Quarter Citation Simulation of the Year Citation
BronzeStarIC.png Starsilver.png Stargold.png Acadpl.png
Bronze Star Citation Silver Star Citation Gold Star Citation Player Academy Graduate
Acadco.png Groupacmd.png Groupbcmd.png Groupccmd.png
Command Academy Graduate Command Ribbon - Class A Command Ribbon - Class B Command Ribbon - Class C
Tf participation.png Commatseaactive.png Commatseapast.png Admunitcite.png
Task Force Participation Medal Active Command at Sea Citation Past Command at Sea Citation Admiralty Unit Citation

TIER 4: Medals Awarded for Time Served or Rank Achieved

Dedication Citations

Awarded to players for verifiable and specific periods of time in which they have been a member of the Fleet. It will be the responsibility of the player to inform the HoH when they are due for an “upgrade”.

Mem00-6mo.png Mem01-1year.png Mem02-2year.png Mem03-3year.png
Dedication Citation: 6 Months Dedication Citation: 1 Year Dedication Citation: 2 Years Dedication Citation: 3 Years
Mem04-4year.png Mem05-5year.png Mem06-10year.png Mem07-15year.png
Dedication Citation: 4 Years Dedication Citation: 5 Years Dedication Citation: 10 Years Dedication Citation: 15 Years
Mem08-20year.png Mem09-25year.png Mem10-30year.png Mem11-35year.png
Dedication Citation: 20 Years Dedication Citation: 25 Years Dedication Citation: 30 Years Dedication Citation: 35 Years
Dedication Citation: 40 Years

Emeritus Awards

Awarded to players who have achieved said rank and, at time of departing the Fleet, do so in good standing.

Fleet Admiral Emeritus Award
Admem4.png Genemeritus.png
Admiral Emeritus Award General Emeritus Award
Admem3.png LGenemeritus.png
Vice Admiral Emeritus Award Lieutenant General Emeritus Award
Admem2.png Mgenemeritus.png
Rear Admiral Emeritus Award Major General Emeritus Award
Admem1.png Briggenemeritus.png
Commodore Emeritus Award Brigadier General Emeritus Award