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Memory Theta

Planetary Installation




Alpha Quadrant


Memory Theta (SB-233-θ), like the central Federation library known as Memory Alpha, consists of a planetary installation and orbital platform operating with full automation to allow for minimal staffing—and remains one of the most classified facilities to date. Due to its highly classified contents and location, the facility and its staff have been given a quasi-mythical status among even the highest echelons of Starfleet.


There are four pillars to Memory Theta.

  • Starfleet Command appoints an administrator (typically from the JAG office) and provides many of the support personnel for the station.
  • Starfleet Science Corps oversees the catalog of entries in Deep Storage and leads the field team.
  • Starfleet Intelligence issues alerts and furnishes mission details.
  • Starfleet Marine Corps performs KOS (kill-on-sight) security functions in the facilities themselves, and provides general security for the field team during missions.

The original protocols surrounding Memory Theta required high-ranking Intelligence officers to notify Memory Theta of major threats to civilization, potential or actual (informally called “Theta alerts”), which would result in one of two actions: either the Intelligence chief would secure the designated threat, or Artifact, for retrieval by a Memory Theta operative, or they would arrange classified delivery to the Memory Theta black site. Acquisition officers were given authority to divert Starfleet patrol ships by the authorization level Sigma 9 Theta for transit purposes.

In January of 2389, after ten years of moderate operational success, Starfleet Command expanded Memory Theta’s acquisition program to include a full field team of specialists rather than lone-wolf operatives. A modified Defiant class vessel was attached to Memory Theta to service its newly constructed field team, equipped with a Quantum Slipstream Drive, secure storage capabilities, and an interface for the Sword-class Combate Automate artificial sentience which ensured proper cybersuite defensive capabilities. Commissioned as a tank-turned-armored-truck, the USS Phantom’s existence remains as classified as the rest of Memory Theta’s operations.


The Federation and its Starfleet typically operate with transparency to its member worlds, but after 200 years of exploration and discovery, the accumulation of dangerous and deathly artifacts, relics, and advancements by Starfleet became difficult to manage. The threat of espionage from without and the Federation’s own idle or unscrupulous researchers made multiple storage facilities untenable. In the interests of public safety, a secret initiative was passed to construct a secure storage facility far away from inhabited space. Multiple research projects and directorates were combined to form Memory Theta—a single repository for technologies, artifacts, and knowledge deemed too dangerous for public awareness or storage elsewhere.

In 2371, a lone dwarf planet in the Badlands, codenamed Tartarus, was surveyed and ultimately selected for black site construction. It took several years to construct the secure storage requirements and necessary containment fail-safe measures for all 99 levels of the subterranean archives, especially under the required cloak of secrecy.

Memory Theta’s Archives were confirmed as active by 2379 when construction of Overwatch Station began. A small station in orbit of Tartarus, Overwatch served as the administrative center and primary habitation for Memory Theta’s personnel, which primarily included curators, researchers, and acquisition officers.

Mission History

Bynars Be Bygones

When a Starfleet android is blamed for the death of a Bynar, which in turn irreparably disrupts the interplanetary network of the Bynars' master computer that links the entire race, the new field team members are assembled for an away mission to Bynaus. It is discovered that the treacherous Black Nagus organization introduced a backdoor computer virus to subvert the cybersecurity of the entire Federation. In addition to very deep pockets, the Black Nagus is shown to have strings everywhere, including the traitorous Federation ambassador to Bynaus.

The field team returned from Bynaus victorious, though not without a price. One of the team defected to Section 31 though was ultimately taken into Starfleet custody.

Bynaus faced a new chapter of cultural evolution, but has otherwise been spared devastation yet again. Through Memory Theta’s actions, Bynars may now function outside binary orientation if desired.

Half Past Dead

The distant colony of New Far Florence in the remote region of Abadar’s Gate went dark. Sensor data regarding an extragalactic horror of aggressive femtotech called the Clock Makers and distress calls from a missing scout ship suggested the worst. A Theta alert was triggered to ascertain their truth.

Upon arrival, the field team confirmed the presence of Clock Makers were building a stellar apparatus around New Far Florence’s star. The colony was unresponsive, as was the nearby wreckage of a starship. Away teams were sent to each location.

Through much toiling and several command mistakes, the New Far Florence system has been destroyed. The field team collected a live Clock Maker sample and safely stored it within the USS Phantom's warp core, but at great cost. Many lives were lost, including that of OSI operative Captain Jeanette Armitage who first battled the Clock Maker scourge a year previous and alerted Memory Theta of their imminent return.

The original plan was to detonate a Red Matter device within the infested star in order to destroy the Clock Maker swarm. Unfortunately the warhead failed and was consumed, which required a last-ditch sacrifice by Captain Armitage and a Marine squad to overclock the warp field of a derelict vessel next to New Far Florence's star.

Barbarians at the Gates

Species 8472 has made surprise incursions in the Cardassian Demilitarized Zone, which the Alrakis Pact labeled an alliance between Cardassia and the foreign power. A string of 8472 incursions throughout the Alpha Quadrant culminates in an attack on a Federation system. While the Alrakis Pact condemns the Cardassians for attacking the Federation, Starfleet called in Memory Theta to confirm or deny the alleged Cardassian link in the sporadic attacks by Species 8472.


Memory Theta was awarded Sim of the Year in 2018.