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Nathan Blackwing







United Federation of Planets


USS Chimera


Former Commanding Officer

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Rear Admiral Nathan Blackwing formerly served as the Recruitment Officer for Bravo Fleet.

Physical Characteristics

Nathan Kip Blackwing has the body of a 30 year old. He credits working out on a daily basis and running ten miles every morning. Nathan is a strong supporter of eating healthy and naturally. He is distinguished by his grey hair and grey beard which he sometimes allows to grow.

Personal Characteristics

A true Federation patriot and a born diplomat are the words that best describe Nathan Kip Blackwing. A Native American and one of a few in Starfleet, Nathan dreamed of serving the Federation as an ambassador. Ambassador Blackwing is the most famous man in the history of the Federation. Every Starfleet cadet and school child knows about his accomplishments. Some of the ambassador’s most notable accomplishments is the signing of the Cardassian Treaty of 2350, the drafting of the Khitohmer accords in 2344, and the drafting of the documents of surrender in 2374 Strengths & Weaknesses Nathan is a patient man, as a diplomat you have to be. One of the things that made Nathan such a valuable asset to the diplomatic core is his ability to pick up language. After only a few minuets, Nathan can speak to you as if he has been speaking your language for years.

Nathan is also an excellent tactician having scored several major victories as commanding officer during the dominion war. He’s the voice of reason among his crew. He never takes sides on issues; he has a gifted talent for staying neutral.

The only weakness that can be attributed to Nathan is his trusting nature. Nathan builds his friendship on trust and trust is extremely important to him. Nathan has a laid back command style but he will get tough if officers under his watch begin to slack off. Ambitions Nathan never wanted to be a starship captain. Fate granted him command when the ship’s first and second officers were killed during the opening salvo of the war. Commander Blackwing assumed command and scored a major victory for the Federation. When the Angel returned to Starbase 75, Vice Admiral Ross field promoted Nathan to Captain and gave him permanent command of the U.S.S. Angel, an Intimidator class starship.

Now, Starfleet command is eying Nathan for upper management and leadership, something Nathan isn’t too thrilled with but has accepted it.

Hobbies & Interests Nathan is a very religious person. He has attributed that to his Native American upbringing and his wife who is a Cardassian. Nathan can be found every Sunday in the ship’s church worshiping along with the rest of the Chimera crew who attends services.

When not spending time worshiping, Nathan loves to play basketball. He believes its one of the most physical sports in the entire Federation. Nathan can often be found on the holodeck playing with some of the most famous basket ball players in history. Nathan also enjoys running. He runs an average of ten miles every morning. Staying fit is very important to Nathan.

Nathan also enjoys gardening. On the Chimera, he has reserved an area for his own garden. While he’s not against replicated food, he prefers real live food as was taught to him by his native tribe on Earth. He’s an expert cook at Federation dishes but he still learning to cook Cardassian dishes.

Nathan is an avid uniform and patch collector. If you go into his ready room, you will see a wall full of patches he’s collected since he was 13 years old when his grandfather turned him onto patch collecting. Also on his wall, you will see his many awards and diplomas. Nathan is extremely proud of his accomplishments.

Personal History

Nathan Blackwing was born on Earth in 2323 in Alaska in the Cook Inlet region on Earth. Nathan’s father Denali Blackwing was the first Native American to be elected President of the United Federation of Planets (2400-2416). When former President Blackwing retired, he met Nathan’s mother Lacey Scott and married her after the death of his first wife.

Nathan was born later in 2323. Denali, being the religious and devoted man to his religion raised Nathan to treasure his Native American heritage. Nathan would often go with his father on diplomatic trips throughout the quadrant. Nathan wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps and become an ambassador.

In 2341, Nathan enrolled in Starfleet academy specializing in the diplomatic track, with a secondary specialty in operations. Nathan proved himself as a cadet at the academy by settling problems among the cadets. As an upper classman, Cadet Blackwing earned a stellar reputation as a diplomat. He was the most sought after diplomat Captain’s wanted on their ship’s and bases.

Fate granted Nathan command of the U.S.S. Angel in 2373 during the opening round of the Dominion War. Nathan never wanted command but he accepted the job and distinguished himself over and over again. Captain Blackwing is well respected in Starfleet. His reputation in the field got him promoted to be Vice Admiral Ross tactical advisor in 2374. At the end of the war, Nathan at the age of 51, retired from Starfleet.

His service to the Federation was not completed. Nathan was appointed the Federation Ambassador to Cardassia in 2375. Nathan’s first task was to help a new government rise to office. During that transitional period, he met Asha who sat on the Detapa Council for six years.

Nathan has reluctantly returned to Starfleet and has been selected to Captain the Chimera in the first ever starship to be participating in the Cardassian Exchange Program.

Starfleet Service Record

  • 2341-2344 Cadet, Starfleet Academy
  • 2344 Promotion to Ensign
  • 2345-2347 Diplomatic Officer, U.S.S. Excelsior
  • 2348 Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
  • 2348-2353 Diplomatic Officer, U.S.S. Excelsior
  • 2353 Promotion to Lieutenant
  • 2354-2360 Deputy Diplomatic Officer, U.S.S. Angel
  • 2360 Transfer to Starbase 174
  • 2360-2363 Chief Diplomatic Officer, Starbase 174
  • 2364 Promotion to Lieutenant Commander
  • 2364-2370 Chief Diplomatic Officer, Starbase 174
  • 2370 Promotion to Commander
  • 2370-2373 Chief Diplomatic Officer, U.S.S. Angel
  • 2373 Field Promotion to Captain
  • 2373-2375 Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Angel
  • 2375 Retires from Starfleet
  • 2375-2383 Appointed Federation Ambassador to Cardassia
  • 2383 Starfleet Commission reactivated
  • 2383 Appointed Commanding Officer, U.S.S. Chimera
  • 2383 Transfer to 4th fleet
  • 2383 Added duty, Task Force 58 Executive Officer
  • 2383 Added duty, Bravofleet Recruitment Officer