OFF Axis Field Controller

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The effectiveness of a ships warp field is dependent on the local space environment. Gas density, electrical and magnetic fields, fluctuations in the local subspace domain along with quantum drag forces can all negatively affect the warp filed. The field controller is located in the aft end of the nacelle and is responsible for ensuring the filed stability of the warp field generated buy that nacelle.

The field controllers are basically dedicated subprocessors and a sensor suite that monitors the local space environment to ensure the stability of the ships warp filed. Each of the field controllers are cross linked with each other by three redundant ODN data trunks with each controller having another three data trunks connecting them to the ships computer core. These data trunks are connected to the controller’s dedicated subprocessors. Each controller is equipped with two subprocessors for redundancy and each subprocessor is composed of twenty-five quadritronic optical processing sheets controlled by a bank of fifteen isolinear chips. There is also a suite of sensors is flush mounted to the exterior hull of nacelle and directly linked to the controller. These sensors monitor the conditions in the local space, subspace environment, and ships warp filed.

The data from the sensors is analyzed by the subprocessors and then corrective operation orders is issued to the plasma injectors causing changes in the firing sequence and frequency that result in modifications in the warp filed that counteract any negative effects the local space environment may have on the warp field.