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These descriptions are for the Medical Department, which is represented by the color teal. The Counseling Department is a part of Starfleet Medical, but is a separate department. The positions of the Medical Department include the following:

Chief Medical Officer

Main article: Chief Medical Officer

Assistant Chief Medical Officer

This officer is charged with the general physical well being of the crew. In the absence of the Chief Medical Officer, this officer becomes the highest authority on medical matters temporarily assuming the duties and responsibilities of CMO.

Medical Officer

Medical Officer undertake the majority of the work aboard the ship/facility, examining the crew, and administering medical care under the instruction of the Chief Medical Officer and Asst. Chief. Medical Officers also run the other Medical areas not directly overseen by the Chief Medical Officer.

Head Nurse

The Head Nurse oversees all the Nurses currently aboard, ensuring they are assigned to task and working as required in there area. Additionally the Head nurse performs the normal duties of the nurse, assisting the Duty Medical Officer in sickbay.


Nurses are trained in basic medical care, and are capable of dealing with less serious medical cases. In more serious matters the nurse assist the medical officer in the examination and administration of medical care, be this injecting required drugs, or simply reassuring the injured party that they will be okay. The Nurses also maintain the medical wards, overseeing the patients and ensuring they are receiving medication and care as instructed by the Medical Officer.

Physician's Mate

The Physician's Mate trains and supervises Medical crewmen in departmental operations, repairs, and protocols; maintains duty assignments for all Medical personnel; leads triage and emergency medical efforts when necessary; co-ordinates all personnel cross-trained in emergency medical operations; and is qualified to temporarily act as Chief Medical Officer (except where surgical procedures must be performed) if so ordered. The Physician's Mate reports to the Chief Medical Officer.