Mike K'Wor Bremer

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Mike K'Wor Bremer

1/2 Klingon, 1/4 Vulcan, 1/4 Human




10/25/2350 (Stardate 27816.6)


United Federation of Planets



Played By:

Mike Bremer

Average height and weight, muscular. Looks like the normal Human, but has a Klingon Physiology with one exception, he does have tear ducts. Mike's heart is ALL Klingon, but he does have a soft side few get to see. He wears a silver Klingon Ha'quj, 'baldric' and belongs to the House of Martok, since 2374. K'Wor has short hair but easily can grow it long, when he does, he wears it in a pony tail. Mike sometimes also grows a gotee that is thinly trimmed and shaped.


Parents: HoD m'agh & Rear Admiral Bremer, Vickie
Marital Status: Wife: Janice Bremer. Previous Spouse: Rebecca Bremer (KIA - 2375)

  • Son: Bremer, Mike K'Wor Jr
  • Daughter: Bremer, Becca
  • Son: Bremer, Marc Jason
  • Daughter: Bremer, Emmaline Denise
  • Son: Brian Christopher Bremer


Mike was raised in South Carolina, North America, Earth. He goes by both his Human name, Mike and his Klingon name, K'Wor. Unlike his younger brother, Mike uses his Human name more often. His father, m'agh, was a Klingon and his mother 1/2 Human 1/2 Vulcan. Mike has one sibling, James K'Temoc Bremer. His home life was one that was full of tradition. His family traveled to Qo'noS often. Mike's uncle (father's brother), Mogh, was killed in the Romulan attack on Khitomer. One of the hardest things for Mike is getting comfortable with his Human side. His father was a Klingon warrior and HoD of the IKS Nu'all before the ship was lost during the Dominion War. His mother was a Doctor and Head of Starfleet Medical until her death in 2374. Mike is the cousin of Enterprise-E Executive Officer LtCdr. Worf. K'Wor also has two blood-brothers, they are Kurn Son of K'Vada and Martok Son of Klaa. Martok Son of Klaa was killed in action against the Dominion during the war while commanding the Federation Starship, USS Yorktown-D. K'Wor looked up to and was fond of his friend K'Rok, a General in the Klingon Defense Force. My cousin LtCdr. Worf K'Rok was 'killed' in 2372 defending a Klingon outpost from a Borg attack. Mike also grew up respecting Klingon Governor Malor of the planet Toran. In 2368, at the age of 18, Mike married his life long love, Becky Hammond. In 2370, when they graduated the Academy, Mike decided to enter the Klingon Defense Forces to learn more about his Klingon side. Becky's medical career took her to Starfleet Medical on Earth. The two split up. Six months later, Becky gave birth to twins.


Mike enjoys many sports, mainly Baseball. He also enjoys 20th century sports including Football and Hockey. K'Wor also enjoys some 20th century music and video, as well as ancient classical music and books. Mike also likes some Klingon opera. He enjoys history, mainly 19th and 20th century Earth, as well as Klingon history. K'Wor likes to collect weapons of all kinds.


Primary education on Earth.

First drew blood at age of 6 with his kut'luch.

Went to a Klingon school on Qo'nos and reached the Age of Ascension .Trained in Mok'bara and all traditional Klingon weapons, ( Mek'leth I.E. Bat'telh, Mek'leth, d'k tahg, kut'luch )

Entered Starfleet Academy in 2366 with classes specializing in Tactical, Security, Computer systems, Piloting, and Command. Was the second youngest to ever enter SFA. Weapons training; Phasers, Pulse weapons, Photon and Quantum Torpedoes, and all ground and personal weapons. Zero-G combat. Taught several cadets classes in Mok'bara and weapons training with Klingon weapons. Helped with Klingon language and costumes classes. Learned Human martial arts; Karate and Judo. Was on the first Academy baseball team. Played center field. Hit .411 with 82 homeruns and 44 stolen bases his senior year. Mike was also on Nova Squadron. They won the Rigel Cup Jr. year and Sr. year (Mike was Squadron Commander Sr year). Turned down offer to join the Elite 'Red Squad', one of only a handful of Cadets to ever do so. Graduated Starfleet Academy 4th in the class of 2370.

Left Starfleet after graduation and entered the Klingon Defense Force.Negh'var

Held the rank of lagh and was Chief Gunner/Security Officer of the IKS Bortas (Vor'cha Class) for 6 months then transferred to IKS Negh'var (Negh'var Class) as Chief Gunner/Security Officer for the for 6 months.

Left the Klingon Defense Force due to disagreement over invasion of Cardassia in 2371. Was on board station DS9 during the Klingon attack. Aided the Security staff in Ops during the assault.

Re-entered Starfleet following the Klingon attack on DS9. Promoted to the rank of Lt. Assigned to Starbase 24 near the Klingon boarder as Chief Security and Strategic Operations Office for 4 months.

Assigned to the USS Yorktown-C (Ambassador Class) as Chief Security/Tactical Officer, for 8 months and promoted to LtCdr. Ship patrolled Klingon boarder for 4 months before transferring to the Bajoran Sector to patrol the Cardassian boarder.

Transferred to Deep Space Nine for 2 months, late 2372-early 2373, replacing the traitor Michael Eddington as Starfleet Security Chief and Tactical Officer of the Starship USS Defiant. His third day aboard DS9, the station was raided and heavily damaged by renegade Jem'Hadar. Mike went aboard the USS Defiant into the Gamma Quadrant to track down the raiders. He took part in the first Federation/Dominion joint mission. During the away mission to destroy the Iconian Portal, he was part of LtCdr Worf's team and was injured during the mission. He still has a small scar on his right abdomen from the wound. K'Wor was at Tactical, then Conn of the Defiant (when the Conn officer was killed) during the Borg invasion of 2373. Survivors of the heavily damaged ship, along with Mike and LtCdr. Worf, were rescued by the Starship Enterprise-E during the battle. K'Wor helped the Enterprise crew with Security and defense while the ship was back in 2063.


Mike soon there after received a promotion to the rank of Commander and XO of the Starship Pegasus NCC-1702-A (Galaxy Class) in 2373. After a few months, Mike received his first command, the Pegasus.

Six months after taking command, late 2373, the Pegasus was destroyed. Survivors were rescued by the Enterprise-E. Upon returning to Earth, the USS Pegasus-A (Originally named Yorktown, but renamed in honor of the previous Pegasus), the first Galaxy Class Dreadnought was waiting for them!

When the new Pegasus launched, Mike was again promoted, this time to Rear Admiral and JAG officer of the newly formed 4th Fleet. 'Bravo Fleet' as it's called is Starfleet Special Operations Fleet. As the Dominion war started, Mike received a field promotion to Fleet Admiral and CO of Bravo Fleet. During the war, Bravo Fleet was able to help turn the tide of the war, while still protecting the Federation from further Borg attacks. At the end of the war, Starfleet Command decided to keep the field promotion permanent because many of Starfleet's senior Admirals and Captains had been lost during the war. Even as odd as it was for someone so young to be so decorated and at such a high rank, Mike had deserved it.

Mike's mother was killed in June of 2374 by a Changeling that had infiltrated Stafleet Medical on Earth. His father was killed by the Dominion during a battle near the Badlands in late 2374. Mike discovered in early 2374 he is the father of twins, a boy, Michael K'Wor Bremer Jr., and a girl, Rebecca 'Becca' Bremer. They are the kids of Mike and his ex-wife Becky. Becky was reported Becky -Age 22missing and presumed dead onboard the USS Repulse due to a Jem Ha'dar attack in 2374. A year after being reporting missing, Becky was rescued by the Pegasus-A. She was assigned to Starfleet Medical on Earth with the rank of Captain. Mike Jr. and Becca lived on Earth with her and her parents. In late 2375, Becky was assigned to the Pegasus-A as a Medical Officer. However, when the Pegasus went after the USS Universal the next week, Becky was killed saving Mike's life, just prior to the Pegasus-A's destruction.

On December 20th, 2375, the USS Pegasus-B launched from Earth. In December of 2376, Mike's son returned to the Pegasus to live with him. His daughter stayed on Earth with her grandparents. In April of 2379, with the Federation again at peace, Mike again brought both of his kids aboard the Pegasus-B.

In early 2380, the Pegasus-B engaged the Borg in the Zerian system. During the initial battle, Mike was captured and assimilated by the Borg. He was forced to aid them in attacking a combined Federation, Klingon, Romulan fleet. Though a daring joint away mission by members of the Pegasus-B, Yorktown-E, and Enterprise-E, Mike was recovered from the Borg and separated from the hive mind. After the Borg Tactical Cube was destroyed, Mike retired from Starfleet and handed command of the 4th Fleet to his XO, Fleet Admiral Sorac.

Six months later, in December 2380, Starfleet pulled K'Wor out of retirement for a mission to Klingon space. Governor Malor had allied himself with Toral and took over a Klingon and a Federation world. The mission took and unexpected turn when it was learned that Toral had allied himself with Reman renegades and planned to attack the Founder's Homeworld in a newly built Scimitar class vessel. Toral had relocated the Sword of Kahless and felt it was his legacy to destroy the Dominion before launching an attack against the rest of the Klingon Empire to overthrow Chancellor Martok. The Pegasus was able to stop the Scimitar, with help from the Dominion. Governor Malor was taken into custody and the Sword of Kahless recovered. Following the mission, Mike decided to remain in active service again as Pegasus CO. He took the position of 4th Fleet XO again.

However, he again stepped down from the position several months later when the new challenges as SB400's CO came available. Joining SB400 were the starships Pegasus, Yorktown, and Luna.