Nova Mercia

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Federation Faction

This article is official Task Force 9 canon.

Nova Mercia
Grid C1, Gamma Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Gamma Mercia system


Gamma Quadrant


Class M

Discovery Date:

October 2388

Discovered By:

USS Vindex

Political Information

United Federation of Planets

Native Inhabitants:



5,000 (initially)

Capital City:

New Liverpool


Nova Mercia (or Gamma Mercia V) is the prime planet of the Gamma Mercia system, a recently discovered star system in the Gamma Quadrant situated five light years from Starbase Unity.

Scientists believe that Nova Mercia could have been inhabited by its native species over 2,000 years prior to its discovery.


Nova Mercia was discovered in October 2388 by the Federation starship USS Vindex. After an initial survey conducted by the Vindex crew the Federation approved the planet for colonisation, with initial residents moving to the planet from other parts of the Gamma Quadrant as well as the Alpha Quadrant. It is a Class M planet with two moons (Claudius and Gaius) and two large continents which are separated by a large horizontal body of water.

The northern continent is home to the capital and largest city, New Liverpool, and a scientific research outpost, TBC which is near to the north pole. Other cities are under construction on the northern continent in addition to factories which will produce warp drive components for Starfleet's vessels based in the Gamma Quadrant. An oceanic based city, Atlantic City, is also planned to be constructed around 100 miles off the southern most point of the northern continent.

The southern continent is ideal for a wide range of different farming types, with rich fertile lands across a large part of it. The colonies on the southern continent are much smaller than the northern continent, but they are still prosperous and contribute over a third of all trade income. Also on the southern continent is the planet's largest mountain range, which is believed to become a popular tourist destination as Nova Mercia becomes more established.

Situated around half way between the two continents in the eastern hemisphere of Nova Mercia, there is a large volcanic archipelago consisting of around 24 different islands of varying sizes.

The planet's climate is largely oceanic, becoming more tundra in the areas around the planet's north and south poles.

Notable locations

A list of notable locations on Nova Mercia.

  • Atlantic City (under construction)
  • New Liverpool (capital, under construction)
  • New Manchester (under construction)
  • New Warrington (under construction)
  • Tolan's Peak
  • Research Outpost (named TBD)



  • 2388: Nova Mercia is discovered by the USS Vindex, and is named by Captain Ainscow. After a survey of the planet's surface, Captain Ainscow recommends the planet is colonised. After this recommendation is approved, the first colonies and a research outpost are established on the planet's surface. A starbase, Deep Space 29, is also approved for construction in orbit.
  • 2389: Completion of Deep Space 29 is scheduled for March of this year.