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Mitchell Hanson







Federation Starfleet


US Solaria


Task Force Commanding Officer

Played By:

Kai D. Andrew

Mitch Hanson is a former Director of Operations and Deputy Director at Starfleet Tactical and a Liaison to the Fourth Fleet’s Task Force 47. He is the current Task Force Commander for Task Force 38 and Project Outreach. Ruthless and calculating and with a keen strategic eye, Hanson was the ideal candidate to head up the tactical mission to reconnect with the isolated Starfleet forces in the Delta Quadrant.


Mitchell Hanson, better known by his nickname Mitch, is a Terran serving the United Federation of Planets and Starfleet during the latter part of the 24th Century. A native of the Alpha Quadrant, Mitch was originally a Security/Tactical division officer who rose through the ranks until he eventually had the chance to command Starbase 909 and, later, the USS Sentinel; both in Task Force 9, where Captain Hanson also served as Major General Rolf Emerson's Chief of Staff. He later gained promotion to the position of TFXO in 2384 and later, transferred to Starfleet Tactical to work as Deputy Director.

Mitch Hanson is a man that commands the utmost respect from his crew, usually thanks to stories of his service during the war and also from tales of people who have served with him and seen the great man up close. He has a vast knowledge of Starfleet and its time over the centuries since its formation and fancies himself as a bit of a historian. His service during the war taught him that even the most respectable people can either trade allegiances or tuck tail and run and as such, he often has difficulty trusting foreign powers, which can hinder his diplomatic skills. But, never the less, this proud man has made over 12 first contacts and negotiated no less than 5 different trade pacts and diplomatic treaties. He is firm and direct, not believing in molly coddling people and as such, he pushes his officers to get the best out of themselves. He used to harbor a great hatred of ship borne Marines, stemming back to his days as a Tactical and Security officer on the Yorktown, but this stance has softened with age and experience and he now acknowledges what a valuable resource they can be on the field of battle.

Strengths & Weaknesses

A talented tactician and well versed in security regulations, weapons and tactics, Hanson is a good man to be around in a crunch situation. Despite his flaws, he is a competent diplomat but that is only after he gets over his trust issues. His appreciation for science and nature could do with some improvement. He has been known to have a bit of a rebellious streak and will often do things his way, which sometimes makes things more difficult than they need to be.


Originally Mitch aspired to become a Chief Engineer of a starship, however he changed his mind and joined the Security/Tactical division upon applying to the Academy. A career man at heart, even from a young age, Mitch had set himself the challenge to proceed as far as he could up the rank ladder. He achieved what he believed would be the pinnacle of his career in 2371 when he became commanding officer of the USS Lexington. Since then, Hanson has set himself the ambition of becoming a fleet commander. At the rank of Rear Admiral, he has more than amount of experience required.

Hobbies & Interests

Mitch has no longer got any hobbies or interests that he actively participates in, but that does not stop him looking out for new things that interest him. He is looking for a new sparring partner to join him in raquetball.


Federation Standard English, Some Bajoran, Some Klingon.


Father: Admiral J.P. Hanson (Deceased 2367, Battle of Wolf 359)

Mother: Commander Veronica Hanson (Deceased, Breen Raid on Starfleet Command)


Mitchell Hanson, nicknamed “Mitch”, was born on the 12th of August 2333 to his parents, James (J.P.) and Veronica, both Starfleet Officers, aboard the USS Potemkin where his mother served as a Communications Officer and his father was a promising Executive Officer.

Mitch was the only child aboard the Potemkin and as such, when he was old enough to walk and talk he became embroiled in the Starfleet way of life. At the age of 5, he was already playing with his first bits of technology. At the age of 10 he was busy learning things from the ships staff, including the Chief Engineer.

It was expected that Mitch would train as an Engineer when he was old enough, but that was not true. Prior to leaving the Potemkin in 2345, Mitch started to take a surprising interest in the duties and training of security and tactical officers on the crew.

The family returned to Earth in 2345 and Hanson began his preparations for applying to the Academy in 2351. He would choose his new interest over his ability as an Engineer by applying for the combined Security and Tactical Training Programs. His application was successful at the first attempt, some suggesting it was thanks to his time on the Potemkin, who his father was and not on merit, but Hanson would do all that he could to prove his doubters wrong.

After his first year at the Academy, his father was promoted to Commodore and became a prominent member of the Admiralty’s lower echelons. Mitch continued to do his best at the Academy to both prove his ability and to make his father proud. He also took a keen interest in his father’s work at Starfleet Tactical.

Cadet Hanson graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2355 and was to be posted to the USS Stargazer under the command of Captain Jean-Luc Picard but the assignment was cancelled when the Stargazer was destroyed in the Battle of Maxia. Mitch was instead assigned to the USS Thomas Paine, a New Orleans class vessel exploring the Beta Quadrant. In 2357 the Thomas Paine was ordered to try and located the Freighter Odin which had gone missing, but their efforts were in vain. During this time, Hanson served as a relief Tactical Officer, assuming the Tactical Station during night shifts and in the absence of the Chief Tactical Officer.

Hanson spent the next eight years aboard the Thomas Paine, working in multiple roles on multiple missions, eventually reaching the heights of Chief Security and Tactical Officer. In 2365, Lieutenant Commander Hanson was transferred to Starfleet Academy where he began a two year tour of duty lecturing in Starfleet Weapons and Tactics. Teaching was not the path Mitch desired for his career and at the first opportunity, he requested reassignment.

At the end of his time at the Academy, Hanson had made such an impression on his tutors and even the Commandant, Admiral Hahn. Hahn even went so far as to use his influence to get Hanson a more senior position than when he had arrived at the Academy. Assigned to the U.S.S. Renegade, a New Orleans Class Starship commanded by Captain Tryla Scott, Hanson would serve as Chief Security and Tactical Officer.

Just months after his arrival on the ship, the Renegade was diverted by the Captain to meet with the Starships Enterprise, Horatio and Hanson's old ship, the Thomas Paine at Dytalix B. The reasons for the meeting were not divulged to the crew, but rumour had it there was talk of a conspiracy on Earth.

In 2367, Mitch went through a rough patch when his father was killed whilst leading the resistance against a Borg Cube at Wolf 359. Shortly afterwards the Renegade was assigned to the inner core worlds and conducted missions of various types. Hanson threw himself into his work and continued to make a name for himself, impressing when given opportunities by the staff. He was promoted to Commander and the position of Executive Officer in 2368 when he helped return a stolen shuttlecraft to the ship after it had been taken by a Bolian near Risa with the Bolian Ambassador aboard as a prisoner.

Hanson was transferred to the Nebula Class USS Lexington to serve as Executive Officer when the ship was sent to the Badlands in early 2371 to investigate the disappearance of the Starship Voyager whilst investigating a Maquis ship’s apparent destruction. Sadly, Voyager was declared lost with all hands but the investigation would remain open for a further 12 months until officially closed by Starfleet Command. Shortly after the Lexington was recalled to Earth and her commander, Captain Raymond Garraway was promoted to a position in Starfleet Command, with command falling to Commander Hanson.

The Lexington was later part of a Fleet sent to Deep Space 9 when the Station was attacked by a large Klingon fleet not long after the Khitomer Accords had been dissolved by Klingon Chancellor Gowron. Once the Klingon's had retreated from the station, the Lexington began border patrols along the Cardassian Border. This gave Hanson some much needed time to get to grips with his new role as a commanding officer.

The Lexington was involved in three minor skirmishes with the Klingons during 2372; the ship and crew acquitted themselves very well and Hanson was ordered to return the ship to Earth. The ship arrived back at Earth after an eight week journey and in early 2373 she put into Spacedock for a minor upgrade and refit.

During the ships refit, Captain Hanson was shocked to discover that the Borg had launched yet another offensive against the Federation. They would, however, be stopped at Earth. The Lexington was ordered out of Spacedock and joined the Battle Group tasked with destroying this great threat. In the battle, the Lexington suffered a great deal of damage to her systems whilst she lost 96 crewmembers, with a further 22 wounded. The ship returned to drydock for repair and re-staffing.

Mitch continued to command the Lexington for the duration of the Dominion War, the ship partaking in many of the key battles of the near three yearlong conflict. He received numerous commendations for his conduct and valour during the war, but eventually peace was brokered and Hanson saw many of his crew, his family, shipped out to other assignments. Tasked with assembling a new crew, the Lexington was assigned to the Cardassian border as they sought to assist their new “friends” in recovering from the conflict. The Lexington remained in service along the Cardassian border until 2380, when Hanson was transferred to Starbase 909 to serve as Sector Commander for the Allegra Sector. He was later seconded to the USS Sentinel as Commanding Officer for a special mission into the Gamma Quadrant. The Sentinel was tasked with tracking down the remains of a Borg sphere, rumoured to be just outside Dominion held space.

A mission involving the Borg brought back many memories for the Captain and he struggled to control his feelings as they collected the debris and returned it to Starbase 909 for research to be conducted. As a reward for the success of the mission, Mitch was promoted to the rank of Commodore and the Allegra system soon became a hub of activity for Starfleet forces in the north of the Alpha Quadrant. As a signal of the bases growing importance, Mitch was promoted to the position of Task Force Chief of Staff once the Starbase fell under the jurisdiction of Task Force 9 of the 4th Fleet under General Emerson. He was later made Task Force Executive Officer.

By 2385, Mitch was ready to leave the field and return to his roots and accepted the position of Deputy Director of Starfleet Tactical with a promotion to Rear Admiral, sharing the position with an Andorian called Thalek th’Zorati. Once th’Zorati was transferred to a new position, Hanson assumed the role fully.

Two years later, and with a host of experience behind him, he moved to Starfleet Command to serve as the liaison between Starfleet and Task Force 47 of the 4th Fleet.

In late 2387, Hanson had paid a visit to Task Force 47 and had been stationed on Deep Space 10 for a special SFI briefing regarding the status of the Gavarian Corridor. Whilst there, Hanson negotiated for some supplies to be sent to Olympus Base to boost her defences, working alongside the TFXO, Commodore Kate Walsh.

It came as a horrible surprise when he learnt of the Commodore's true identity. She had been a Cardassian double agent all along! The true Commodore Walsh had been found dead on an abandoned Order of 12 base in the Turlix system, her DNA records matched to the body. The imposter had played a part in not only weakening Olympus Base (her upgrades not actually function as expected) but also causing the deaths of countless Ash'Voro and Starfleet personnel during an explosion at Deep Space 10.

Following the controversy in Task Force 47, Mitch was prevented from working with the Task Force in order to protect him from any of the fallout. He moved to Starfleet Tactical and was soon dispatched to the Raeya Sector to oversee the re-establishment of Starfleet's presence in the region. Along with his new posting to the Raeya Sector, Hanson was given command of Task Force 93 and positioned at Starbase 611. At the end of the year, officials from various Starfleet divisions came together on Earth to discuss an emergency situation that developed following the Borg invasion of Supersector 22 and the destruction of the Federation Transwarp Network. Hanson is tasked with leading Project Outreach, a small Task Group of ships that would travel to the Delta Quadrant using a new Quantum Slipstream Drive. Aboard the USS Solaria, the Admiral traveled to the Delta Quadrant with orders to assume command of Task Force 38.

Service Record

Year Placement Rank Assignment
2351-2352 Starfleet Academy Cadet 1st Year Cadet
2352-2353 Starfleet Academy Cadet 2nd Year Cadet
2353-2354 Starfleet Academy Cadet 3rd Year Cadet
2354-2355 Starfleet Academy Cadet 4th Year Cadet
2355-2357 USS Thomas Paine Ensign Relief Tactical Officer
2357-60 USS Thomas Paine Lieutenant j.g. Assistant Security and Tactical Officer
2360-2363 USS Thomas Paine Lieutenant Chief Security and Tactical Officer
2363-2365 USS Thomas Paine Lieutenant Commander Chief Security and Tactical Officer / Second Officer
2365-2367 Starfleet Academy Lieutenant Commander Professor, Starfleet Weapons and Tactics
2367-2371 USS Renegade Commander Executive Officer
2371-2372 USS Lexington Commander Command Course
2372-2380 USS Lexington Captain Commanding Officer
2380-2382 Starbase 909 Captain Commanding Officer
2382-85 Starbase 909 Commodore Commanding Officer and Task Force 9 Chief of Staff/Task Force Executive Officer
2385-2387 Starfleet Tactical Rear Admiral Deputy Director
2387 Starfleet Command Rear Admiral Starfleet Liaison to Task Force 47
Early 2388 Starfleet Tactical Vice Admiral Starfleet Tactical Deputy Director
Mid 2388 Task Force 93 Vice Admiral Task Force Commanding Officer, Starbase 611
Present Task Force 38 Vice Admiral Task Force Commanding Officer, USS Solaria