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The Nikashi (Nee-kă’-shee) are one of the five conquered races who became members within the C'hakilian Empire


The Nikashi are a secretive people, so little is known of their society before C’hakilian rule. After learning of the Nikashi arts of war, the C’hakilians chose a less direct method of controlling the Nikashi. This was after losing countless lives in intelligence, covert ops, and shock operations: one C’hakilian executor also fell prey to a Nikashi assassin. Rather than lording over the Nikashi as masters, the C’hakilians decided to accept the Nikashi into their society as intellectual peers and military minions. The Nikashi are content with that relationship and now live in general symbiosis with the C’hakilians on a racial scale.

Physical, Mental, and Social Attributes

The Nikashi are a humanoid people whose society puts great emphasis on the arts: martial, literary, or otherwise. Most Nikashi are intelligent and quick on their feet. They are quick to act, respond, and create strategy. Most Nikashi are slim and able-bodied; they are quite pleasing to the eyes.


Nikashi anatomy is much like that of most humanoids. They do, however, have muscles which are much denser than most other species. The height of males tends to be average to tall while the females tend to be short.


Little is known about Nayhne, the Nikashi homeworld. It likely has gravity comparable to, but slightly higher than, the accepted standard, which would account for their muscle density and beauteous physique; most high-grav species tend to are short, staunch, and stocky, but gravity on Nayhne is not high enough to have such a strong effect on the organisms living on the planet.


The Nikashi military is a highly disciplined society. Nikashi males are efficient soldiers whose tactical abilities are unmatched. C’hakilians have taken to utilizing Nikashi soldiers as shock troops, marines, and saboteurs. Nikashi females, on the other hand, are perfect assassins and espionage agents. These Nikashi spies gain the trust of whoever their target is and betray him. During the C’hakilian conquering effort, for example, a certain Gavoshak took a liking to a Nikashi female. After she used him for a year, she stabbed him in the heart and moved on to her next target. Overall, Nikashi are a force to be reckoned with: the reason why the C’hakilians decided to coexist with rather than rule over this formidable race.