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New Explorative Operations was Bravo Fleet's classic Star Trek movie era affiliate simming group. Founded in 2004, instead of fancy gadgetry, we have tried, tested and true technology that's just coming out in some respects, but all Trek. No holodecks. No Borg. Just Trek.

The New Explorative Operations has always believed in delivering a quality simming experience based on the Star Trek classic movie era. Currently, the year is 2294, shortly after the events chronicled in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, our storylines are based around the honor, friendship, spirit, and ideals of that and earlier movies. We adhere to the same basic model that Gene Roddenberry laid out for the characters to follow: to boldly go where no one has gone before....

This has since been merged into the operations of Task Force 99.

Former Command Staff

Fleet Commanding Officer: Rear Admiral Samuel Fuchida

Fleet Executive Officer: Vice Admiral Gregor Mormar

Fleet Advisor: Admiral Remna Morkan

Former Ships and Stations

  • Starbase 102, Troy Class
  • USS Phobos, NCC-2357, Phobos Class
  • USS Indianapolis, NCC-2895, Constellation Class
  • USS Agamemnon, NCC-2004, Excelsior Class