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Grid F4, Beta Quadrant
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Nelvana System


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Nelvana is a main sequence G-type star located along the Romulan side of the Romulan Neutral Zone, just outside the Outer Damage Zone of the Hobus hypernova. The third planet of the Nelvana system, Nelvana III, is a Class-M planet.

Nelvana III

In 2366, the Enterprise-D reported that Nelvana III was a rocky, barren and uninhabited class-M world. There were no subsequent reports that indicated any change in this for over twenty years; however, all this changed in April 2387 when the Hobus star went hypernova, destroying over 14,000 cubic lightyears of space in the core of the Romulan Star Empire. Just beyond the blast radius, a world just barely habitable, one that the Empire had never taken much interest in before, was suddenly transformed into a major refugee transfer camp.

In July 2387, the USS Enigma travelled to Nelvana III to rendezvous with a Tal Diann unit. While waiting for the arrival of Romulan military intelligence, their scans indicated at least twenty civilian and supply ships of various classifications throughout the nearby area, as well as a population of at least half a million on the planet below.

Two months later, following the the disaster on Algorab, a group of diplomats led by Ambassador Robert Chadwick travelled to Nelvana III, meeting on the surface of the planet for negotiations that would conclude with the signing of the Treaty of Nelvana on September 20, 2387. During their time on Nelvana III, it was reported that the previous number of half a million refugees had soared to over two million and that the Romulan Star Empire was engaged in massive construction efforts to support this new population.

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