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The Morexians are a species native to the planet Morex in the Delta Quadrant, in Task Force 38's area of space, code named "The Round Table"


The Morexians achieved spaceflight at some point during the 19th Century, and gradually began exploring the systems in their immediate vicinity within the Pelora Formation. Most of the systems they found were uninhabited, leading them to initially question whether or not they were the sole species that had evolved to sentience in the galaxy. They began to colonise these worlds, and expanding their industrial infrastructure to each to make use of the raw materials they found there. These worlds gradually became known as the the Morexian Unity, the centre of which was the homeworld.

Eventually, the Morexians did encounter another race, in the form of the Kolaati. As a race that has never needed a military, the Kolaati initially saw an opportunity to take advantage of a race that they saw as weak and naive. The first Morexian ship to encounter a Kolaati vessel was stripped bare before its captain could do anything about it. Fortunately, the next vessel to encounter the race was more prepared. Lacking in weapons technology, the Morexians nevertheless had impressive shielding technology. With the foreknowledge of their first encounter with the Kolaati, Morexian captains began keeping their vessels shields powered whenever they encountered another vessel, which were successful in preventing any raiding or boarding activities. Taking the behaviour of the Kolaati as a warning, the Morexians stopped their exploration efforts, and focussed solely upon their existing colony sites, developing the infrastructure to a level that would rival that of the Federation centuries later.

Unfortunately, this insular attitude was to the detriment of the Morexian Unity. As resources became harder and harder to find on their existing colonies, they began to retreat inward, slowly abandoning the colonies they could no longer afford to sustain. By the early 22nd century, the Morexian Unity had contracted to the homeworld and the few asteroid-based mining facilities within the system; all of which were approaching the end of their useful lifetimes.

The Powergrid Failure

In 2156 a Morexian maintenance workman was replacing an energy coupling on one of the main powerlines in the northern city of Djuna. The power to said line had to be diverted for hours whilst the repairs were underway, leaving thousands of buildings without power, and putting the workman under enormous stress to complete his task on schedule. Unfortunately, the workman failed to inform the shift that replaced him at the end of the day that he hadn't been able to complete his allocated tasks, and one of the faulty security seals had not been replaced.

The new crew finished the repairs and docked the coupling back in, the damaged security seal unnoticed. Then, as they contacted the authorities to let the pipeline go back online, the first energy wave broke the seal. The underground passage was instantly flooded with energised plasma, causing an entire city block to cave in.

The piled up debris and earth then caused the energy flow to dam up resulting in a cascade wave travelling back through the main conduit to the central power station. From there the shockwave was able to travel all around the planet, leaving massive destruction and an electromagnetic residue that slowly but steadily neutralised the planet's natural electromagnetic field. The Morexian government assigned maximum priority to repairing the damage to the planet's powergrid, and an enormous civil engineering project was undertaken to both repair the grid, and protect it from future failures of the kind that had just occurred.

It took the best Morexian scientists over 2 decades to realise that the planetary EM field was dying, alerted as they were initially by the exponential increase of sunray inflicted diseases and skin cancers amongst the population, becoming more pronounced the closer towards the planetary poles one travelled. Once the evidence was presented to the government and verified, it took only three years before the Morexians raised their first planetary shield tower at the centre of Morex's capital of Sollamon. The towers dedication ceremony took place in 2179.

The shield towers weren't originally planned to operated as a cohesive grid, but rather as individual towers protecting the major cities and settlements, with protection limited to these small safe zones. It wasn't long after activation of the Sollamon Tower that the assumption that individual towers would prove sufficient was proven false. Studies showed that radioactive sand and dust from the unprotected areas would eventually be dragged by natural weather systems into the inhabited areas, and the existing shielding plan was modified, with the proposal consisting of a massive shield grid that covered the entire planet's surface. The bold plan would make use of 2160 shield towers with overlapping fields to replace the planet's waning natural EM field.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of raw materials within the Morex system, the government were only able to construct 1312 of the shield towers - over 800 towers fewer than the plans called for. The placement of the towers was modified, and after extensive planning, it was determined to still be possible to cover the entire planet - albeit with a tower system with far less resilience built in, due to the lack of overlapping fields. The plan was approved, and the entire industrial workforce was put to the endeavour. Nevertheless, it took 75 years to complete construction.

Over the next 150 years, the Morexian society slowly declined, falling into a deep recession and being forced to conserve resources as much as possible. All off-world facilities were closed, and starships were scrapped in order to manufacture repair components for the planetary shield grid, which itself followed the society it was built by into decline. Spare parts became increasingly rare, and the power consumption levels remained far above what was sustainable for a one-world civilisation. At times, entire cities had to be taken off the power grid in order to maintain the shield integrity during especially hard solar eruptions which periodically emanated from the system's sun. Eventually, towers had to be shut down entirely, and by the late 24th century, only 910 of the original 1312 towers were operational. This left 12 percent of the planet's surface under a weakened shield, increasing photon counts on the surface beneath the weakened sections. The population in such areas were 75% more likely to suffer from sun-related diseases like cancer, or intensive to deadly sunburns.

Federation First Contact

First contact with the Morexians was made by the USS Prometheus, under the command of Captain William Jackson in 2384. Due to health issues, the actual first contact was conducted by Jackson's first officer, Commander Brad Huddle, who was accompanied on the first contact by diplomatic officer Lieutenant Samantha Swanson and Lieutenant Kyleen Thaelis, the ship's chief medical officer. Frustrated by the fact that Morexians do not take on individual names, Commander Huddle began referring to their primary contact as "Jim" for the entirety of the Prometheus' visit.

Unfortunately, the visit of the Prometheus was not entirely a scientific matter, as Captain Jackson had set the ship's course to pursue a rogue Starfleet Intelligence Admiral named Christopher Legends. Admiral Legends had previously been involved in a plot to destabilise the Alpha Quadrant, and upon being thwarted by Jackson on his previous command, had fled to The Round Table. Legends had been able to dock with one of the malfunctioning shield towers over one of Morex's less-populated zones, and had begun inciting anger amongst the Morexian minorities - called the A'Morexians - that were forced to live there; providing them with various weapons obtained from other Alpha Quadrant powers, including Klingon and Romulan disruptors and Cardassian phaser rifles.

During the course of the mission, Admiral Legends kidnapped Captain Jackson from the Prometheus, and took him back to his own vessel - a Sovereign-class he had named the USS Triton, but which carried no official Starfleet registry - to perform genetic experiments upon him. Legends' goals for these experiments remained unclear, but it is assumed that he was attempting to build on 20th century augmentation techniques to provide the A'Morexian minorities with a genetic advantage over the rest of the population. Although the Prometheus was able to retrieve Captain Jackson, it was only after a ship-to-ship battle with the Triton, during which the A'Morexians Legends had armed attempted to take over the capital city. Though the primary shield tower over Sollamon was heavily damaged during the battle, Legends was killed when the Triton fell into the planet's gravity well, and passed through the damaged Morexian planetary shield. The ship crashed on the planet's surface with no survivors.

Commander Huddle is able to provide only a small amount of emergency assistance to the Morexians to help begin repairs on the shield tower, but is unable to stay to see the work through, as the Prometheus was ordered to return to Starbase 909 for repairs and transfer of command.

During the four years following the first contact between the Federation and the Morexians, the Morexian government were able to repair the primary shield tower, and restore security to Sollamon city. The uprising Admiral Legends began amongst the A'Morexians however was not so easily quashed, and there are still continuing rebellions in the cities nearest the weakened shield zones.


Mostly humanoid in appearance, Morexians are distinguishable by a natural series of colored bumps and ridges on their temples, just on the edge of their hairline. These ridges can vary from subtle to pronounced, and have been observed to be capable of occurring with any number of colours and patterns.

Morexians are a telepathic species, but only amongst themselves and species with a similar brain structure. Though fully capable of vocal speech, with a fully developed audible language, most Morexians prefer to communicate telepathically - using what they refer to as "mind waves". This form of communication is similar to that used by the Betazoids of the Alpha Quadrant.


Morexians have been described as possessing an almost Vulcan-like calm nature, although they do not block out emotions in the way that Vulcans do; preferring to embrace them rather than shut them down. This shared nature has meant that the Morexians have never had need for a military in the entire history of their culture - though they do appreciate the obvious need for defence, especially after the first contact incident with the Kolaati, centuries ago.

Many aspects of Morexian culture have been compared with that of the ancient Romans of Earth. Morexian culture holds the male as the symbol of all things good, and as a result males exclusively hold all of the senior positions within Morexian society. The society expects females to cater to the needs of the home, with responsibilities for cooking, cleaning and child-raising. Though all senior positions are held by males, it is not forbidden for unmarried women to hold jobs in fields dominated by their male counterparts. These societal rules are not enshrined in law, and appear to be cultural norms accepted by both genders.

The primary difference in the Morexians from the Romans - or at least, the Romans of the Empire which followed the Republic, is that Morexians value knowledge above all else; especially physical strength. An ancient Morexian saying told to the crew of the Prometheus is that "Knowledge is the source of a man's ultimate desires. Knowledge is the path to ultimate fulfilment."

Morexians are unusual in that they do not take on individual names. All males are referred to as "Hier", and all females are referred to as "Shier". Though this proved somewhat troublesome for the crew of the Prometheus during their initial visit to the planet, its difficulty for the Morexians themselves appears to be cancelled out by their ability to communicate with each other telepathically, thereby eliminating any confusion caused in vocal communication, where any number of individuals could be mistaken as the one being addressed.


  • 10% of population born without telepathic abilities.
  • Minorites are split in clans and sent to a sector of the Planet: a less developed part. Many often resort to theft as a means of survival: stealing food, technology, and medicine as seen fit.
  • Each Sector designated to the Minorities are found within the Shield grids “Dead Spots”- Minorities have a 75% higher likely hood for disease and death.
  • With the arrival of Vice Admiral Christopher Legends, Morexian Minority Clans are supplied with a mixture of Klingon, Cardassian, Federation and Bajoran weapons. Using auxiliary craft from the USS Triton, Legends, his crew, and Morexian Engineers go about upgrading said craft for better purposes. A total of 14 are finished.