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Federation FactionStarfleet

NX Shuttle Pod
Class Information

Personnel Shuttle

Main Cruising Speed:


Main Energy Weapons:

2 Phase Cannons

Torpedo Launchers:


Crew Members
Main Crew Compliment:



Up to 6


Class Description

A Shuttle Pod being lowered from the launch bay of and NX Class vessle

During the 2240's through 2260's the Shuttle Pod was used by Starfleet as the primary auxiliary craft assigned to both Star Ships and Star Bases. The Pod was not capable of warp speeds and therefore was primary use to transport personnel between orbital facilities or to and from a planet surface or any two points with in a single star system. The Pod was crewed by a single pilot and was designed to carry six passengers.

When ever people picture the Shuttle Pod they think of it as the auxiliary craft of the NX Class. Each ship of this class carried two shuttle pods in its launch bays on the ventral side of the ships. While in the launch bay the Shuttle Pod is held in place by the docking arm that connects via magnetic docking latches to the latch plate located on the dorsal surface of the pods hull.

To launch the pod the launch bay doors were opened and the docking arm would lower the pod through the doors until the pod was clear of the Ship's hull. Once the pod was cleared the docking arm would detach and the wings would fold down into the flight postion and the pod would move off under its own power.

To return the Shuttle Pod to the launch bay the pod would approach the open launch bay a grappling arm would then lower through the open bay doors and fire magnetic grapples that launch onto the hull of the pod and pull the pod into the proper position for the docking arm to contact with the latch plate on the shuttle. The wings would then fold up into the storage position and then the docking arm would pull the pod into the launch bay.

The interior of the Shuttle Pod can be access via three access hatches. One hatch is located on the Dorsal surface of the Hull between the docking plate and the impulse engines. The second hatch is located op the port side of the pod just between to two forward passenger seats with the third located in the same location on the starboard side of the pod.

Shuttle Pod interior looking Aft
Aft view of a Shuttle Pod

The interior of the craft is a single crew and passenger compartment. The pilots station is located in the forward most point of the compartment with the flight primary systems controls located around the station. Just aft of the pilot are two passenger seats. In the aft section of the compartment are two benches that are located against the port and starboard hull. The the tops of the benches can be lifted up to provide access to storage compartments under the benches. Mounted to the aft bulkhead between the benches is a short ladder that provides ease of access to the dorsal entry/exit hatch. A small oven that can be used to reheat prepackaged meals for one, these meals are stored under one of the aft benches. There are also secondary system controls mounted to the aft bulkhead.

The primary power generation and propulsion is provided by four Plasma fusion engines. Each of the engine assemblies can be individually ejected and remotely detonated. The pod is also equipped with an array of Reaction Control Thrusters that are the primary means of maneuvering the pod.

The pod is equipped with two phase cannons. These cannons are miniature versions of the phase cannons used on larger vessels and are mounted in a fixed position so that they fire directly forward of the Shuttle Pod. The pod is also equipped with hull polarization system to protect the pod from enemy fire or impact damage from a solid object.

Shuttlecraft Specifications

Basic Information
  • Role: Personnel Shuttle (short range)
  • Dimensions: 6.5 meters (L) x 2.6 meters (W) x 2.1 meters (H)
  • Expected Duration: 10 years
  • Time Between Resupply: 3 days
  • Expected Refit Cycle: 2 years
Crew Compliment
  • Total Crew:
    • Minimum Crew: 1
    • Maximum Crew: 1
    • Passengers: 6

Offensive Systems

ENERGY WEAPONS 2x Phase Cannons

Defensive Systems
Primary Systems
  • Power System: One
  • Computer System: Standard Computer system

  • Sensor Range: 1 light year
  • Communications Range: 2 light years
Other Notes


  • The shuttle pod has planetary landing capabilities
  • The shuttle pod is not capable of warp travel

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