New Victoria

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New Victoria
Grid G4, Beta Quadrant
Survey Data

Raeyan Sector


Beta Quadrant


Class M

Political Information

United Federation of Planets

Native Inhabitants:


Capital City:

Victoria City


Home to a Federation colony destroyed by a pirate group affiliated with so-called "rogue elements" of the Klingon Empire during the Omega Crisis of 2383. Fewer than one hundred survivors, out of a population of thousands, were rescued by the U.S.S. Excelsior. The colony was destroyed in part because Admiral Walter Picardo Tenson had ordered its new planetary defense network diverted to Union to shore up the defenses of Starbase 911. Unfortunately, the pirates were able to obtain the network command codes at New Victoria and passed that information to the Klingons, who would use it to hijack the network at Union and capture Starbase 911. The attack on 911 precipitated the Battle of Union.

Several weeks after the pirate attack, Admiral Tenson took the U.S.S. Tornado to survey the damage at New Victoria. He was ambushed by Klingon forces, and the Tornado was destroyed, throwing Task Force 38 into chaos and allowing the Klingons the opening required to take Starbase 911. Fortunately, thanks to profound sacrifices by his crew, Admiral Tenson and his Vulcan science officer became the sole survivors of the battle.