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The Morexian Shield Grid' is a planetary orbital installation on the planet Morex.

The Powergrid Failure

In 2156 a Morexian workman of the maintenance authorities replaced an energy coupling on one of the main powerlines in the northern city of Djuna. The power to said line had to be diverted for hours leaving thousands of buildings without energy putting the workman under enormous stress to complete his task in time.
By the end of the day he failed to announce to the next shift that hadn't had the time to replace one of the security seals yet - a fatal mistake.
The new crew finished the repairs and docked the coupling back in, the damaged security seal unnoticed. Then, as they contacted the authorities to let the pipeline go back online, the first energy wave broke the seal. The underground passage was instantly flooded with energized plasma causing an entire streetblock to cave in.
The piled up debris and earth then caused the energy flow to dam up resulting in a cascade wave traveling back the main conduit to the terminal black. From there the shockwave was able to travel all around the planet leaving massive destruction and a electromagnetic residue that slowly but steadily neutralized the planets natural electromagnetic field.


Since Morex was literaly partly in pieces the Morexian Government dispatched all manpower to seal the plasma leaks and built everything back up.
It took the best Morexian scientists over 2 decades to realize that the planetary EM field was dying. And they only did because sunray inflicted desease started to spread exponentially under the population. Much faster in the polar regions.
From there it took only 3 years of planning before the first shield tower was started in the center of Morex's capitol Sollamon in 2179.

Establishing the Shield

From the beginning the shield was not planned as a grid but as singular towers protecting major cities and settlings. But soon studies showed that radioactive sand and dust from unprotected areas would eventually be dragged by wind into the inhabitet areas. So a new plan was set up proposing a massive shield grid covering the entire surface.
So an over all ammount of 2160 towers was estimated to be sufficient only 1312 were finally built due to the lack of planetary resources. But with major tweaking and the smart placement of towers it was still possible to set up a working shield after a time period of 75 years of construction.

The Shield Grid Today

150 years later the shield grid just as the Morexian Society itself has lost most of its glory and is slowly decaying. resources used for the construction cannot be reused. Spare parts are rare and the energy consumtion rates are enormous. At times entire cities have to be taken off power to maintain the shield in especially harsh solar erruptions.
Of the originally 1312 towers only 910 are still functioning leaving 12 percent of Morex with a weakened shield and increased photon counts on the surface. People in those areas are 75% more likely to suffer from any sun inflicted desease like cancer or intensive to deadly sunburns.
Some of the non functional towers still work as docking ports with lesser security regulations then the other shield towers making it possible to access the planets surface easily since no ship can pass through the Morexian shield grid. Not even in the weakened regions. Transporter activity is also prohibited.
It is estimated that only the destruction of 3 shield towers in the same grid window would be sufficient to tare a hole in the shield. The first tower to collapse ever was located in the city Nendex. In 2378 one of the structural inegrity field generators failed to reinitialize after a maintenance shut down and the sturcture couldn't sustain the stress any longer.
The debris rained onto the entire city for more then 45 minutes and covered it under 12 meter of remains. It was the first and the last accident in the history of the Morexian Shield Grid. After this the Government ordered several critical towers to be demounted to not only minimize risks but to gain spare parts for more important areas. This weakened the shield again.


Schematic Overview
  • Communications and Sensor Arrays
Antennas and Satellite dishes for long range communication and long range sensors.
  • Docking Umbilicals
Four universal docking umbilicals that are even competible to some Federation multi-purpose docking ports.
  • Traffic Control Tower
Handles all incoming and outgoing traffic. Outside the shield grid that is.
  • Spaceport Facility
Houses Cargo Processing, Customs and all the amneties traveler need. Restaurants, Bars and a Promenade.
  • Tower to Tower Communication
Those satelltie dishes are aligned into every direction to directly target close towers or satellites for communication means.
  • Accomodation Units
Hotels, Appartments and Rooms. For rent, buy or already occupied.
  • Elevator Shafts
12 are running from the very top to the surface in total for passengers. 6 Additional cargo elevators with the capacity up to Type 11 shuttle run from the shuttle bays downward.
  • Shiel Generator Housing
Two massive shield generator are hidden under the side parts of this entire section. They output enough shield energy equal to 45 Galaxy class ships.
  • Shuttle Bay
The two main bays can accomodate shuttles up to the size of Arrow clas runabouts. One elevator each bay is able to transport shuttles to the surface.
  • Shield Emitter Ring
The heart of the shield tower emitts the shield energy necessary to maintain a stable field in its shield window.
  • Reinforcement Generators.
64 additional generators reinforce the field output to maintain a stronger field harmonic making it technically possible for one tower to cover for all four towers in its vicinity.
  • Technical Support Ring
Houses the entire facility necessary to power all 64 Reinforcement Generators plus backup systems.
  • Extender Pylons
The arms reach out over 300 meters each and support the SGB emitter plus their maintenance tubes.
  • Shield Guidance Beam Emitter
Since a shield technicall can only be a straight plane those guidance beam's are necessary to curve the shield around the planet. They are visible as a grid like pattern within the shield.
  • Power Transformation Facility
Since the power from the surface travels a 15 mile way through many gravitanional layers up to the towers top it has to be transformed again for proper usage.
  • Supporting Beams
Stabilize the Extender Beams against the residue gravity at this heights.
  • Life Support Unit
Provides air, warmth and water to the towers facilities.
  • Anti-Grav Generators
These generators serve as a backup system and can take stress off the structure if it gets damaged. They are however not capable of carrying the entire weight of the tower sturcture alone.
  • Tower Office Complex
The administration of each tower is housed here.
  • Wireless Surface Communication
The main communication means with the surface. A backup system runs through the towers spine.
  • Anti-Grav Field Emitter
Directs the antigravitational force against the planets gravitation in case of a structural emergency.
  • Main Diagonal Anchor Beams
These heavily inforced beams hold the tower steady against winds, earthquakes and the planets rotation.
  • Structural Intergity Field Emitter
The top of these spiers emits a structural intergity field that hold the tower together.
  • Eleveator Tube Casings
In these tubes the elevators run protected to underground stations where access to public transportation is possible.
  • Tower Foundation
The foundations are the strongest structures on Morex and even house several bunkers. In those the only survivors of the Nendex accident were found after 48 days.