Morath's Fist

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The Morath’s Fist photon torpedo was originally developed for deployment onboard Vor’cha class attack cruisers but has seen deployment on other ships with in the Klingon Defense Force alongside the Talon’s Strike class torpedo.

The casing for the Morath’s Fist is composed of Duranium and Tritanium alloys and was originally developed for use as a one-man escape pod. This same casing has also been adapted for use as a stealth probe. In the probe configuration, the war head is replaced with a suite of passive and active sensors, Shield generators and self-destruct packages to prevent possible capture. The casing is 0.69 meters across, 1.32 meters long and 0.59 meters tall with a mass of 238.45 Kilograms. A stretched version has been developed to accommodates a larger warhead. The standard torpedo is deployed on most ships with the stretched version deployed on Vor’cha and Negh’var class ships and various stations throughout the empire.

The internal systems of the Morath’s Fist are similar to the Talon’s Strike. The warhead is a large magnetic torus of borotenite and antimatter. Propulsion is provided by twin deuterium warp sustainer engines.