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Grid B2, Delta Quadrant
Survey Data
Star System:

Morea system


The Round Table


Delta Quadrant


Class M



Discovery Date:


Discovered By:

USS Prometheus

Political Information

Morexian Unity

Native Inhabitants:



6.7 billion

Capital City:



Morex is the Class M homeworld of the Morexians and the Core World of the Morexian Unity.

Astronomical Data


Morex is the homeworld of the Morexians. Located in the heart of the Morea System, of the Pelora Formation, Morex is one of many planets in Task Force 38's Area of Operations, The Round Table of the Delta Quadrant.

Bordering Territories

Currently Unknown


Morex is the official name in Starfleet's Databank. However, many Morexians call it Sher nin B'aal. Translated, this is a slang term meaning 'purple light bulb.'


No natural satellites orbit Morex.

Orbital Installations

Artificial Satellites

The Morexians facilitate an average amount of orbital satellites mainly for communication and network broadcasting issues. As all Morexian installations these facilities do not have any defensive or offensive capabilities at all.

Orbital Shield Grid

The U.S.S. Prometheus docked to the Sollamon docking tower above the capitol of Morex. Image by Sam Swanson
For full information see Morexian Shield Grid article.

Since a planetary incident caused the natural electromagnetic field to disintegrate roughly 200 years ago the Morexians have used most of their industrial resources to establish an almost planet-wide shield grid outside the atmosphere to prevent deadly solar winds reaching the surface.

Overall construction took about 75 years in which the average death rate due to cancer and other sun inflicted disease raised exponentially. Since the failure of the magnetic field was a considerably slow process a total extinction of the Morexians was luckily prevented.

Due to it's high frequency shield harmonics no object or transporter activity can penetrate the grid.

Docking Towers

For full information see Morexian Shield Grid article.

These 15 mile high structures do not only house a gigantic shield generator, power transformers, deflector grids and science installations but the planets only means of docking since the shield was established.

Every tower facilitates 4 major docking umbilical connections and 2 shuttle bays for smaller vessels. Elevators of various sizes transport people and cargo on and off the surface to the docking areas.


General Characteristics


The most common vegetation on Morex is the Chul'andra plant. It grows at an average height of 2 to 3 feet and is enormously adaptive. It barely needs any water nor sunlight and almost overgrows the planets surface.

Any untilled ground is fertilized with the grass seeds within days and covered entirely after no longer then 2 weeks. Nonetheless the Chul'andra plant is not regarded as weed but a welcome diversion between the ever expanding cities.

Rivers, Lakes and Oceans

Various Rivers and Lakes run through the 2 main continents on Morex which are surrounded by 3 major oceans. The Central Ocean, the Purple sea and the Ocean of Lights. In many provinces rivers run mainly underground and are channeled for the cities' sophisticated water power plants.

Volcanic Activities

Morex is not majorly volcanic active. Most volcanoes are found along the equator in the higher mountain regions, some under water.

Settlements and Cultural Development


View from the senate building. With the Sollamon shield tower on the left and the government skyscraper complex on the right.

Sollamon is the capitol of Morex and also houses the Morexian Senate, making it the Capitol of the Morexian Unity as well. The city is located on the main land on Morex's biggest continent. It is approximately 213 miles away from the shore and at an average elevation of 110 meters above sea level.

The city is located on a plateau with the suburbs reaching out in the hills surrounding it. Due to it's size Sollamon houses 3 shield tower in it's jurisdictional district. With the "Sollamon Docking Tower" right in the town center across the senate plaza and the government skyscraper complex.

Unsafe Zones

Although the Morexian Shield Grid covers almost the entire planet about 12 percent of the grid is not entirely functional, making it possible for various wave length of the sunlight to penetrate the shield and reach the surface in said areas.

The unsafe zones are barely habitable if not only by the A'Morexian Minority. The flora is weakened, no wildlife is present and the landscape is that of a wasteland. Many cities of before the electromagnetism pulse lie in the unsafe zones, slowly decaying but giving shelter to those outcasts.

In late 2384 the crew of a rogue Federation vessel, the USS Triton, reached the outcast city of Raddan through a damaged nearby shield tower without any working security installations. The newly formed 'Triton Alliance' then started their raids from Raddan into the surrounding safe zones gaining occupation on various fully functional shield tower to pose a thread to the entire population of Morex.

Further Information


The planet Morex is the homeworld to the Morexians and houses the government of the Morexian Unity. The planet was discovered by the USS Prometheus at Stardate 61837.5 - June 30th, 2384.

After a global incident caused by a chain reaction in the interplanetary power grid the electromagnetic field of Morex began to die down over a course of roughly 75 years. Today's electromagnetic field strength is below 0.5 percent of the original natural value.

The Morexian industry is undergoing a strong recession since the early 2300s following a crysis induced by the shield construction about 200 years ago. Many towers can not be maintained properly causing the shield to weaken in various districts.

The first tower to collapse due to structural fatigue effects was destroyed in 2378. It took the debris 45 minutes to rain to the planets surface covering an entire city with 12 meters of its remains. After this incident the Morexian government started the deconstruction of shield tower in uninhabited regions to spare maintenance force and to gain auxiliary parts for the remaining towers.


The Morexians are governed by publicly elected senate. The head of state is the Prime Senator and the head of justice is the Prime Consul. The executive powers are all in the hands of the 52 running senators.

The government of Morex and the government of the Morexian Unity are the same.


Land formations

  • The Northern Continent
  • The Southern Continent

Bodies of water


  • Entwine River (the longest at 2300 miles)
  • Sollamon River


  • The Central Ocean
  • The Purple Sea
  • The Ocean of Lights

Cities and towns

  • Sollamon (capitol of Morex)
  • Raddan (capitol of the Triton Alliance)