Mordred Nebula

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Mordred Nebula
Grid C2, Delta Quadrant
Astrometrics Data





The Round Table (Delta Quadrant)

Other Information
Discovery Date:

11 July 2384

Discovered By:

U.S.S. Intelligence


Unknown (Uncharted)

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The Mordred Nebula is a daughter nebula of the Solaria Nebula, located, like its parent, in The Round Table region of the Delta Quadrant. It appears to have split off from the Solaria only a few million years ago. Initial sensor scans indicate only superficial corrosive properties and reliable warp travel through some sections. The U.S.S. Intelligence was scheduled to make a more detailed study of the nebula before that ship was briefly mothballed in mid-2384. Under the command of Commander Mac Taylor, the USS Intelligence returned to the Nebula in 2385, and began it's mission to explore and study the nebula. Upon entering, the ship was temporarily disabled by a subspace mine that was part of an aging, forgotten minefield set in place 60 years before. After destroying the minefield the Intelligence pressed on, but not before the XO suffered major internal injury and being placed in a coma. The intelligence discovered that the Nebula had been visited before, by the Borg, who salvaged technology and corpses from a battlefield (as of yet undiscovered by the Intelligence). After several hours of probing, the Intelligence located the battlefield, a vast, sprawling sector of destruction and death. Thousands of ships drifted lazily around, torn to shreds. The Intelligence located 2 functional ships, and beamed away teams aboard to get the ships operational, the thinking that flying the ships back to a starbase would allow for more detailed scans and study.

However in 2387, the Washington under command of Captain Scotto, picked up elements of the Vaadwaur coming in and out of their underspace near the Mordred Nebula. The Washington didn't want to attract attention so acted as if it hadn't seen anything and the Vaadwaur acted as if they didn't seen the Washington. Admiral Dowd later ordered the Washington to keep an eye on the area and launch several probes, whilst also ordering the USS Excelsior to the area as a show of force.